Wednesday, 27 February 2013

We slip through the streets while everyone sleeps

This is what I wore last Saturday night for a meal out with friends

A spot o' leopard print

OK, that's not all I wore, but the photos were such pants quality that I cropped them specifically to get the new hosiery in there

I do love tights!

Victorian style dress (unseen) and tights - Ebay
Shoes - Office
I've accumulated a few new (and old) things lately:-

These 2 vintage bags and peg bag were in the 3 items for £1 section of one of my favourite local chazzas

Miscellaneous bowls, plates and eggcups £1.50

My sister bought me these books from one of her local old lady charity shops, don't you just love those.  One of them had a 50p sticker on - up yours Barnardos!

1970's tablecloth - £2

Scored this set of 4 Babycham glasses in a British Heart Foundation furniture shop.  They were originally priced up at £3 each but when I checked, the woman said I could have them for £3 for the set, woo hoo!

Vintage Ladybird books 70p each

1977 Disney hardback - 20p

Harking back to my last post check out these sparkling beauties

Ruby slippers with t-bars!  Unfortunately not in my size but they will be perfect for the Little Miss.  They are H&M overstock so still brand shiny new.  Come on high street, get it together and make these in adult sizes you muppets

Now, this is one of my favourites new purchases.  A cute little Fidelity record player in perfect working order

Isn't it the cutest?

Only thing is since it's been such a long time since I've owned a record player I've kind've lost all my vinyl.  It was quite the eclectic collection too.  Everything from Marlene Dietrich to my beloved Cure and Sisters of Mercy, Bananarama to Roxy Music.  Dammit, I'm kicking myself now.  Nevermind, I've been contenting myself by listening to The Inkspots - my one and only piece of vinyl :(

This was the most expensive of all the purchases at £18, but I negotiated it down from £25 like a dynamite hostage taker!

I just love a bargain.  Can you tell?  The only time I mention what I paid for stuff is when I'm especially proud of it's cheapness!:D

Thought I'd link up with Lakota to show off!

And just because they make me happy, here are The Cure

Lucy xx


  1. Hey Lucy, what great finds, I LOVE the ruby slippers and the canisters peaking behind the glasses too. I had one of the record players but I gave it away, makes me wish I kept it now, T x

  2. No Fair! I want almost all this! Your tights and shoe combo is great - as I'm sure the dress was too - and I am super jealous of your record player, babycham glasses and vintage books for mere pennies. Where do you live again...?

  3. Gorgeous record player! I hanker after a fifties/sixties one but then it's having the room and being able to justify another when I already have one that works perfectly well.
    I have been thinking about Babycham a lot lately, my nan used to have one of the small promotional deers .. I wonder what happened to that. So of course, I have glass envy now xxx

  4. Love the tights, love the Dorothy shoes (gutted their in little people sizes!) and LOVE the record player! xx PS I think my grandma has those egg cups... xx

  5. Love the record player! What a fabulous find, mine's burgundy, I'd much prefer it in red!!!
    Gorgeous scarf, excellent score on the Babycham glasses and the beaded black bag is just what I could have done with last night, dammit!
    Your tights are gorgeous! xxx

  6. Great items! I love those sparkly red shoes!

  7. The Cure make me happy too....I love your shoes, so pretty, & those ruby shoes are amazing. I love your thrifty finds. I have a salt & pepper set the same as those egg cups. That record player is the cutest! Xx

  8. Oh yes yes yes, you are on fire, Lucy!
    The leopard print tights are fab - wouldn't they look amazing with a pair of sparkly ruby slippers in your size? I think so!
    All the books and plates are fab, but I'm particularly ogling the Babycham glasses, the groovy tablecloth and the record player. Excellent! There's always tons of vinyl in my local chazzas, I'm sure you can rebuild your collection. xxxx

  9. I love all these colorful finds!!!This post really makes me happy!Your new record player is amazing!!!I love to listen to my vinyls and I'm looking for a cute record player like yours for ages, the one I found few months ago isn't so pretty as that!! Lucky you!!! All the books are lovely and my favourites are the glasses and your daughter's shoes!!
    Lots of love xxxxxx

  10. I guess I'm not the only one that loves your record player. I do love. And I go crazy for happy chubby faces on old children's picture books. Great haul!

  11. I can't believe you found a Rescuers book. That's always been one of my favourite Disney films, I always cry! Love the leopard print tights!

    Emma x

  12. So so pissed off with crap charity shops and over priced shite so I love everything you bought. Shame on you for getting rid of your vinyl, especially all those Cure and SOM albums! But at least you can go round buying new ones! The record player itself is so cute, reminds me of the fisher price ones, but it really works!! I love all those books, they're all very sweet and the little bags too. Damn you H&M I barely fit into their clothes as it is, they could at least make adult sized ruby slippers! Wuv oo! xxxx

  13. WOW!!! I want to find a record player like that!!! Awesome score. I think 18 quid is pretty good actually.. LOVE the other scores - esp the plates (blue ones are amazing) and the table cloth and the babycham glasses.... SCORES!!!!

    Just caught up with your last posts.. I'm way behind! Yay for taking stress leave when you need it. Hope you're feeling betterer. x

  14. great finds!!! I really love the tablecloth & fairy book :) This makes me nostalgic ^^

  15. Getting bigger and sleeker and wider and brighter!
    We have matching tights!
    Great scoring, lovey.

  16. What amazing finds! Especially love the ruby slippers and the funk plates!x

  17. I just saw on Curtise's blog that we both went to our first gig at the Royal Court in Liverpool Lucy, I've still got the ticket from that night, I'm such a super hoarder saddo. Love all your finds, your things always make me so nostalgic, I had that Rescuers book, and my mum and dad always had a little Dansette record player with the obligatory 2p stuck to the arm to make it stop jumping. And Babycham! I loved that cute little deer when I was growing up, that was a great bargain you got there. I love those shoes, lucky little one, I have a pair of red glitter flip flops but my feet are too big to be totally encased in red glitter, they'd look like clown feet! xx

  18. Holy SHIT!!!!!! Eighteen quid - what an absolute freakin' bargain!!! And oh my knees are buckling at the sight of The Ink Spots record - I was only playing them yesterday - my favourite song is "Your Feets Too Big" because it def applies to me;). what an absolute HAULAGE!!!!! The Babycham glasses are gorgeous AND a bargain, love the 70s tablecloth and yeah up yours to all the greedy chazzas who want big bucks for annuals and Blyton. I'm in love with your tights and the green shoes, actually you've reminded me with winter just around the corner for us, I need to get a new pair of leopard tights coz the last "one size fits all" pair I had were too short and got guzzled by me growler. xoxoxoxoo

  19. Your blog is absolutely stunning, I'm a new follower! <3

  20. lovely blog<3


  21. I love a bit of leopard print myself....and the Enid Blyton book bring me back to my childhood! Have a lovely weekend my dear!
    May x

  22. Love the tights! We all need leopard print sometimes, and I'd say tights are a great starting point!! Great finds too. I am jealous over your record player!


  23. love the leopard print tights! this is so awesome and fun<3
    would you like to follow each other?

  24. That record player is such a bargain. I'm sure you'll spot some more vinyl to play on it.
    Love the leopard print tights too.

  25. That record player is amazing. Charity shops usually have vinyl so you should be able to build up a collection again. I love your leopard tights and cute shoes.

  26. Gorgeous tights and bargains.
    Have a lovel Monday, Lucy.

  27. Wow, what amazing finds! I rarely find anything good in thrift stores anymore. The good ones are so hard to find...

  28. Great pictures! I love your blog!

    If you get a chance, please check out and follow my blog!


  29. Some rather fab finds indeed Lucy!


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