Sunday, 27 May 2012

I Am Smitten, I'm The Real Thing

Yesterday we went to an engagement party.

About the same time as I bought this dress, I also bought this black lace number from Ebay.   It's by an Australian brand called Sarah Jane.  I had kind of had it in mind for this party and didn't really think much about what I was going to wear until yesterday.
The coral coloured shoe of Little Miss 5 just visible in the background!

When I tried it on again I wasn't too sure if I was really feeling the black lace thing, particularly since the UK is currently in the grips of a rather unexpected heatwave, something which has only increased my love of pastels and candy colours.  

In the end, I was rather pleased with it.  It's actually a little bit big (I love being able to say that!;) but it was very comfortable and not too hot for the soaring temperatures.

I did however compromise by bringing out the clown make up.

A splash of mint green eyeshadow, matching nails and a slick of cherry red lipstick took care of my colour fix.
I was so pleased with how my make up turned out.  I am usually so cackhanded with anything to do with hair & beauty and, even after 15 years of application, I still take a chance that both my eyes will look the same whenever I use gel eyeliner.

The deco style bag was from Primark a few years back.

It was a good night.  A family gathering of the most traditional fashion, embarrassing uncles, vol au vents, drunk granddads, lots of kids running around the dance floor.   Great stuff!

This song was in my head all day.  Quite appropriate really.

Lucy x


  1. You look fantastic in black and it's a great way off showcasing your fabulously colourful make-up. I loved that crochet dress you found a while ago and this lacy number's equally cute on on.
    I'm crap at eye liner, too (not that yours looks remotely wonky). You'd think 34 years of wearing it would have meant I knew how to apply it by now. x

  2. You look absolutely beautiful xxx
    I really do love your hair colour.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely day. And you look stunning, black with your red hair looks gorgeous. dee x

  4. oh my god your red hair is brighter than mine and i love it so much!!!
    also the dress looks so darling on you, and what a shame we still don´t have primark here i really like your bag!!!

  5. your hair looks great! .... and i love the lace dress.

  6. Hey, you look great!!!! Really lovely and the makeup is lovely too!!! Glad you enjoyed the party!

  7. Oh my you look so very very pretty!!! This wee lace dress is just perfect on you.
    Yay a party, what fun!!,
    Love v

  8. I love a vol-u-vent!

    you look so pretty! I really love that dress and your make up is fab xxxx

  9. You look stunning in your black lace dress!!!
    The party sounds fun-tastic, I always wear eye-liner, but I guess that I'm not able to make my eyes look the same...remember, real beauty lays in the asymmetries and for me is better not take a close-up of my make-up!
    Your bag is beautiful and so the t-string shoes!

  10. You look like a million bucks in that dress......

  11. I love your dress and especially love that bag! You look gorgeous! Glad you had a good time :) Maggie xx

  12. You look stunning! The dress is lovely on you, and the monochrome outfit really highlights your fab make-up. I wish I could wear eye shadow, it lasts about 5 minutes on me before it's all smudged and creased! Ah well... xxxx

  13. The black lace dress is so so pretty and perfect on you! There's just something about wearing black and lace that makes you feel good - I haven't done this in ages as once winter is over darker colors usually migrate to the back of my closet, but I may just need to get my lbd back out again. Absolutely loving your bag and makeup as well:) xoxo

  14. You look absolutely amazing! Come and do my makeup - please?!

  15. oh god I love that lace dress and tell all ..... is that your cute as a button kitchen?????

  16. I am well Jel.... Just found your blog and I see you have the lushest kitchen in the world. And you apply gel liner far better than I could ever dream off. And you have chintzy cups that are making me drool. And your hair simply rocks. I am sounding lie some mad stalker bint but I am perfectly sane. Just not when it comes to fab finds!

  17. like not lie...sorry! X

  18. You are looking so sultry dear I love you in black and your hair is popping!


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