Friday, 14 February 2014

Orange Crush

Outfit pics have been a pain in the backside of late

Short overcast days, drizzle and a lack of a photographer during daylight hours all being contributing factors

Plus a smattering of can't-be-bothered-itis

All hail the good old fashioned mirror selfie, the staple of the lazy amateur blogger

Not the best quality, just what we're stuck with.

This is a work outfit from last week.  

Do you like my orange tights?  I can't have enough orange in my life at the moment.  I got them on Ebay.  They were described as 'XXXL Fancy Dress Tights for Ladies & Men'.  I am currently wearing tights for drag queens which happen to be perfect for accommodatng my girth

Dress : Asos Maternity
Cardi & vintage wooden brooch - Ebay
Boots - DM's
Necklace - Dotty P's

Speaking of which, this week I finally finished work for mama leave - woo hoo!

I can't say how relieved I am to be free of that particular bind for the next 10 months.  Just time enough to put the finishing touches to the mammoth home renovation/reorganisation that has been going on for the last 6 months before we welcome Mr Bump (yes, we've been told we're expecting a boy) - due in approximately 3 weeks.

This corner of our new room has been altered slightly to accommodate this...

There is still a flat pack wardrobe and cotbed lying around my house waiting to be assembled which is stressing me out and messing with my mojo really more than it should.   I'm fighting a constant battle against turning into a hyper hormonal neurotic fishwife.

But we don't want to hear about that.  Instead here are a couple more amateur outfit selfies

35 weeks - taken after a party

What I wore for a family gettogether last week

Currently looking forward to a couple of stress free weeks and sleeping in.  Half term couldn't have come at a better time. 



  1. Ooh, not long, Lucy, not long - so exciting! You look gorgeous with Mr Bump, but you are probably getting to the point of wishing his arrival time was now, those last few weeks are hard going, as I recall. Still, finishing work is great, the house will get sorted, Baby Nation will arrive in his own good time, and then the fun really starts!
    Hurray for orange Drag Queen tights and lovely frocks! xxxx

  2. OOH, Lucy, so exciting! I LOVE your orange tights. I have burnt orange ones but I'd love full on citrus like these!! You will get there with all the prep. You've been juggling up till now. Get some rest and all will be good x

  3. How very sweet you look. I love a good baby bump!

  4. I want some drag queen orange tights, too! Poundland had some before Halloween last year and I'm still kicking myself for not snapping them up.
    You are looking like the coolest mum-to-be I've ever seen. xxx

  5. Love the coloured tights, funny someone was saying to me the other day about getting drag queen shoes in order to get heels for large feet! (not for me though!)

  6. Such a cool mum-to-be, I love the orange tights! x

  7. you look utterly lush my lovely. you so rock being pregnant. very exciting. I miss my bump soooooo much. can you believe my bubba is eight weeks old tmw?!?! x x x

  8. hello,my name is Poppy
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    thank you for sharing this to us ,enjoy here
    love the photos all!!!
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  9. You look great, and all ready for your little guy! I love the drag queen tights. When I was pregnant, I bought the largest tight size I could find and cut little Vs on either side of the waist ... but I like your idea better. :)

  10. Ooh what a relief it must be to be on maternity leave! I'm really looking forward to mine I must say! You look gorgeous in those lovely floral dresses, your baby bump is a beauty and how exciting to know that it's a boy. Take things very easy now in preparation for the big day!

  11. I hope you're enjoying being at home, no more work pressures for a while and you can hopefully potter about until the little fella arrives. But I think we both know there is always more, more to do. Getting the baby equipment assembled will help you to relax, I know the feeling, hormones racing like mad and impatience setting in. Big hugs to you Lucy. xoxoxo


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