Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Shopping Summer Style

This picture was taken after a long day in a warm sticky building

 Nothing exciting outfit wise and hardly any make up left on.

Seconds after these pics were taken there was a torrential downpour.

But the sun has been shining all week and today was my last day before a whole 13 days off, so I'm still smiling

Dress: Primark via charity shop
Leggings: goodness knows
Sandals:  Schuh sale
Beads: charity shop
Tote : Etsy

Here are some of the thrifty finds I've bagged in the last week.

Check out this fabulous 1970's St Michael tablecloth I found at the Marie Curie charity shop.  Actually, it's not a tablecloth, it was labelled as a single bed throw but its just the right size to fit over my giant dinner table.  Usually I have to improvise with several smaller ones.  (I just can't bring myself to use oil cloth, no matter how practical!!)   To top it all off, it was brand new.

  Extreme close up!

This vintage case was £1 from the local hospice shop.  I feel like I should be selling stockings from door to door from it!

More 1970's kitchenware

Some coloured glassware and a crochet...thingy.  I have no idea what it is.  It's round but kind of tapered in the middle like it should be thrown over a lampshade.  I just liked the colours and at 50p I could hardly leave it behind. 

Oh 1970's tat, I just can't get enough of you!

A few days ago, the Nation family did it's bi-annual (or thereabouts) trip to a well known American-style wholesalers to stock up on razor blades, shaving foam, vitamins, cotton wool... and giant tubs of sweeties.


There was plenty of sweetie excitement to be had.  I was very restrained and only came home with the one tub of flying saucers.

There's something so exciting about the cash n carry type shopping experience.  Ok, maybe its just me, but the rows and rows of endless stuff gets me all excited in a chocolate factory kind of way. 

Especially when you see rows and rows of stuff like this.  Complete collections of vintage Famous Five and Mr Men & Little Miss.

She's my favourite  

We topped off the American shopping experience with hot dogs, pizza and smoothies - perfect!

Linking up with Lakota's Ta-dah Tuesday to show off my thrifty finds.  Better late than never right?

I will be away in sunny Scotland for the next week or so but never fear, I will be back to bore you with my holiday snaps before you know it.  Send me positive thoughts for good weather.

Off to stock up on supplies for the housesitters.  See you soon

Lucy x


  1. but what do you mean with nothing exciting outfit wise? i love this green dress! and this tablecloth is sooo fabulous!
    love and kiss,mary

  2. Wow I love the dress!! And the table cloth is amazing..come to think of it, so is everything else that you bought! I love anything retro, I have a thing for that 60's/70's floral print - if I come across a pillowcase, throw, tablecloth etc when I'm charity shopping then I just cannot resit them - they always come home with me, my airing cupboard is jammed! I always buy those 70's cofffee pots too xx

  3. Love the print of this dress Lucy! And your kitchenware find are amazing!I love that jug! I'm on my holidays from work at the moment and I'm loving it, so glad we got some good weather! Are you doing anything nice for your time off?

    Emma x

  4. Oh I love all that 70s treasure. Such a sweet photo of you looking over your shoulder. The table cloth is great

  5. You always find such lovely things. Enjoy your time off! x

  6. I love your dress it's so cute! And your finds are all fabulous.

  7. Oh my, that place looks delectable!! Wow, all those sweeties and books! The dress is So so pretty on you!

  8. Oh I love that green cute!!!! The table cloth thingo is fab & I love the retro kitchen ware & the suitcase. I hope you have a lovely time away. Xx

  9. Oh yeah, I could do all kind of damage in a cash n carry! Mmm, flying saucers...

    My folks had that bed cover, I remember it from when I was about 3 and would get in with them!

    Have a great time in Scotland xx

  10. You look amazing in your outfit post, the dress is so beautiful!!
    I always find American style supermarkets wonderful and your photos are great!
    This is a quote from one of my favorite writer about these marvellous places:
    ''very rich in magic and dread; it's a kind of church. Perhaps the supermarket tabloids are the richest material of all, closest to the spirit of the book. They ask profoundly important questions about death, the afterlife, God, worlds and space, yet they exist in an almost Pop Art atmosphere.'' Don De Lillo from 'White Noise'...We love Roger Hargreaves books, but we don't have Miss Splendid yet! My favorite is Mr Rude!

  11. I love the 1970s inspired print on your dress, it looks so pretty on you.
    Those supermarket shots are amazing, all that wine! I'd have been a dithering mess perusing the labels.
    That tablecloth is cut up in my patchwork curtains, I don't think there was a 1970s British home without that fabric either as a bedspread, curtains or tablecloth, good ol' St Michael, made to last! xxx

  12. Love the outfit and the photos! I would love a set of vintage copies of The Famous Five!
    Enjoy your holiday!

  13. Ahhh enjoy your time off now ;-)) Great finds loving the 70's sheet i have these in loads of colours. That suitcase is great and so is the 50's green bud vase ;-) dee x

  14. Time off never gets old unless it's permanent. Have fun in Scotland next week! Your new to you bedspread table cloth rocks, perfect, meant to be. I must say the Cash and Carry shots crack me up as I hate the dreaded once every 2 month trip to Costco (same thing) to get our bulk items. If you go on the weekends you can eat your own weight in free samples. Emm Emm good!

  15. this dress is lovely ... and great finds.

  16. Ahh Costco! Can't beat it, I always get very excited at visiting haha.

  17. I love your tablecloth, it's fab! I wonder if that crocheted thing is to go over a jug outside to keep flies away? I have seen crocheted ones but they usually have beads round the edge to weigh them down. I really love your suitcase and coffee pot too. Lovely finds. Have a great time north of the border. xx

  18. I love this post start to finish.....fabulous!

  19. I love your blog ... so bright. cheerful and full of fun. Especially love the name, The Folk of the Faraway Tree was my little sisters favourite book, and I remember reading it to her, many, many times! Love from your latest follower, Claire xx


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