Sunday, 3 February 2013

Four score and seven years ago...

Well hello to you!

This is a bit of a tribute post to my mister (not the greatest post in the world - just a tribute) who has long since been an American Civil War geek, in no small part down to his admiration of this gentleman


He's read anything he can get his hands on about the subject, most notably 'The Civil War: A Narrative' by author Shelby Foote and many others.  Our bookcase is practically collapsing under the weight of history books.

Obviously he was chomping at the bit to see 'Lincoln' the critically acclaimed biopic of the man himself.

We went to see it on Friday night and it didn't disappoint.  Daniel Day Lewis was absolutely mesmerising in the lead role. 
He completely inhabited it to the point where you stopped actually seeing the actor.  

Other notable performances include Tommy Lee Jones (always good value) as Thaddeus Stevens, the radical republican from Pennsylvania and James Spader as the rather corpulent, not altogether above board, but likeable, 'fixer' Mr Bilbo

 I thought of wearing something in keeping with the civil war theme, but, oh my, those necklines and sleeves do me no favours...  also I'm just not sure about the bonnets!

Pauline Cushman, Union spy

Love this gown though

So I played it safe with a black dress, lace collar and some Victorian style boots

and of course, stripey tights

Not the best quality shots, just some phone snaps taken when we got home

Here I am posing with the book that the film was based on.  It has sat on our bookcase forever but I have finally lifted it out and added it to my reading queue.

Thank you Mr N for your contagious enthusiasm for history and for introducing me to this fascinating era and this remarkable character, so troubled and so old for his years. 

I would heartily recommend the film 

Of course one of the other great things about the cinema is getting to eat like a 9 year old 



  1. Love your look!!! Very apropiate for this film! I don't watch the film but I would cause Daniel Day Lewis is one of my farourites actors! kisses

  2. That slurpie looks so good!
    Your outfit is so cute!
    I love the little peter pan collar!

  3. Oh how I LOVE this post my dear!! I'm absolutely going ga-ga over your gorgeous, gorgeous movie outfit - you are just too perfect:). Can I come over and play dress-ups at your place? I promise I'll type your letters, polish your sideboard and shake out your crochet rugs while I'm there, K? I must see this movie, pronto - I can just see Tommy Lee Jones giving a large-style performance. xoxo

  4. That's funny, my Other Half is a massive history geek and American Civil War aficionado too! Good to know the film didn't disappoint. And neither does your outfit, I love the black dress and those fabulous boots, and of course stripey tights always add a certain something!
    Nice to have a little peek at your home too! xxxx

  5. I've been looking forward to seeing this film Lucy and now you've made me want to see it even more. I loved Daniel Day Lewis in 'There Will be Blood'. Love your outfit and seeing the little touches around your home too. And cinema food makes me come over all Homer Simpson, it's been too long since I sat in the pictures with a big stack of sweeties and popcorn. xx

  6. I knew Lincoln would be amazing, I've never know Daniel Day Lewis star in a film that wasn't utterly fantastic!
    Has Mr N seen this photo of a younger Abe?
    Love the sweet Victorian vibe of your outfit, those tights look brilliant with the sexy booties. xxx

  7. Oh I can't wait to go and see this, the reviews have been so good.
    You picked the prefect wee outfit to go to the movies, the stripe tights are great.
    Love V

  8. We saw it last week and I thought it was great too :) I also love eating goodies at the cinema :) Especially the hot popcorn, that kills you slowly with the salt, yummy! Hazel x

    P.s Love the boots!

  9. I have such boot envy! They look great paired with the stripey tights x

  10. Lovely outfit, I need to see this film!


  11. I can't wait to watch 'Lincoln', my friends told me it was great!
    I'd love to watch it with the original audio, I find quite annoying that here every movie is translated in Italian and you can't judge the actor's performance well!
    Daniel Day Lewis is very credible as Abraham Lincoln!
    I love the dress you are wearing and the boots are fabulous too!!
    Love xxxxxx

  12. that dress is so darling! i adore the boots that you paired it with too!

    lindsey louise

  13. Sounds interesting nice to be able to share a love for something with your partner. You look gorgeous and so cute, dee xx

  14. I know you're exactly like me and will go for the food with the most E numnbers and colouring..... mmmmm. I think I should see Lincoln, I heard that he actually had quite a nasally voice and not the deep growl he's usually portrayed with, which Daniel picked up on. I love your dress - don't I always... the Tim Burton tights are wonderful and I always love Victorian boots! You look fantastic and it's great to have such an interesting and intelligent other half. xxxx

  15. oh i have so much love for striped tights darling and your victorian style boots are soooo amazing. really great inspirations you have! i hope you go to london soon for a trip!

  16. I know a wee bit more than bugger all about American history, but am willing to learn. Love your outfit, it's very Winona in Beetlejuice!

  17. I'm off to see it with the boyf on Sat - glad to hear it's a good 'un.

    Love the stripy tights and dress combo!

  18. You look so cute in that dress.
    Lovely blog.

    I just started to follow you with Google Friend Connect!
    Hope you'll follow me back!

    xoxo, M.Z.

  19. I finally saw the film a few days ago and loved it as well! My mom kept hearing people say they had fallen asleep during it, so we were both nervous, but then we both loved it, ha. Such is the way of it, I suppose. This entire outfit looks awesome. The collar, the dress, the stripes. I've looked for a dress with this shape, but have yet to find the right one.

  20. Very very beautiful post!

    I love your blog! Specially the photos because they are so detailed and clear, I can really understand about your post. I followed you on GFC! Maybe you can come by mine too and maybe follow each other? :) Thank you for this post! I can't wait to read more of your posts. More power to you!

    Your new follower,

  21. lovely dress dear! i love your vintage look! xx

    Letters To Juliet

  22. I love those boots! and the dress, and the tights .. well really just the whole thing in general!

    x Hayley-Eszti

  23. Love those striped tights! I had to wait until the film showed up on Netflix, but soon as it did, I got my hands on it and watched it last night. We agree. Daniel Day-Lewis is mesmerizing. I forgot I was watching an actor. Incredible work.


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