Sunday, 8 June 2014

Grasmere with Bettie

This time last week the Mister and I were strolling hand in hand through the charming little village of Grasmere, home of the Wordsworth graves and the 'Dafffodil Garden' which was strangely devoid of daffodils.  I captured some shots through my favourite Hipstalense 'Bettie XL'.  

Could I look anymore awkward here?

Flying Fox Dress - Asos
Leggings - Supermarket (I think)
Sandals - Dorothy Perkins
Jacket - Ebay
Tote - Gift

Its hard to make Grasmere appear any prettier than it actually is but I think the faded sun drenched filter of Bettie always adds a nice touch.   I actually had the wrong film loaded.  I usually go for Ina's 1935 but I had it on Ina's 1969 by accident, which is why some of the pics have the border.  I tried cropping the photos to get rid of it but I couldn't be arsed going through all of them.   I blogged about Grasmere last here.   It was about 18 months ago and life was pretty scary as for the first time I was having to face the mortality of a close family member.  Having thankfully come through that, I now return as the mother of a new life and the whole new set of complications that brings.  Life never seems to get any less complicated.  But, The Lake District is always such a relaxing place to spend time with your thoughts.



  1. Oh wow, so so beautiful!!! I've been trying to learn Daffodils from memory-gorgeous imagery! I want a fox dress now-seriously!!! My favourite place has to remain nameless as we aren't supposed to talk about it online, as the founder and organiser prefers to not have it talked about on the web- but it is an amaxing place! X

  2. The photos are great, Grasmere is so lovely.
    Yes, life keeps on going, births, deaths, can't stop the wheel turning. xxx

  3. Found your blog randomly and I’d like to say it’s fabulous! You have amazing photos & style! Everything is perfect!

    would you like to follow each other?
    will be happy to see you in my blog!

  4. Yes, so true! Things are always an adventure of some kind, right? Anyhow this place is absolutely serene. It's nice finding little escapes like this to get away from the busyness of things only if just for a moment. As always, you look so pretty and you have the fox dress!!! I've been eyeing that beaut for ages...LOVE!!


Ah, thank you for commenting. You've made my day :)

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