Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Academically Yours

I don't know what it is about glasses, or eyeglasses as they're called in the States, that people associate with intelligence.  Particularly these days when glasses are more fashionable than ever before.  These days when names like 'geek' and 'nerd' are plastered proudly across the chests of fashion conscious teens everywhere.  I am just glad I had an eye test quite recently which revealed I did actually need prescription glasses cos now I have a legitimate reason to wear them as I'd always longed to.  I spent my childhood cursing my perfect vision. recently got in touch and asked if I would like to review of a pair of glasses from their site.  The deal was that I got a discount code for a certain amount to put towards a pair of glasses of my choice.  

 I must admit the selection process was hard.  I have a freakishly large head with a PD of 63 so I am used to having a more limited selection of large frames to choose from on online glasses stores.  Plus, there was not a lot of extra money in the budget for glasses with my ongoing house renovation nightmares and all so I was trying to stay within the gift card limit.  This proved quite difficult.  The first pair of glasses I really liked but they had already been marked down and I wasn't able to purchase them with my gift card code.  After some deliberation I eventually opted for this pair 

Dicaprio 80 black with silver

I found the website a little busy at first.  Lots of text and links and pop ups etc and lots of different ways to navigate to the same areas.  Once I got my bearings I was fine.  Apparently Glasses USA do have a try on mirror feature which looks like this 

I didn't find this on the site but I did use the try on view which was very handy.

These glasses cost $68 (roughly £41).  If you want the special anti scratch, anti reflective gubbinsy package attached you need to add a further $29.95 (£18).  I personally opted not to go with this and I haven't had any problems.  Shipping to the UK also costs an additional $21.95 (£13).

There are lots of discount codes and promotions on the site which I think would be worthwhile checking out if you live in the States as you also would get free shipping and could probably get a good bargain.

So what do you think, do I look bookish?

Sorry these photos are so blurry.  I really liked today's outfit as well.  The weather here as been so damn overcast and the light is always bad in my tiny backyard anyway.

The midi dress is new from Asos, I got a code for 40% off so decided to splash out.  The Docs are also secondhand new.  I got a great deal on Ebay.  Even though I already have a pair of Dr Marten mary janes and zip up knee boots I thought it was high time I bought a pair of classic 1490's again.  I gave away my last pair after I inexplicably went up a shoe size after my last pregnancy.  Necklace and bag both charity shop finds.

Boo to crappy weather and bad light.

Til next time



  1. Good ol dms and the glasses are really nice on you x

  2. I hear ya about the poor light - I was going to do some photos this afternoon but the camera flash fired because it was so dark. Yeah, at 2 o'clock! Anyway, you look lovely in your new frock and DMs, And of course you look immensely brainy in your new specs, like a left bank beatnik intellectual. that's a good thing, in case you're wondering! xxxx

  3. Those glasses look fantastic on you and that dress is such a great fit. I was excited when I discovered I needed reading glasses but I rarely wear them! xxx

  4. The glasses look great and I just love your outfit, the tights are fab! x

  5. They look great!
    Jeez, glasses are bloody expensive down here. I really need prescription sunglasses, but just can't be bothered paying!
    I wasn't thrilled to find I needed them though! X

  6. Your glasses look really nice on you! I have bought two pairs from this company! Can't beat the price or selection anywhere.

  7. Your glasses look real cute your lucky they suit you. You look gorgeous. Have a lovely xmas, dee xx

  8. I always, always love what you're wearing and this outfit is no exception. The dress looks completely fabulous on you and I do love the glasses so! Oh joy to a pair of "new" Docs that have already been worn in, they look fantastic!! xo


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