Sunday, 24 August 2014

Autumn Wishing in a Welsh Village

Thank you for all the comments about my hair.  I'm quite pleased with it considering I did it myself. I'm looking forward to experimenting around it with my clothes and make up.  Speaking of which, a few of you commented on the sneak peaks of this dress from my last couple of posts. Well, here it is in all it's glory.   It's another vintage Etsy purchase from the States which I paired with a high street denim jacket and my Dr Marten knee boots for comfort and practicality.  These pics were taken last week during a trip to the Welsh village of Llanfyllin.  We stayed in an 18th century converted mill which, at dusk, looked like this 

It was set in it's own sweeping secluded grounds with a stream and a bridge, blackberry bushes and nooks and crannies aplenty.  The weather was extremely changeable but it didn't matter.  

In fact, lying in bed one night with the duvet wrapped around my neck reading on my phone so as not to disturb a sleeping 5 month old, I realised that Autumn seemed to have suddenly arrived out of nowhere and I was more than ready for it.  I'm ready for tights and cardigans.  Ready for more cuddling up and wrapping the baby in his giant rainbow blanket.  Ready for more darkness and fog and seeing my breath in front of me in the morning

Am I the only one?


  1. What a great place to stay. Love the frock, and I can't believe how much you suit being blonde! Funny, I always thought red hair was very much you, but now I think blonde all the way.
    Autumn - nooooo! I am definitely not ready, I don't want to be back in tights yet, it feels too early. But it does feel chilly, doesn't it? Summer's lease has all too short a date... xxxx

  2. OMG, what a darling little building!
    The hair is just lovely, and suits you well! I'm digging your new frock! You rock a DJ as good as Curtise! XXX

  3. Love that dress! What a lovely print, those little chickens are so sweet. That mill is beautiful, and its surroundings look gorgeous too, what a lovely place to stay. XX

  4. No, I am ignoring Autumn! The dress is darling and you suit the colour!
    What a cool building!x

  5. Hooray another person that loves winter! Oh wow your Welsh holiday looks like my kind of paradise ... what a beautiful spot and haven't been blackberry picking for years! Your hair is looking so lovely, you really suit it and yet I loved it when it was red, so there you go, you have the best skin colouring for anything. Oooh boots and frock are gorgeous. xox

  6. Yes, you are! I want string bikinis, flip flops and crop tops all year round. No to arthritic pain, crippling hig heating bills, bastard massive spiders and no car boot sales but its not all about me. You look fab, love the blonde bob and good to see that lovely dress in its entirety. xxx

  7. Your dress is adorable!! Love it paired with the denim jacket. And what a cute little building!

  8. Lovely spot and those duds are dreamy.
    I am certainly loving the cooler weather myself.
    I saw you over at Vintage Jane's and came in for a peek ,
    hope you don't mind.
    Enjoyed the post and the wonderful side bar photos immensely !

  9. I'm in love with that dress!

  10. Gorgeous pictures! and nope, you're definitely not the only one... I love the thought of a trip to a little country cottage in Autumn when it's crisp and bright outside and a rainy windy evening is just the perfect excuse to stay in and read. Though I'm sure 3 months or so of typical freezing cold Belfast weather will have me wishing for summer again :)

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  12. You're not, I love Autumn, it's my second favourite season after Spring. What can I say, I love change.

    Have a great week!


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