Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Number 9 Dream

So the mister and I recently marked our ninth wedding anniversary.  I know I know, I look too young right?! So it was off to the Lake District, one of my happy places, for a child free night in a hotel and some beauty chasing.  Here are a few quick snaps

 We visited Hawkshead for a spot of lunch and a walk about.  I love Hawkshead.  It's like a little Tudor rabbit warren.  I've blogged about it before here.  

There was a cafe with the biggest cakes I have ever seen

And the usual touristy Beatrix Potter gubbins

Of course I had ice cream.  I always have ice cream.  

Dress: Asos
Leggings: goodness knows
Shoes: Office
Jacket: Ebay
Scarf: charity shop
Bag:  gift from Ilaria

I know nine is one of those awkward inbetween numbers that doesn't constitute a particular milestone but, I'm firmly of the belief that a happy marriage is a huge achievement in this day and age and something to be celebrated.  I also quite like presents.  It didn't take me long to start missing the kids though.  By the second day I was starting to go cold turkey from that velvet soft skin and baby smell.

Such is life



  1. Looks as though you had a lovely time ... congratulations!

  2. Well, that looks lovely, Lucy! The wonderful Lake District, cake and ice cream, and a hotel with your man, what could be better? Happy anniversary - of course nine years is as worthy of celebration as any other number, I don't believe the nonsense about the only numbers worth noticing ending in 5 or 0!
    Love your frock, and your cheeky ice cream-fuelled grin! I must be a horrendous mother - I never miss the kids when I go away, I even forget to ring them. Bad Mummy! xxx

  3. You look gorgeous honey and the Lake District I know it well, the perfect place to get away! I miss Peetee after a few days too, but we all need time to ourselves, I'm glad you had some time to celebrate. Happy 9 years and here's to many more!

  4. Happy Anniversary, gorgeous! Love the lakes - its a great place to get away. xxx

  5. Happy Anniversary Lovely Lucy!! I miss your regular blogging!!! Lovely to have time but nice to return home too x

  6. Happy Anniversary! I think all anniversary's deserve celebrating! I've been to Hawkshead, we go to the Lakes every other year on Holiday. Married my Mr at Glenridding in the hotel there..!! xx

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  8. Great outfit and the cake looks amazing! ;)

    Kisses, Kali
    My blog | GIVEAWAY

  9. Congrats on your anniversary! We celebrate our 10th this year and are also planning a night away from the kids. I absolutely love your outfit by the way!


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