Monday, 25 February 2013

A thousand crystal towers, a hundred emerald cities

 Regular readers may know I'm a little obsessed with all things Oz, so imagine how overcome I was when I first saw this beautiful souvenir of my childhood actually available for sale

 A reproduction of the original key to Oz made by Zara Taylor in tribute to the 1985 kids film Return to Oz, a personal favourite of the designer

At £35 it's more than I would usually pay for a piece of jewellery, but as soon as I saw this necklace I knew one day I would simply have to own one

 I waited a fair while but Mr N eventually gave in to my constant haranguing and the giant thudding sound of hints being dropped and realised he would get no peace until he caved

It hasn't left my neck since

 Getting my Oz on

Ever since I started blogging I have wanted to do a post about this film but I have always been put off as I thought I could never do it justice. It's my favourite ever Disney film but one of it's least successful commercial outings.  I'm not surprised.  It's creepy as heck.  I mean what kind of kids film starts with the main character (a child) visiting a sanatorium for 'electric healing'?

"Bad dreams"

"Why do you need to tie me down?"

So basically, Dorothy ends up escaping from the 'clinic' amid a thunderstorm and the anguished cries of the "damaged" people in the cellar and finds herself back in a desolate Emerald City

Along with all kinds of strange creatures, including the maniacal wheelers

The film is based on the books "The Marvellous Land of Oz" and "Ozma of Oz".by L Frank Baum, and incorporates the original character of Princess Langwidere, ruler of the city of Ev.  In the film Langwidere, complete with her hall of interchangable heads becomes Mombi, princess of Oz under the Nome King.

who likes to wear womens shoes 

I've kind of always wanted to be Mombi

Is it a dream or is it real?  I found this post which gives a much better in depth analysis of the plot and symbolism therein than I could ever give

As for me, I'm now fully equipped to escape should I ever be surrounded by wheelers



  1. I've never heard of this film but I recognise that little girl from your old blog icon. It sounds fabulously creepy and your outfit is wonderful, the dress fits you like a dream. xxx

  2. I've never seen this film but it looks amazing! I wasn't really indoctrinated into the world of Oz in any way as a child, and this makes me feel like I'm definitely missing out. I will have to check it out..

  3. i've seen bits of this film but never all the way through. I've seen the musical Wicked twice which you prob now is a prequel to The Wizard of Oz and makes you look at the film in a totally new light, I also have the book Son of a Witch also by Gregpry Mcguire on my bookshelves but ive not read it yet.
    That necklace is very cool!

  4. I love the necklace and I'm so pleased you picked up this piece of jewellery than means so much to you. Your dress is stunning, I love the buttons, the stripey tights and the ruby slippers are perfect. I've only seen return to Oz once, perhaps I should watch it again. xxxx

  5. Ooooh, I CANNOT tell you how much this post excites me!!! Return to Oz was my FAVOURITE film for years! My friend Maria had the novel/annual of it with the pictures and I pored over it for hours and hours, weeks, years! I ADORE that necklace!!!! Really, really envious!!! SO have you read all the Oz books too? I have never met anyone apart from me who read all the Frank L Baum books!!!
    Ozma was like my total girl crush for years when I was young!!
    You are right! WHen I think about it, it is a bit of a creepy story, but I loved it!
    One of my favourite parts was the luncheon-pail tree!!! HOW I wish those trees were real (although, I prepare the dinner-pails from Return to Oz better! And of course, the royal family of Ev!!!)
    Ohhhh, I would love to chat to you about this film!!!! !x

    (and I love the Wicked witch of the East reference with the tights and shoes! I am hoping my sister has bought me ruby slippers for my birthday!!!)

  6. I remember watching that movie as a child and thought it was awesome! I also just adore the original 'Wizard of Oz' and can't wait for the new movie to come out! I always wondered why that movie was so unsuccessful and a lot of ppl I have talked to have never heard of it...glad to see I'm not alone in for love for all things OZ.

    Your outfit rocks by the way, now click your heel together three times ;)

  7. I'm completely enchanted by this post! Return to Oz was also my favourite film as a child and you are the only one that I know who loves it as I do..I have even one more reason to like it as an adult, young Fairuza Balk-Dorothy really looks like my eldest daughter and she adores this film as much as we do.
    The stills you found are beautiful and you really created a haunting and perfect post, I adore Jack Pumpkinhead, Ozma and Mombi!
    Everyone dreams to wear a different face everyday, especially because I'm too lazy to put on make-up, but I can't live without it!
    Your dress is spectacular, I love the buttons and it really enhances your figure, perfect for the striped tights and the beautiful ruby slippers!The necklace is amazing too, now it's on my wishlist!
    Love xxxxxx

  8. I am so in love with The Wizard of Oz, and its ending, I don't think I could go any further with it.
    LOVING your outfit and the necklace and you have the tiniest waist!
    Blog award for you over at mine this evening (not posted it yet, still writing!!!)

  9. I haven't seen it for years but it is bloody terrifying - the heads and the wheelers really freaked me out. I always liked the idea of lunchpails on trees though. Well done on your champion hint dropping, your necklace suits you very well.

  10. This is pretty beautiful and I am bummed I have never seen it, looks right up my OMG can't live without films! The imagery is stunning I can see why you are enamored. Your new necklace is well deserved and already much loved. I adore this outfit, you look like a slice of Oz Heaven!

  11. I don't know this film at all, but the images you have posted and your enthusiasm make me want to see it.
    So pleased you finally got your awesome key necklace (hinting has to be heavy in this house too... Or I just buy it myself, to be sure!)
    Your Oz-inspired outfit is perfect. Just look at your magnificent figure in that beautiful dress, you look amazing! Xxxxxx

  12. I just loved this post Lucy! As you know well, I am also a huge fan of this film (and now we are necklace twins!So glad you got it!) It seems that all the 80s films everyone else found creepy I just loved (this, labyrinth, neverending story) I've never really associated it with The Wizard of Oz because it's so completely different. I'll never not be creeped out by the wheelers though! This is definitely due a re-watch very soon!

    Emma x

  13. I have never seen this version and i have to agree with you that it looks a little scary. I have only seen the orignal one which i loved as a little girl to so i can understand your feelings for it. I always wanted red shoes which is why i had them for my wedding day :-) Enjoy your necklace, dee xx

  14. I saw this at the cinema when it came out. Even though it was a matinee performance I was still scared silly and fearful as I walked home by myself in broad daylight! The bit in the hall where the heads are, oh my, when the one woke and started screaming .. I still shudder when I think of that part! I will always have a soft spot for Fairuza Balk and think I have the film picture book here somewhere given to me by a friend who knew I had a real girl crush on Fairuza in The Craft!
    I'm so glad you finally got your necklace xxx

  15. I remember watching this film when I was little and being really creeped out by the heads in the cabinets. I haven't seen it in such a long time, will have to remedy that soon!

  16. Love the Oz socks/shoes/key!! The film looks really good, I've never even heard of it and I really adored the story of you writing in about MSCL- I wasn't even born when it started!

  17. I've not seen this film Lucy, I'm wondering would it be a good film for a family night or would it terrify the little ones, I'd probably be the biggest scaredy cat of all. I've always liked Fairuza Balk after seeing her in 'Gas Food Lodging' so it would be good to see her in this and you have good taste in films I know, so now I'd like to see it. I've always loved the original Wizard of Oz film. I've got an old ELO album I bought purely for the cover, which is the wicked witch's hands reaching for Dorothy's beautiful red shoes.Your necklace is a beauty too, so is your whole outfit, I love the little buttons and satin trim detail on your dress, and your beloved stripey tights go perfectly with it and your shoes. xx

  18. Love love love your wicked witch ensemble! I have never seen this version of the story, but I really need to now! xx

  19. I love this movie! I have it saved on my DVR. It's slightly darker than the Wizard of Oz but I like it. I can't wait to see the new Oz movie.

  20. oh, i love your tights here! i have never seen this, but it looks very inspiring!

    lindsey louise

  21. I have never seen this movie and now must do so! Lovin your sparkly shoes and your necklace of course.

  22. Oh my! I can't believe that I have never seen this one!!!! Now I absolutely have to! And your entire outfit is just amazing! xo

  23. I have never seen Return to Oz but I love creepy kids' movies. I'll have to check it out. Your stripey tights and velvet dress look great.

  24. Wow, this post brings back memories! Such a delightful and creepy film. I'd forgotten so much of it until I read your post. I think I'm going to have to go and watch it again....!

  25. I remember going to see this film at the cinema, I loved it and I'm sure in the loft somewhere I still have a big colour photo book of the film that I got for Christmas once. Haven't seen the film since then, I feel a purchase coming on!


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