Monday, 27 January 2014

In Your Room

I thought I'd share some pictures of my shiny new boudoir - it's finally done - whoop

I finally have a chimney breast wall like a blank canvas, perfect for all the 60's kid pictures and various wall art I've collected 

I had such a narrow space for a bedside table that I had to use my imagination a little.   After some frantic internet searching I discovered the Tam Tam stool.  I'd never heard of them before but apparently they were all the rage in the 60's after Bridgette Bardot was photographed sitting on one.   Read a little more here.  The other thing I like about them, apart from the fact that they look like oversized game counters, is that you can pick them up dirt cheap and they look great.  Fits right in with my 60's theme

Flamingo lights

I found this rather obscure film poster on Allposters.  The clip frame was picked up dirt cheap online.  Not a film I'd heard of before but it looks right up my street.

Best document storage ever

I bought this plain lightshade from Ikea and covered it with an old pillowcase using this tutorial.  I must admit I am rather proud of it for a first effort

Nail varnish and perfume stash against my teal and pink voiles

My curtains in all their glory.  I bought some giant vintage bedsheets on Ebay, wonder webbed them and got my mum to sew on some curtain tape.  Couldn't be bothered with lining them as we already have blackout blinds for when the babs is sharing our room

Close up of my new pink vanity mirror

...which magically opens up to store my jewellery and ephemera

And that would be my massive 34 week bump you can see in the reflection

Next up the nursery…



  1. Wow, Lucy, it looks amazing! So pretty, and so tidy! Love all the floral fabric, and the poster is great. And yes, a Bisley is indeed the best for document storage! You look well, good to see that baby bump - not long now! xxx

  2. An interesting post that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  3. Wow Lucy!!!! It's so preeeeeetty!! I love it! And love the wall- it's like the anti-version of Vix's wall of misery- e.g. wall of happiness!!!
    And you're looking good!x

  4. such cuteness everywhere!!! I love the diy lamp, so perfect.

  5. Oh oh the room looks amazing sweet.......I just love the lamp shade....well done.
    You are looking just so very beautiful..........gorgeous baby bump.
    Love v

  6. Love it all. I have some of the same pictures as you in my bedroom they all look fab together. Love the orange bedside table that is cute. I also have the same curtains and bed linen as your lampshade you did a great job it looks brilliant. And you and your 34 week bump are looking gorgeous, cant wait to see what you have done to the nursery you must be getting so excited now :-) dee xx

  7. You look great Lucy!!! And I am utterly in love with that lampshade you diyed...genius! Your room is charming and everything I wish mine looked like...hehe. Unfortunately I think our bedroom is going to be last on the list to redo since we moved into our house!

  8. Love all the vintage prettiness here! Never heard of Tam Tam stools but they sounds awesome!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  9. You as adorable as your place! I love how clean and CUTE everything looks. Your Tom Tom night stand is so simple and bright. I think the lampshade stole my heart, what a great idea and you executed it perfectly. I think your space perfectly reflects you Lucy. I think the curtains are sweet too!

  10. What a cool room, especially loving the retro poster- I must browse ebay more for vintage stuff like this. x

  11. Everything about this room is so beautiful and funky I love it so much! Your little trinkets and beauty things are all so cute and love all the crafty fun you've had with the room. Really makes it your own! :D

  12. Great room Lucy! I just love the Tam Tam stool, I'm going to have to get myself one of those x

  13. I love your room, it's so pretty!

  14. You know what Lucy? I've just picked myself up off the floor. Yes, I'm completely and utterly gobsmacked at the gorgeousness of your bedroom. It really is so very, very beautiful, right down to the pink flamingo lights! At the moment I'm taking a wee break (read: procrastinating on the intawebz) from packing, as we move into another house on Monday week. The beauty of your hard work (which includes your beautiful Bebe Bump) has inspired me to carry on. In fact, I'm going to leave this tab open on the webz to give myself a kick up the arse every half an hour. Love the Redgraves and Michael York, so I'm sure that movie's a hoot, your lampshade DIY and curtains are SPECTACULAR and I adore the Tim Tam and your Bisley drawers. The colours are outta sight baby!!! xoxox

  15. Fab post! New follower! (:

    Kelly x

  16. Ooo, it's all looking splendid! The light shade is brilliant!
    Congratulations on the forthcoming bundle of joy!

  17. Aww what a sweet room! Love it so much! Lovin' the 60's style theme esp. the kids pictures x

  18. Oh oh the room looks amazing sweet.I just love the lamp shade....well done.
    You are looking just so very beautifu gorgeous baby bump.

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  19. Oh your room is absolutely lovely :)

  20. It's adorable ! Your room looks so cozy and organized !
    I think I'm jealous... >.<


  21. I love your taste in decor. All the pretty vivid colors and artistic vintage influences are my cup of tea. =)

  22. Your room is so beautiful ^^ and flowers in a fairytale~

  23. You MUST tell me where your duvet cover is from! It is gorgeous, but then your entire home is really.

  24. Love the art on the wall, your style is very similar to mine!

    Lucy x


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