Saturday, 30 August 2014

Inspiration : Through Johanna's Eyes

The Captive

Black and Blue

She Wolf

The Crystal Spire


The Hunt II

The Little Mermaid Saves The Prince

Fields of Stone

The Crystal Spire II

Little Blue Riding Hood




Skeletal Lady

La Belle Dame Sans Merci


Emerald Queen


Blacker Than a Vole

Mermaid's Grotto

I occasionally talk about art on this blog but not often.  It's something I really wish I had a talent for but alas, none to be had for me.  Not the case with Johanna.  Something about this very talented artist and blogger really appeals to me.  The themes she explores of fairytales, folklore, and female strength and savagery give lots of food for thought and like the best art, it inspires conversation.  Also, there is something quite impish about her style.  A definite sense of the dark side but tempered by a tongue in cheek edge.  Not unlike the high camp theatrics of the hammer horror genre.  Edgar Allen Poe through an Art Deco lens.  

I've followed Johanna on and off for a few years now but it's a blog I always come back to.  As well as her obvious talent for art, I love her personal style and her kitschy apartment.  

Blackadder fan art?  Yes please.  

All photos found on Johanna's blog


  1. wow, her art is very cool, evokes such feeling! Makes me want to go paint :)

  2. Wow,her art is very atmospheric!

  3. These are great and I particularly like "cave" and "skeletal lady" Though as someone with absolutely no artistic ability whatsoever I can't help be a tad jealous of the artist. Honestly I reckon if I had even the smallest hint of skill when it came to drawing I'd have a sketch book and pencil in my hand pretty much constantly :)

  4. Gorgeous images, thanks for highlighting Johanna's work. xxx

  5. Love this! It's definitely my kind of art! Thanks for sharing!


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