Tuesday, 8 April 2014

It felt good to be out of the rain

Hello there

Here I am in my back yard amongst the straggly (okay, dead) plants

It's the school holidays and my Little Miss has gone to Shropshire for a couple of days to visit her auntie and uncle.  Today, I was determined to actually get out of my pyjamas and out of the house, so the Mister and I took Master L out for breakfast. 

Cardi - Asos sale
Skirt & necklace - Dotty P's sale
Tights - fancy dress shop
Shoes - Ebay
Brooch - charity shop

About a month ago, just before the birth of my lil guy, I was sent the very bag I am sporting to review by a lady named Jocelyn at Sammydress

I call it my 'horse with no name' bag

On browsing the site I was struck by how many cheap pretty dresses and shoes I would be able to buy if I was a size 8 and had size 4 feet.  Unfortunately my post baby size 16-18 curves and size 7's are a stretch too far but if you are lucky enough to be all petite and doll-like then it might be worth checking out.  I love the bag apart from the fact that the shoulder strap broke the first time I used it, doh!

So how is everyone?

My Little guy is 4 weeks old this week and I could write a whole post on how amazing he is but you know that's not my style, right?!  Me and the Mister are in the 'not quite adjusted to the sleep  depravation' phase.  Your body does strange things during this phase, like shivers uncontrollably even in a centrally heated room.  I know there is a general assumption emanating from certain elements of the media that would have you believe that pregnancy, childbirth and life bringing up young children is a beautiful picturesque roller coaster ride to be celebrated and enjoyed like the healthy breakfast of granola and organic yoghurt, which is consumed each morning as part of a healthy, balanced breast feeding diet, which in turn miraculously makes your mummy tummy disappear and your figure snap back into shape.  Bah!  You know what, it is wonderful, but it is also horrendously emotionally and physically exhausting.  For my part, I am just taking each day as it comes.  Mainly surviving on quick chocolate hits and full sugar coke to keep me going.

Just keeping it real

Having Netflix also helps with the crazy hours

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sweet Baby Blue

Image source

Well, I'm officially a second time mummy.  My sweet little 3 day old bundle of sheer perfection, henceforth to be known as Mast. L, is sleeping contendedly in his bouncing chair while I undercoat my nails, Mr N watches the match and the Little Miss is in and out of the room by the minute to check on her little brother, stare at him, give him a kiss and stroke his face.  We're all besotted, exhausted but walking on air.

Normal service to be resumed once we float back down


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Your colours wrapped around

When we first found out we were expecting a boy back at the 20 week scan, my mantra instantly became 'absolutely no blue'.  I will not be gender specific with this child.  I am going to dress him in all white or all the colours of the rainbow or a bit of both - but nothing inbetween.  Under no circumstances do I want pale blue anything.  I know, I blame those crazy pregnancy hormones, they have turned me into a fully fledged crank.  Anyhoo, I set about collecting all the rainbow coloured paraphernalia for the nursery I could find.

When I say nursery, what I mean is box room.  A very small space in our 3 bedroomed terrace in which it is practically impossible to obtain decent photographs.  Nevertheless, I've tried to capture some of the best bits to display here like a magnificent peacock plumage

This 3ft wall sticker just makes me happy 

Discontinued Ikea nursery curtains

Made to order orange polka dot shade

Hand painted wooden coat hooks

I am currently going nuts for rainbow crochet anything.  More more more!

A few essentials

Big sister's addition to the artwork.  She's obsessed with rainbows and unicorns at the moment.  Don't know where she gets that from.

Virtually everything from the above pics I found really reasonably on Ebay.  I really don't know how I ever managed without that site in my life.

Then I was fortunate enough to receive this fabulous retro alphabet picture from DotComGiftShop

Isn't it wonderful?  I had recently discovered DotComGiftShop and had made several purchases for my boudoir (check out those flamingo lights) and toy storage for the Little Miss, before they approached me and informed me this site had been featured on their blog and offered to send me an item to review.  I jumped at the chance to own this retro lovely as I already had my beady eye on it.  I think it completes the nursery perfectly.  Having already been a satisfied paying customer I was flattered to be approached and am more than happy to recommend their site, their range of pretty retro inspired gifts and the customer service.

So, that was the 'nursery'

Hopefully next time I blog I will have a new baby, something resembling a waist and a fridge full of blue cheese and pate, come on!

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