Sunday, 27 January 2013

Candy Cane Children

I have been totally crushing on horizontal stripes lately.


 More specifically, Tim Burton style black and white ones


After much searching I finally found these on a fancy dress website

 It struck me as odd that these are not more widely available 

 Who wouldn't want a pair of these tights, they're fabulous!

I want more pairs!

I want them in every colour!

Today I wore black, white, grey and red, the colour scheme of every teenagers bedroom in the 80's

Blouse,  cardigan and skirt - all high street via Ebay
Tights - Online fancy dress shop (can't remember the name of it)
Boots - My trusty Docs (oh how well you've served me in the snow my dears)
Handpainted wooden brooch - Ebay

Mr N told me that in this blouse I look like James Garner in Maverick.  

I had never heard of it so I googled it, and found this...

It's a fair cop



  1. I love your inspiration! ;) This colour combo is timeless. And you're right, it's surprisingly difficult to find a pair of tights like this. But they're awesome!

  2. I'm with you on this- totally love the Tuesday Addams vibe! I have red and black stripy ones like this but I found them as a random pair in my local boutique! The whole outfit is seriously cute!
    "the colour scheme of every teenagers bedroom in the 80's"- ha, ha, so so so truee!!!!! I totally remember my neighbour Colin's room being like that! And my sister had a border like that put up in the early 90's in our shared bedroom! In fact (runs upstairs to check....) it's still up there!!

  3. Either red, black and white OR muted pink grey and white with harlequins!! I used to have purple and black versions of those tights! So surprised they're hard to find!! I love your shirt too, it's amazing. And that skirt too! Going to email you a shoe seller you might like on eBay xxx

  4. fab outfit...and I think I NEED a pair of those tights too..they are amazing!! I've wanted stripey legging for ages but never found any..I'm envious of my 6 year old girl who seems to have a far better wardrobe than me! Why do kids get to have all the stripey fun! :)

    1. Totally! When will the high street realise we need kids clothes in adult sizes :)

    2. ha, at the moment they have it all backwards...making adult stuff for little girls :/

  5. Fair cop indeed, in the very best way!
    I think you can get a few different colour stripey tights on the We Love Colours website? Worth a look. Stripey tight RULE!

  6. Oh stripe tights are the best!!!!! I have a real problem finding them too. I have resorted to wearing socks.
    I love your grey cardigan and little black pussy bow.
    Love V

  7. I love me some strips too but usually I just find socks. You look sweet in yours and yes please can they make little girl clothes in our size!

  8. I own only one pair of striped stockings since I was 11 years old and I still wear them!!They are such a good quality ones, they have only a tiny hole and I bought them in London, here is so difficult to find them, especially if they aren't 'fashionable', that's how it works in Italy, you can find the weirdest clothes in the shops, but just because everyone is wearing them!I like your outfit and the Sweeny Todd inspiration!
    The black bow is lovely, definitely in love with Maverick's style!!!

  9. You look fabulous, but I'm getting bad ass school girl rather than maverick gambler!
    Sarah Misfit sent me a pair a couple of years ago, they've been on numerous drunken outings & festivals and seem virtually indestructible! x

  10. Those are lovely and you look gorgeous, dee x

  11. Stripey tights are excellent! I was only looking at some this morning in Billy's Frillies, an underwear shop in Sheffield indoor market. Didn't buy them as I have NO money till pay day, but I may go back...
    You don't know Maverick? The lovely James Garner - do you remember The Rockford Files? Great series.
    Anyway - like Vix, I'm not seeing Maverick really, I am seeing super cool quirky and naughty secretary! You look gorgeous! xxxxxxx

  12. I can't believe it's so hard to find stripey tights these days, they seemed everywhere when I was 14! You're wearing them very well :)

    le fresne x

  13. I love Tim Burton, your stripes and that red skirt.
    I will have the lot, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. Haha love the Maverick comparison, and the tights are so fabulous - I'd be constantly cheerful if I had tights like those!


  15. Those are really cool tights! =D

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  16. I used to have oodles of those tights, in all sorts of colours, my favourites were hot pink and black.

  17. oh i have so much love for tim burton style too and horizontal stripes are the best! haha just saw sweeney todd the other day;) really an amazing outfit!

  18. Nice tights! I definitely had quite a few pairs in a multitude of colors. Tim Burton is a genius and it's never a bad thing to take sartorial inspiration from such a man. Love your little tie blouse too. I also didn't know James Garner in Maverick, but it's pretty spot on. :)

  19. I absolutely love those tights...the first thing that popped into my head when I saw them was Beetlejuice :)I love the whole outfit from the Victorian-like collar bow to those fun tights! Also just after stumbling upon your lovely blog and I'm an instant fan :)

  20. Loving the bow tie! And yes, stripes are awesome! So very Tim Burton:)


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