Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thursday, I don't care about you

I hate Thursdays.  I'm not sure why.  My working week is over.  I have some time to myself.  But somehow the messy house, the many pressing tasks, the even more numerous less pressing tasks, and the empty, grey hours seem to sit on my chest like a seemingly cute, but very heavy, sadistic kitten.  I end up just wanting to get out.  

Usually, I end up going charity shopping.  

I have precisely 10 charity shops all within a 5 minute walk from my house.  I know, temptation, much?

Today I can't go out.  I can't even curl up in a cocoon of sleep.  I'm waiting for 2 parcel collections and a delivery

This is me exactly one week ago.  Last Thursday. Lazing around a tidy (for once) house in a comfy vintage dress and charity shop cardigan.  The sun was shining but there was a nip in the air and life seemed quite come-day-go-day in a reassuring kind of way.  Not a typical Thursday.

Still, customarily, I went charity shopping.

I bought these

1. Catherine Holm (I think) stock pot - £4  2.  More children's books - free   3.  Pink pyrex - 50p   4.  Chintzy tea plate - 99p

 I was ostensibly out looking for chintzy china plates for a forthcoming family wedding with a vintage cream tea theme.  The manager of the local hospice shop, who obviously knows my face well, let me have a rummage in the boxes of unsorted bric-a-brac donations in the back to see if I could find what I was looking for.  And oh my, I did!  Nothing wedding related, just a few me-treasures!

She let me have the books for free and the other stuff for 50p each.  Apart from the stock pot for which I was more than happy to hand over the £4 she would have charged for it.

I bought this book in another shop for 50p

A 1967 Purnell edition of Hansel & Gretel with illustrations that look sweet at first glance but become creepier everytime you look at them

I want a house made of sweets

Today if I went out, I would need wellies and a waterproof.  So, instead I sit here typing this, listening to the CD kawaii queen Clare made for me

It has brought several smiles to my face on this grey day.  To say I love it would be an understatement.  Clare, you get me!

Go on, ask her to send you a copy, you need it in your life.

Maybe this homemade white chocolate cheesecake will help too


Hope you are all enjoying your Thursdays

Lucy x


  1. Hmm, my Thursday has been Ok, I suppose. Nothing bad but nothing special. Ho hum.
    That casserole dish is fabulous, and the Pyrex and plate were bargains. And free kids books - always a delight!
    Gorgeous frock and cardi. You look like you were really happy to be wearing them! xxxx

  2. I get it, totally, In fact i'm so glad to know i'm not the only one who had the Thursdays blues! I work from a Monday to Wednesday and so Thursday should in theory be a great day for me - the start of a long weekend, but no, as you say, house is 99% of the time a TIP - so my Thursday starts with catching up on the housework and general mess, and for some reason I just can't shake off the feeling - but just like you - the one thing which really makes me happier is a trip to the charity shops in town! Gosh I would be in heaven with 10 on my doorstep like that, as it is we have 4, plus my favourite shop of all, an antique/vintage/general fantastic shop of second-hand delights, at usually better prices than the charity shops (some of them, anyway!) and I always cheer myself up with a trip there! I LOVE what you found last week, especially the books and casserole dish - would have pounced on them too!
    Hope you have a better Friday! :) I too I have been stuck i most of today, though had to brave the rain for a quick nip to Tesco where i've consoled myself with a box of Turkish delight :)
    Marina xx

  3. My Thursday was great, I've been to the Charity shop too!!It really cheers me up,I found lot of beautiful things, but yours are amazing!!I'd kill to have a copy of your Hansel & Gretel, it's always been one of my favourite fairy tale!! Puppets, creepy, witches? It's my cup of tea!The pink pyrex and the tea plate are lovely too!
    You are gorgeous in blue and yellow and with the bright red of the hair you enlightened us with all the primary colours!Clare, if you are reading this, you should send me that's great!Did you make the cheesecake?It seems yummy!

  4. Don't you look gorgeous in blue in your lovely kitchen? Clare makes the best mix tapes! That book's freaked me out, I had it as a child and loved looking at it even though it scared me, perhaps that's why I don't like sweets?!
    I love Thursdays, always have, it's traditionally pay day here in the Midlands so it's always been a great night to go out, full of anticipation for the weekend and drunken revelry. Not so much here today, though, not even a car boot as it's raining so much. A visit to Dad's nursing home, a trawl round the chazzas, a lightning visit from a pal and back in PJs in bed this afternoon.
    Have a lovely day off tomorrow! xxx

  5. Your not the only one sweetie, I seem to have a slump on a Thursday. I always put it down to the house being an utter tip as Friday is housework day and by thursday its really getting to me. And its just over half way to the weekend when my Husband is home and we can go out and do family things with our boys, but I get annoyed as its still 2 days away xx I have to ignore the Thursday itch to go into town shopping as its not fun with a 3yr old and 8mth old especially in this grey wet weather xx Chin up xx

  6. Oh nooooo, I like Thursdays coz it's the end of the working week for me. Huzzah! Excellent chaz shop buys. The stockpot and pyrex are amazing bargains. Love you in yellow and blue and I'm still loving your kitchen - glorious. xx

  7. Oooh you look so so nice!!!! Great outfit- like the sun in the summer sky!!!!

  8. I flipping love that pink pyrex!! So jealous!!!! How lush. Hope you have cheered up, I know what you mean entirely.
    Charity shopping is so good for the soul as it is cheap and you know your money is going somewhere good!!!
    Take care beauty
    x x x

  9. yay! I'm so glad you like the cd, I hoped it wouldn't be too weird or have loads of stuff you already knew or just plain hated! I love your Thursday photos, and your cute cheeky face. You always manage to combine looking cool with looking cosy but never ever mummsy. I love that book!! It's so crepy but wonderful. I also love that pyrex dish and the chintz plate - can never get enough of chintz

  10. I'm usually fine with Thursdays as they are just a step away from's TUESDAYS I find tedious and a little depression inducing!
    You looked gorgeous in that fabulous frock and cuddly cardi!I love vintage cardis,and have been looking for a good one.
    Pink pyrex!Swoon! I also envy that stock pot!
    Charity shoppng and cheesecake always cheer me up, I must say!

  11. I WANT YOUR KITCHEN!! It looks awesome.

    clare's mix tapes are legendary, I have two in my car which get played lots.


  12. Wow that dress is so lovely, Great bargains too. I went for the hair dye and I love it especially at £3.99 a box and no staining, It will now be the make I always use. I have tried to do pics but always end up looking freaky when take my own. Have a cool weekend. Hope your parcels turned up, it is so annoying to wait in all day and the packages do not arrive.

  13. I really like your dress, it looks great with the mustard cardie. Thursdays are pretty boring for me too, I'm normally tired from dance class the night before and spend most of the day wishing it was Friday. Today was no exception, work is pretty quiet at the moment so I just sat at my desk pretending to look busy! x

  14. I think wednesday is worse for me, at least on thursdays i know i only have one day to go til the weekend! I love the colours of your outfit! Blue and mustard, I've said it to someone recetnly it's one of my favourite colour combinations!

    Emma x

  15. I love ThursdayS! I usually go out for dinner and drinks with friends! Your dress is twirltastic and I love your kitchen, it looks like it could be in a dolls house! I love when people send you music that's cool, unless you hate it~ how do you gently break that news? :)

  16. Darling,if I were to tire of that frock,it is YOURS!

  17. Where did you go to find such beauties?! I haven't found many good finds in the charity shops around me so far. Although I am impatient and usually give up very easily haha. I love the bright yellow cardigan - it looks so cosy.

  18. Fabulous finds! Love the chintzy plate best!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  19. Your charity finds are always impressive Lucy! I had a similar copy of Hansel and Gretel ...a very old edition from my mother. It was just as frightening...hehe. Loving the blue and yellow together - your outfits are always so storybook-like and adorable (which always inspires me). Have a lovely weekend darling gal! xo Marisa

  20. oh gosh, your blog is so pretty! my first time here and i love it. i love the kitchen area and your sweater! ahhhh, on to older post.

    lindsey louise

  21. Wowee! Your kitchen shelving (is that weird?)... I love it! I love your blue dress too. Do you twirl about in your kitchen all day long? I know I would! First time stopping by, so glad I did too. Fab blog, Hazel x

  22. I don't know about Thursdays but I hate hate hate waiting in for deliveries or for workmen, just feels like a waste of a day. Love your charity shop finds Lucy, especially that pot. We have that Gingerbread Boy book too and it's been well loved in this family. I love the drawings of the fox in it. I was watching the Toilet Boys on YouTube yesterday, their singer, Miss Guy, was gorgeous wasn't he? I'd like to be as glam as him! xx

  23. I think Thursdays are a weird day because your weekend has started, the house is empty and you don't know where to start! I went through exactly the same thing when my lot were all at school for the first time in my life and I was working two days a week. I thought having those extra week days to myself would allow me some desperately needed me-time, but instead I got really spooked and thought I was going mad. After all, I'd been parenting for 20 years and I hadn't been in the house on my own for that entire time, save for a couple of hours here and there. Looking back, I probs should have a had a private wee routine for myself - you know, coffee/tea on the balcony after school drop off, throw some washing in the machine, fill the dishwasher and get out of the house pronto. Now I know better. I too have many, many op shops to haunt and they are a godsend aren't they? You are so lucky to have a lovely chazza lady who lets you have a pre-tagging rummage - every single thing is a treasure and you deserve those treats:). Big hugs to you lovely xoxoxo

  24. That cardigan is fantastic! Your entire outfit is, for that matter. As is your kitchen! And these finds are wonderful too. I really love the stock pot and the pyrex<3

    And though I'm not a fan of cheesecake, a piece of white chocolacte cheesecake might just make me a convert...

  25. I rather like Thursdays, but I don't like waiting on a delivery. That messes up my whole day, wondering when they'll show up!

  26. Oh boy, if I lived with that many thrift shops in my neighbourhood I'd be a broke hoarder for sure. I'd be nominated for bad reality tv shows by my friends.
    But you look ok, glad you can handle it ;)
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  27. I quite like Thursdays because I have Fridays off uni. That dress is gorgeous. I love it with the cardigan. Homemade cheesecake makes everything better.

  28. You look so pretty girl! I really like your dress!

  29. i have serious cardigan envy right now, and i love your charity shop finds! the hansel and gretel book is so cute. x

  30. Oh my you did it again.....I can't say it enough I love your colorful style....we are kindred spirits in the world of color!

  31. this dress is so gorgeous ... you paired it so great with this chunky yellow cardi.

  32. Love the colours of your outfit. And your music taste too! ;)

  33. I totally have that book about Donald buying a house!!!! ohhhhh childhood memories XD

  34. I happened upon your blog and I'm in heaven... Charity shops with that kind of loot? Yes please!!!! And I LOVE that yellow sweater!

  35. Blue and yellow, charity shop bargains AND cheesecake? This post made me happy. x

  36. For one, that outfit is absolutely perfect!
    For two, that Katherine Holm stockpot and Pyrex backing dish!!!! time you decide to play that cd and have homemade(!) white chocolate cheesecake on hand I would love to come over and join you!!! ;)


  37. such a beautiful dress, and your hair is just fabulous! I wish I was as determined as you with charity shopping, I never find anything I'm after! x


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