Wednesday, 10 October 2012


"... a conductor of souls to the afterworld"

 A combination of a truly pleasing word with an awesome definition.  I heard it recently and thought it too magnificent to let go.


Today's outfit, I call 'Dishevelled Librarian'

It occurred to me that I was wearing quite the academic looking ensemble today.  Some may even call it 'preppy'.  I naturally thought I would pose for today's outfit in front of our humble heaving bookcase

Unfortunately the hair straighteners on the floor spoil the effect a little. 

Obviously, they haven't been used today = 'dishevelled'

Such depth!

A cameo appearance

My fondness for clunky school shoes continues

Dress - vintage, Ebay
Cardigan & beads - charity shop
Satchel - Ebay
Vintage cameo - Ebay
Shoes - Red or Dead via Ebay 

I tried to colour code our book collection the other day.

Got 2 shelves in and gave up

Too many, too different, too arduous

There are many more where these came from!

Have a great week.

Lucy x

PS. In the interests of full disclosure, I have never read 'A Brief History of Time' - it's the mister's!


  1. A clutered bookshelf always looks great,

  2. love all the serious "Dishevelled Librarian" looks you're casting :) and all the colors in your outfit are so lovely!

  3. I love Dishevelled Librarian! We should give all our outfits a character/name! Gorgeous colours, especially those lilac/mauve tights.
    It's very good to see someone else's house with bookshelves like ours. We have way too many books to fit on our shelves... And a bit like my clothes, we just accumulate more and more. Oh well, look how marvellously well-read and intelligent we are!
    PS. Glad you liked the Tennyson reference! I have a soft spot for a lot of Victorian literature. xxxx

  4. You look so pretty!! Lovely outfit, we all need a bit of dishevelment in our lives.


  5. Haha 'disheveled librarian' is me most days in work! :)

  6. AHAHAHAH! The first thing I've noticed in the background were your first two shelves of coloured books, it's something that I always wanted to do ,but never had time, so it makes me laugh that you left the work uncomplete, I'm not going to try after this! Thank you for the advice!I love your dress, the print is lovely and so the colours, I like how you combined them with the burgundy cardigan and the new shoes are lovely!You look really beautiful while reading Byron's poems!
    Love xxxx

  7. I keep lusting after the colour coded bookcase look having pinned loads of pics on Pinterest, but I'm not sure it's ever going to happen here either. My inner librarian would be freaking out about authors being mixed up! And it would take waaay too long.

    I didn't really notice the straighteners, my eye was caught by operation, which is also on a high shelf at ours. Given boy2's recent jaunt to A&E I am keeping the tiny pieces well away before he gets any more ideas!

    Faith Hope and Charity Christmas Swap - Sign up now open!

  8. I would love to colour code my books, even more of a challenge would be the DVD collection , I can't even imagine how long that would take, i dont think i'd have the patience for it! I think it looks amazing though! I love your satchel Lucy, they're the best bags (in my opinion)!

    Emma x

  9. Haha!! I've never read it either but does it count that I love your colour-coded bookcase? I love peering around at all the other treasures in the shots like the beautiful poster surrounded by the chilli lights and your retro-style radio:)). Your cardigan and cameo are a fabulous combo and yes to school shoooooooooz!!!! xoxo

  10. Phew! I've never read it either, it's been on the bookshelf for years! What an ingenius idea to colour code your books, mine are in shameful disarray, about three deep with piles on either side of the bed and beside the bookcase.
    You look adorable in your dishevelled librarian mode, loving those chunky shoes and the sweet frock. xxx

  11. I love that you tried to colour code your books! it was going to look great before you gave up - you're like me though, burn out half way through. I'm soooooo jealous of your fringe, it's prefect and I love the slight kink in your hair too. The whole outfit is great and the clunky shoes are just wonderful. There's some on ebay I'm watching...

  12. Perfect reading outfit! Even down to the shoes:)
    And I'm happy to see those overflowing shelves there. I'm the same.
    And doesn't it freak you out when people have no books at all? Or only Harry Potter? How could anyone live like that;)


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