Sunday, 21 October 2012

Bloody Poetry*

* the name of a play I am listening to as I write this.  Yup.  No other reason than that really. 

Since you ask, it is an imagining of the notorious summer of 1816 spent in Switzerland which inspired the writing of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (thank you Radio 4 and BBC iPlayer!!)

 Wow, Byron and Shelley were tools!

And yes I am a kulcha vulcha!

But I also eat cheese strings so that's okay

I have a bit of a serious face on today.  Not sure why.  

This is the first blogworthy outfit I've worn all week.  Which, considering my week consisted of 2 consecutive and delicious duvet days, I suppose isn't too bad.

Oh hang on, I'm smiling in this one.

Do you like my new necklace?  I won it in lovely Emma's giveaway, and I'm rather taken with it

I wish you could see it better in this pic though. 

I wore:-

Dress - Dotty P's sale
Cardi - supermarket (I think)
Tights - Primarni
Shoes - French Connection

What?  Not a single vintage item?  Dammit I'm like a walking advertisement for the high street.

Will do better.

I do apologise but I find myself totally lacking in anything interesting to say.  I do hope you'll forgive me and that the dress shots will suffice for now

Happy sunny Autumn Sunday

Lucy x


  1. High street or not you look absolutely gorgeous! That dress is so sweet on you, the rose pink is fab with your hair and the cameo is so you, it would have been a crime if you hadn't won it!
    Have you had your fringe trimmed? You look extra cute & cheeky! Get you wiv yer kulcha. I'm brain dead after a sober night in front of Take Me out & The X Factor. xxx

  2. I love your outfit, vintage or not! That dress is adorable! :)

  3. The dress is beautiful and so are the shoes, aaah you dress so well.

  4. I'm always like a walking advertisement for the high street! Well, most of the time, I don't have the patience of style for vintage all the time. You look lovely anyway, the dotty p's dress is a great sale find.

  5. You are among friends, you can go high street if you like, especially if you look this gorgeous!
    The dress is such a sweet soft colour, and your necklace was a fabulous win.
    We all need a little culture injection now and again. I must re-read Frankenstein, I read it nearly 30 years ago when I did my degree, but I've had a drink or two (not to mention a baby or three) since then and I can't remember a bloody thing about it! xxxx

  6. Gorgeous dress, I love the bows <3

    le fresne x

  7. Lucy! You look so lovely! What a gorgeous dress and necklace combo!
    Mmmmm, duvet days....

  8. Who needs word when you look divine?!
    The play sounds bloody intriguing!
    You beat me to that necklace,but most worthily so! It;s lovely with that sweet frock!
    Smugly,sneakily smiling, I suspect, like you know something we don't know!
    Quite likely,I reckon!

  9. Hooray for duvet days!!!!! Sounds like an utterly divoooooooooooon way of spending two days darling!! But I do hope it was for R&R and not because you were sick. I love radio plays and without tv for many years as a child and teen, they were a wonderful way to while away long evenings. I was addicted to them. If you hadn't said you weren't wearing vintage, I would have been none the wiser ... I adore your beautiful frock so much, you look timeless and what a beautiful smile:). The cameo giveaway win is gorgeous. xoxox

  10. LOVE these pictures, you are lovely!

  11. Amazing photos!!You really don't need to write more or to wear vintage: this outfit is just perfect!I love the dress and its black little bows so much and your hairstyle is lovely too!! Have a wonderful week!!
    Love xxxx

  12. Oh, I don't know where to start! I love how the pink is warmed up by your hair and the rich colour of the bricks (were you out in the alley again?). It's a great dress, we all know fab stuff can be found on the high street and it doesn't matter that you're not wearing anything vintage, as long as you post! I miss you when you don't! The light in these photos is amazing. Do you have instagram by the way - I'm @claretini
    Must listen to this Radio 4 play - I'm addicted to 4 and 4 extra, though they do make a lot of the people sound sooooo annoying in the plays

  13. Love your Blog :)
    Follow you now <3

    If you want have a look at my blog.

    Greetings from Germany,

    Emma Wunderbar <3

  14. I love these pictures, the light looks really great in them!

  15. You are most welcome for the necklace lovely lady!
    That dress is flippin perfect. xx

  16. Gorgeous pics - love the pretty frock and necklace! Sarah xxx

  17. That dress is so pretty. I love the bows and the lacey bits.

  18. You look lovely in your high street dress Lucy and I'm very grateful for all you kulcha vulchas here. I'd lost my way a bit over the years stuck in smalltown with kiddies and you all remind me there's a big world out there to enjoy and investigate. xx

  19. Such a stunning dress. You look so beautiful :)

  20. Haha blogworthy outfit - I like that! Oh how I wish I had the energy to make every outfit blogworthy!

    You look fantastic in this outfit. A bit Wuthering Height-ish maybe.. Very cool, for a high street score!!!


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