Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Postcards from Victorian Wales

Looking back at postcards of Victorian Wales.  They somehow keep me dreaming of autumn during the final, stubborn throes of summer

(yes that is a Victorian urinal -the mister knew I'd appreciate it)

EDIT - The 5th photo down is a urinal from the beautiful Lake Vrnwy Hotel, and yes I do love me some antique ceramics ;)


  1. Gorgeous postcards loved the old buildings.

    I also love the fact that you seem to feel the same as me in regards to the Indian summer. Sod off summers gone bring on the autumn! Lol.

    P x

  2. Oooh, I LIKE!!!! The urinal is funny!x

  3. Such great photos. But you must tell us all about your unlikely appreciation of Victorian urinals - who knew?
    Don't wish the sunshine away just yet, we'll be wearing tights and boots for months to come... xxx

  4. Goddammit even the urinal is beautiful! I wonder if someone could locate it, chip those beaut green tiles off and mail them to me? xoxo

  5. The mail box was a urinal? That's odd was pissing in the street not allowed:). Beautiful pictures but please do not wish our sun away we need more vitamin D!

  6. I love an old loo, I frequently shoe people the Edwardian outside one in my parent's house.
    Get yourself a job in an ice factory and let the rest of us enjoy Summer. x

  7. So beautiful and charming! I could easily live in a place like this. That old urinal is pretty stylish as well, haha. xo Marisa


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