Saturday, 9 June 2012

In Ruins

Hello dear blog readers

I'm back from my jaunt to the Scottish Borders.  I had a fab time, I slept... a lot, I explored, I took loads of photos and, of course, I made sure I found time to seek out plenty of A-MAZE-ING thrifted treasures which I can't wait to share with you!

In the meantime, here are some photos of what remains of the beautiful Kelso Abbey, a 12th century Scottish abbey originally founded by a community of Tironensian monks.  

 Walking in the chapel remains

The abbey obviosuly took a battering during the Scottish wars of independence

This treasure was tucked away just at the edge of the town. and was free and open for members of the public to explore. 

Most of what remained of the abbey was cleared away in 1805

The memorial cloisters were added in 1933 as a memorial to 8th Duke of Roxburghe.

You can find a much more comprehensive and accurate history than I could ever hope to give you here and here

I hope you all had a fabulous extended bank holiday weekend.  Can't wait to catch up with all your blogs when I've caught up with some sleep!

Lucy x


  1. Good to hear you had a lovely time. Your photo's are lovely there is always something to peaceful about the old ruins of chapels. Look forward to seeing your finds. dee xx

  2. Oh so happy to see the little flower brooch!!!! Looking so relaxed and happy on holiday.
    The ruins are amazing.
    Yay to treasure, can't wait to see it.
    Love v

  3. Beautiful ruins! I love wandering through such places.

  4. I just discovered your blog and looooove it!!! I follow you! :-)

    1. oh those pictures are really breathtaking beautiful! you look like a colourful fairy in the middle of this ruins!

  5. The ruins are so beautiful, so are you actually! These are lovely.

  6. i love looking at old ruins like this, when i was little we used to go as a family and i would run from room to room make believing i was a princess living there!

  7. My goodness, what a spectacular place! So fascinating and beautifully shown with your wonderful photos. Such ancient buildings are so intriguing to me particularly since the city in which I live (Toronto) was only a military fort and tiny trading post in 1800, when your abbey was already being cleared away. So much history!


  8. Ahhhh such fantastic photos!! Just amazing! And of course you look darling! :)

    Thanks for sharing!!
    xo Jenny

  9. I adore your outfit amongst the ruins....

  10. I love exploring old church ruins, I always find it so interesting! You look gorgeous in your floral dress! I love the soft colours (and the blue tights of course!)

    Emma x

  11. Gorgeous photos of Kelso. You look as though you practially had the place to yourself! Lovely frock, and I'm envying those tan sandals, I've been looking for some (but cheap, of course!) and so far failed to find what I'm after. Might have to come and pinch yours1 xxxx

  12. Wow I love the ruins! I have a real affinity with places like that, I feel you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. I was at Egglestone Abbey in Durham a couple of weeks ago and posted some pics on my blog. Love love love your outfit too! xx

  13. Oh this reminds me of Whitby abbey! I love old ruins like this that you can wander around, there is such an odd feeling to know that people once inhabited them.

  14. Welcome back dear! Lovely dress and beautiful photos! ヅ

    P.S. please drop by our blog to check our newest post about DIY Skull Leggings and we'd love it more if we follow each other.

    Thanks! ヅ

  15. What an amazing place, full of history... I love your dress, it's wonderful that you wear it with those blue tights !

  16. What a beautiful place set off to perfection by you in your stunning floral frock and gorgeous red hair! x

  17. Your outfits are so pretty!(:

  18. Oh wow, that really is one marvelous structure. Makes you wonder what it was like back in it's hay day. I adore places so rich with history like this - and it's just too bad architecture today is no where near as beautiful.

    You look so sweet and delightful as always. I love the baby blue tights - surely one of my favorite colors. The print on your dress is so perfect as well.

    Have a beautiful week darling! xx marisa

  19. oooh fascinating, thank you. I haven't visited a ruined Abbey in years


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