Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Outfoxed... In More Ways Than One

Here I am in the park & ride of my local train station sporting today's outfit, a rather 'foxy' affair.

Dress and rather phallic looking tote bag both from Asos and both featuring foxes.  I didn't purposely co-ordinate honest.  Just a happy accident

Don't I look sulky?

I feel more and more uncomfortable in front of a camera as time goes on.  I hate looking at myself and hate the fact that I hate looking at myself, you know?

Maybe I'm still recovering from the great hair panic of last week.  

It started out quite innocently; I bleached my roots and gave the rest of my head another going over with the 30 vol

It came up like this.  The perfect shade of yellow to tone to platinum, right?  Just buy a light ash blonde box dye and job's a goodun.  Nope, that would be too simple.  I know, I'll just do like I saw in a Youtube tutorial once and mix a bit of Directions violet hair dye with conditioner and coat my hair in it.  It'll tone out the yellow and I'll be left with a perfect cool platinum shade.  Job done.

Clearly not.  Too much violet hair dye coupled with extremely porous hair = bright purple roots and random lavender patches.  Not a good look.

So instead of waiting for it to wash out I hit Youtube again for a tutorial and discovered 'bleach bathing'.  Don't ask!  I have no photographic evidence of the result of this failed experiment.  I was too busy hyperventilating.  Long story short, the purple turned what I can only describe as a light shade of bile green and the rest of it was completely stripped of any pigment at all.  Whiter than white.  Added to that, the texture of my hair after 3 repeated bleachings was that of wet cotton wool

Moral of this story, learn from my mistakes.  Go easy on the Youtube tutorials and, if in doubt, and I never thought I would say this being a lifelong home hair dyer, go to a salon!

I did, and after several hours of repairing treatments and 2 attempts at toning I ended up like this

Not my ideal shade but at this point I was so grateful I had hair left

I'm trying my best just to enjoy my new colour whilst conditoning the crap out of it at every opportunity.  Only, watching ITV's Cilla has made me think fondly of the colour I was so desperate to change...

Don't you just love this shade of red?  And I adore that bob

Sigh... the grass is always greener.  I really should know better by now


  1. Well, for what it's worth, the colour you have now really suits you, it's lovely. Cute dress too - though I have to confess I would never in a million years have guessed your bag was a fox too!
    I started out feeling awful taking photos of myself, and truthfully, I still delete a load while cringing at how shit I look... But I have definitely found that the more confident and comfortable you act, the better the photos. And after a while, you start to believe the act - honest! xxx

  2. I actually don't mind photos of myself in summer, it is just in winter, I look so haggard!!! I think you look great, but I know when you're feeling a but meh then that's hard to believe. Ha, serendipity, that's happy accident, though I too wouldn't have realised it is a fox. The hair looks great!!! X

  3. I'm glad you managed to get your hair sorted, I know it's not the colour you were after but I think it looks lovely. I always get my done professionally, when my hair was dark I would occassionally use a semi-permanent brown just to give it a bit of shine but I don't trust myself to dye it properly. I haven't caught up with Cilla yet but from the pictures I've seen so far I am in love with Sheridan's hair!

  4. You look lush, how do you breast feed in that dress, if you still are. I can't find anything to wear for that reason..............

  5. Hi dear, your blog is such a beautiful one! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know and I am instantly follow you back :) Btw u can follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Have a greate day! xoxo
    Greetings from Hungary

  6. I looooooooove your foxy dress. Sorry about your hair misadventures but it looks great now!!

  7. Besides your fox dress being absolutely adorable and suiting you to a T, I think your hair looks really nice :) And now I'm going to be searching like mad to find a black and white polka dot dress with flowers - my two favourite prints for a dress!

    Lauren / And Together We


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