Monday, 3 March 2014

Red Boots & Golden Years

Before I begin I should quickly state that yep, I'm still pregnant.  Due this Saturday but as you know time and dates mean nothing to the littluns.  Just trying to enjoy my last days of relative freedom and sleep.

On Saturday afternoon I went to a vintage 50's tea party in celebration of my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

This is me trying to discreetly pose for some outfit shots with my cloudy lemonade while everyone mingled around with their Pimms punch.  I kept getting collared.

As you can see I didn't go with the 50's theme.  This dress has been seen on the blog before because I have practically lived in it these past few months.  It's about as much effort as I can muster at the moment.  Plus I wanted to wear my new babies which match it perfectly...

These bad boys

I got them for a song on Amazon.  I think it was a pricing error as they were advertised as a size 7D as opposed to a standard size 7, which were about £25 more expensive.  I took a gamble and it paid off.  I handed over my £46 and they arrived at my house the next day, a standard size 7 not a 'D' in sight.  Turns out Dr Martens don't even make a 'D' fitting.  Go figure.

I also lacquered my nails with several layers of turquoise glitter

Dress - Asos Maternity
Boots - Dr Martens
Owl bag - Ebay
Cardi - supermarket
Brooch - charity shop
Typewriter necklace - Etsy

My niece organised the party and it was held in the very pretty house she lives in with her mum and step dad.  She stepped in and organised it within a few weeks after the idea we'd had of a big kick butt rock n roll themed party fell through due to my health issues and inability to organise it.  She did a stellar job.  A relatively small affair with close friends and family.  Everything looked so dainty and charming that I couldn't resist walking around snapping a few pics before everyone got there

I really wanted to play in this outhouse but it was temporarilly home to an old bathroom suite

The weather was glorious, spring was in the air.  The music ranged from The Andrew Sisters to Little Richard with a little bit of The Inkspots thrown in for good measure.  There were sandwiches with no crusts, tea and fairy cakes - perfect.

Gonna try and blog again before I pop but if I disappear for a while you'll know what's happened



  1. What a bargain those gorgeous red DM' s are just love them. Sounds like it was a lovely way to celebrate your parents 50th anniversary. Such a pretty cottage too. Love the summer house.

    I am sure little miss or Mr will put in their debut appearance soon though they do like to keep us mum's waiting.

    P X

  2. good luck Lucy! Will miss you!!! Amazing shoes and bag and nails. I'd happily mug you for all three! ;-)

    The partyooks superb!!! How wonderfully!!! X

  3. You are the most rocking chic on the planet! You look utterly beautiful and your ASOS frock looks fab with your incredible, shiny, new bargain boots! Red ... yes!!!! The party looks wonderful, what a lot of effort went into organising it, your parents must have had a ball and I'm glad you got you frock up and mingle before that wee laddie arrives:) Hugs to you! xoxo

  4. I hope everything goes well for your due date all the best. Your outfit is so lovely and that little shin dig looked so cosy and sweet. Would of loved to have been there! xxx

  5. I love that wanton woman sign haha! Good luck with your little one!

  6. All the details of the party look so pretty, your niece did indeed do a great job. And you look gorgeous; it's a perk of being pregnant (and lord knows there aren't many...) that you don't have to dress according to the theme when about to hatch out a new little person! Anyway, you look gorgeous in your dark floral frock and shiny new Docs.
    Good luck, Lucy. Hoping you don't go way overdue, and in case you don't manage to squeeze in another post before the Big Day, also hoping it all goes really well. xxx

  7. That party and the setting look absolutely gorgeous, your niece should be doing that professionally, I know a lot of vintage tea rooms and fairs that don't look half as lovely!
    You look fantastic, your dress is lovely and the bag is amazing. What a bargain with those boots, too.
    Keeping everything crossed for you for a timely and smooth birth! xxx

  8. what a gorgeous party and you look amazing my dear. my bubba is now ten weeks, it will zoom by for you. so excited, I miss my bump and yours is gorgeous x x x x x

  9. What a lovely party setting ... I'm sure your parents must have had a wonderful time. Good luck with the imminent arrival of little one ...

  10. I Love your red DMs, I spent my childhood lusting after a pair of red patent moc croc DMs I saw in a catalogue at my friends house, by the time my Mum decided I wanted them enough to buy them they had gone out of stock! The party looks lovely, perfectly pretty. I hope all goes well with your little one's arrival!

  11. The party looks lovely! So pretty. Good luck with the little one x

  12. That dress is so cute! I love that bag too!


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