Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A faded prima donna

I bought myself a couple of new dresses in the Asos sale the other day 

This was one of them.  I'm such a sucker for a graphic print.  I've been spending money like it's going out of fashion lately.  I know it's because I'm just bored and seeking something to distract me. Shopping I can do from my laptop while rocking the baby to sleep with my foot.  Unlike most hobbies one might explore which require a lot of time and your full attention, two things of which I have precious little to give at the moment.

I did however, find the time to get my rats mane cut the other day.

I also put one of those hair dye removers on it which brought up the red a few shades to a sort of caramelly, strawberry blonde colour.  It's a bit weird and I'm not sure I like it.  Just not sure where to go next.

Anyhoo, did you see Glasto?  Were you there?  If you were, I'm sooo jealous.  I generally consider myself a bit past the whole festival thing but this time around I would have given my eye teeth to be there on Saturday night to see this band.

Instead I was at home, on the sofa jiggling my little chap on my knee and pondering how many ways my life has changed ;)

Man, I forgot how much love I have for Metallica

What were your highlights?


  1. Hey!!! Your new dress is v pretty!!! I can understand your love of new print dresses!!
    I'm confused, your blog profile says yiur name is Sarah-Jane but I always thought it was Lucy Nation!!!! X

  2. I love the dress so cute!

    I keep wanting to get my hair cut and coloured, so enjoyed having it black and bright blue last year. I would love all over in your face purple but hate having my hair bleached to achieve it.

    Yeah I rocked out to Metalica on Sunday night via the red button they so rocked and brought back so many memories. Looking forward to seeing the Pixes next.

    P x

  3. Loving the strawberry blonde bob and the groovy frock!
    Whaddaya mean - past the festival thing? There's a sell-by date! I'm years older than you and still bloody love it. Kids under 12 are free. Little Lily's on her second Glasto and was dancing like a nutter to Kasabian. Go on, get registered for next year and have a blast.
    Metallica, Skrillex and Fat White Family were the best! xxx

  4. Gorgeous little frock, and I think your hair looks great, the new colour is really soft and flattering.
    I didn't watch ANY of Glastonbury, not a sausage. What's wrong with me? I think the World Cup has taken over my brain! xxx

  5. Metallica were great weren't they! I was watching it on tv too and wished I was there with everyone. The whole festival experience isn't really for me though, I had a bad experience once and it has kinda put me off for life. Plus, not being able to shower or use a proper loo for 6 days would be my worst nightmare!

  6. That dress is so sweet and I like the colour of your hair. About festivals you are never to old that's what I love about them. One year I want to come to Europe just for you summer festivals they always sound amazing!!!!

  7. Lovely dress and your hair colour is wonderful, I really love it.
    I've never been to a 'proper' festival, they're not really my bag, I leave that to my sister x

  8. Gawd, you're gorgeous you are. Would love to have your hair, and you're so photogenic! And no one, never, is past the festival age. I took my two when they were tiny, to the Wickerman (not Glastonbury I grant you, but...), and we had a blast. I fully intend to do it again, even if I have to take my collapsible deckchair and tartan rug...! x

  9. Oh gawd, am I the only person in the world not to get the whole Metallica thing!?!? Now I love a bit of rock, but these guys made me shudder and I just felt out of it. EXPLAIN their greatness.
    Loving your dress, you look tiny, I don't care what you say...and your hair is lush.
    Oh and I am from the Glasto region, born and bred, and now we love on the south coast and I can't believe we aren't there watching Dolly and drinking cider, my life has changed so much, I would barely recognise the old me.
    Gem x x x


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