Monday, 9 June 2014


I can't believe Rik Mayall has died.  He has been one of my heroes as well as a particularly enduring teenage crush, and he has graced the bottom of this blog for as long as I can remember.  I am gutted

Here are just a couple of reasons I liked him

Sad face :(


  1. I just found out on Facebook. So sad it feels like a part of my youth has gone.

    RIP Rick.

    P x

  2. Yeah, me too, can't believe it. xxx

  3. Its been ages since I was last here and I had to scroll down your posts with excitement to see what little bundle of joy you had. Congratulations on the safe arrival of your little boy wonderful news you are looking amazing by the way. Hope you enjoying being mummy to two :-) Very sad news about Rik I went to see him in bottom many years ago now, dee x

  4. It's such a shock he was always my favourite on the Young One's

  5. I still can't belive Rick has gone, when I read it on the red button, I couldn't comprehend what I was reading at first. He was always my favourite and I had oodles of his work on DVD, The Young Ones, Bottom, Drop Dead Fred, The Dangerous Brothers, Filty, Rich and Catflap as well as some other telly bits.

  6. So sad, he was my teenage years! :(

  7. Hi foxy mama,
    only just found this pits but I agree Rik Rocked. Totally. Such a shame, Bottom was my fave show as a kid.
    Hope the kids are well,
    X x x x x


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