Monday, 9 December 2013

There is no order in my room

At the moment I am stuck in renovation hell.  The master bedroom is currently in the process of having a false ceiling fitted due to the existing ceiling becoming unstable.  This follows hot on the heels of 6 weeks of fitting out the attic and a full replastering of the bedroom walls.  Needless to say my home looks nothing like the above picture of fragrant vintage darling Pearl Lowe in her perfect vintage bedroom in her perfect vintage home.  My house is dust ridden and in a continuous state of upheaval, putting paid to my increasing urges to nest. 

I am trying to overlook my personal frustration by focusing on the end result.  To that end, I have spent many a spare hour on Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr etc, seeking out inspiration.  Those of you who have followed this blog for a while will know I can't resist a bit of bad taste.  The look I am aiming for could be described as 'kitschy boudoir stripped down' or 'kitschy boudoir lite' if you will.  I want the best of both worlds.  I want flamingos and lurid 70's florals set against a backdrop of pure white walls and furniture.   I want clean lines and lightness accented with candy pink, turquoise and orange.  I haven't found any pictures that are exactly what I am after so I have put together a collection of images that have inspired me in different ways* Hopefully putting them together in one place might give me a coherent 'moodboard' to work from.

Any further sources of inspiration/links you think I might like would be gratefully received.  I can't wait to share the finished product with you.

*All photos found on Tumblr apart from 6-9 found here, 10 & 11 found here & 15 found here

If any of these images are yours please email me and I will be more than happy to credit you :)


  1. After Christmas and New Year, I have a mind to attack my boudoir and study once more. It's been five years (spit in my eye) since I last turned them into a 70s era Morrocan hash den and kitsch 60s seaside Swedish flat respectively.

  2. ah, I love this inspiration. I'm moving in March & intend to make my home absolutely gorgeous!! *hopeful*

  3. Love these pics, they are so gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished result x

  4. PL's bedroom looks like perfect vintage hell to me ... I MUCH prefer your kitsch boudoir lite ideas ... loads of fun and colour and knick knacks to fiddle with. You really have been having a rough go of it in the house, you certainly deserve your dream bedroom. Hope you're well :) xo

    1. I'm with Desiree, it looks sort of cold and has no personality! I hope your house settles down soon, though I do envy the whole "blank slate bedroom" situation :)

  5. Ugh, getting work done on the house is such a pain, all the upheaval and disruption and brick dust all over everything... But it will all be worth it, and I hope you establish the bedroom sanctuary of your dreams! The inspiration photos are lovely - but I always wonder how on earth anyone keeps their rooms looking neatly arranged like that. Where's the STUFF? Not the artfully displayed stuff, just the ongoing everyday stuff?! Oh I know - perhaps they actually Put It Away, which is clearly where I go wrong! xxxx

  6. I feel your pain, Lucy. We had 8 weeks of builder hell in our house recently (damp course fixed - boring and nothing to show for all the dosh and work). Thank the Lord they've gone but now we've got decorating to do - not that any of that will get down until next year. While all the buidling horror was going on, I couldn't bear to look at any pics of lovely homes - too depressing. Anyway, focus on the positive Lucy. It'll be worth it when you get there. xx

  7. I love the images you've posted, I'm sure your house will look amazing once it is finished! Having the builders in can be such a pain but it will be worth it in the end x

  8. Urgh, I hate that. The house is never your own and there's clouds of dust settling over everything.
    Love all the inspiration, there's some great ideas for my shop displays here so thanks! Yes, where is the washing basket full of freshly laundered clothes plonked in the middle of the floor, the mountain of handbags and the heap of shoes...or is that just me? x

  9. It's been a long time since I've dealt with this I can only imagine it sucks even more this time of year. These photos are some juicy inspiration and some even remind me of my place. My favorite room in my house is painted a pale green with white furniture. The ceiling I did baby blue and added clouds. The room is accented in all shades of candy colors. It makes me happy to be in that room. I hope you get there soon and enjoy the journey after the dust settles.

  10. We're curious to see the room at the end 'cause you're inspiration
    pictures look very beautiful!

    Would you like to follow each other?
    Take a look at our blog and let us know. :)

    Kiss, Selina & Olivia, The RedViolet

  11. Love your mood board Lucy, I'm sure you'll create a beautiful room in the end, after seeing pics of other rooms in your home, it's easy to see you have a talent for it. Must be so frustrating having to live with building work when that nesting instinct is kicking in, I remember that feeling well. Pearl Lowe's room is beautiful, but I would need an extra room or two extra for all my junk to go in. xx

  12. Good luck with the renovation!

  13. I wonder if having a room with so many bright or energetic colors is not tiring. I was interested in psychology of colors and I remember that it's not always a good idea to surround yourself in so many of them.
    But all those chambers look gorgeous. Hope you'll be happy with the renovation. I'm sure you will - you have a great taste as I said.

  14. this is awesome! love the colors. cute blog!

  15. Inspiring! Such whimsical bedrooms!


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