Tuesday, 8 July 2014


A couple of weeks ago (before I changed my hair) the Mister took advantage of a quiet afternoon and snuck off work early to meet me and Mast L for lunch.  I wanted to visit the Georgian Quarter because my heart belongs to this part of the city.  We had lunch at this place and then took a wander around the local streets bathed in sunshine

I've had many a snifter in here, sadly not today

It was such a warm sunny day that for some reason my phone started taking photos with a blueish hue, which I didn't realise until I looked back at them.  I was a bit disappointed because it upsets the uniform look of this post but hey, my OCD, my problem.  I could lose myself wandering these streets, although the goth in me enjoys it more on misty winter days as opposed to at the height of summer


  1. I too love the romance of fog and mist and especially windswept beaches mid-winter. These pics are beautiful SJ and it's lovely to see you looking all summery and floral. xox

  2. I love the colour and print on your dress, so bright and fun. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Gorgeous photos - including the blue-ish ones! What a lovely area of Liverpool, one to note for my next visit. xxx

  4. Those beautiful old cobblestone roads, I can see why you love this place it has a feeling to it for sure. I found most of the UK to have this old world charm, our country is still so young that sometimes everything feels like a temporary structure. Strip malls for example, and they are everywhere!

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  6. I really like the blue hue! I love Liverpool, I've been a few times, and never tire of it. Might need to find the Pilgrim on my next visit! x

  7. What wonderful streets, I would love to wander around there with my camera!

  8. Your necklace looks like jawbreaker sweets. :)

    I love this post. Cobbled stones have such a place in my heart.


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