Sunday, 10 February 2013

Black Dogs & Englishmen

Today has been wet and cold.  Hardly conducive to being creative or even at all active.  I thought I best do a post of some sort before I lose my mojo again.

Sorry these shots are so grainy but it weirdly sums up my mood these past weeks!  So what's been happening in my life?
Well, I've been off work for the last 3 weeks, since being signed off after a routine GP appointment.  It's quite normal to go to the GP to ask for a dermatology referral and end up in floods of tears when asked simply "have you been under any stress lately?", right?  I mean we've all done it! 

I felt a right berk I tell ya, but there's no denying the break has been a tonic.  The feeling of being able to just relax and breathe normally for one.  Not to mention the horrid yacky skin condition that has been plaguing me for the last 8 months and depriving me of the joy of make up has mysteriously cleared up. Go figure

With my free time, I've gotten rid of a shed load of stuff on Ebay, Freecycle and donated to charity shops, so my house actually feels quite spacious.  Also, it's default state has become one of 'almost tidy' as opposed to 'freshly ransacked'

Among other things keeping me sane, I have been rewatching 'A Bit of Fry & Laurie', spurred on by these images I found on Tumblr



 They made me spurt cherry coke through my nose

I'm currently watching the grand Mr Fry presenting the BAFTA's as it happens

Here's something from the good old days


  1. Clearly, you HAVE been under stress!
    Most excellent that you've been sent off for a bit of a sabbatical. Gives you time to get your head straight and sort priorities. Benn there myself, and it really is a tonic! (Some gin and tonic doesn't hurt either!)
    I adore Hugh Laurie.

  2. Glad to hear you are getting a break from stress. Good for you for using the time so productively. I would have spent that time snuggling up under a blanket and watching Mad Men. (I've actually done it.) ;)

  3. Im so sorry to hear you have battling with stress and skin allergy these problems always seem to be connected. Im glad to hear your feeling a bit brighter though having a good clearout is almost like cleansing your soul :-) Take lots of care, Sending you a big hug, dee xx

  4. It sounds like you were much in need of a bit of rest and recuperation Lucy, I can quite believe the stress was causing your skin condition, I know how I feel mentally makes a big difference to my physical wellbeing, for better or worse. You look very impish in these photos so I hope they're a sign you're starting to feel much better. Loved the Fry and Laurie clips, Stephen Fry and Jarvis Cocker always remind me of each other in lots of ways. xx

  5. Oh yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I'm pleased to hear that your skin's cleared up since you took some time off work, you certainly look gorgeous in these pictures (but you always do). A declutter is a fine motivator, I'm sitting in a tidy office today adn feel ready to face the world. xxx

  6. Good that you are feeling better, stress can affect us in so many different ways, its crazy. love your brooch, ribbon and that starry poster behind you! I belong to the Craft group Urban craft collective and we meet tonight in Leaf at 7pm in Bold street, I shall be bringing my crochet hooks, if you fancy it you are welcome. (Listening to Hole 'malibu' always makes me feel invincible for some reason,you could try it!)

  7. I know exactly how you feel, glad to hear you've been getting some rest x

  8. I'm glad to know you are feeling better, stress is always around the corner during these months and I'm having quite a dark moment at home with both the girls ill for weeks now! But well, I'm so happy to see your photos and read your post, you really look amazing in your outfits, the first one with the red shirt is my favourite today!There's nothing better than irony to sweep away the gloom and sadness..I was watching Black books as suggested by you and Clare, now I want to give Laurie and Fry a try!!

  9. Ah honey sorry to hear all this but it sounds like you are giving yourself what you need now. Stress really wreaks havoc on the body and mind, keep getting better, this time of year is a bitch. Your Grannie sounds like a pretty cool old gal!

  10. Oh what rotten decomposing luck!
    I have also been very lethargic and spending too much, it's a struggle to get up and get on with work. AND Mike's discovered A Bit Of Fry and Laurie so I've been watching loads of that too. I saw some of it the first time round!

    MR DALLIARD! MR DALLIARD! I'm so pleased you're feeling a bit better and you can wear make up again, bugger feminism, we need make up. Skin conditions can really wear you down. Try and spoil yourself as much as possible. You're looking fantastic though, especially in that Cowboy Burtonesque bootlace tie and stripey legs combo!

    Have you watched Fly and Raurie's Jeeves and Wooster? That's televisual prozac!
    Keep feeling better! Email me! xxxxx

  11. I am glad you are getting some time for yourself. You obviously needed it.
    You look lovely in your photos, one cute outfit after another.

  12. Oh bollocks to you, blogger, for deleting my clever, heartfelt comment.

    So glad you are feeling better. You look gorgeous and yay for space!

    And there's my Stephen, all young and pretty and thin... isn't he divine?

    Sarah xxx

  13. it's amazing how stress can effect the skin, you must have really neaded the time off, good that your doctor noticed as lets face it, they don't always!

  14. Why do stress and nerves have to be so narky and show on facial skin? It just makes us even more stressed and nervy dammit!!! What a lovely doctor you have, to recognise the problem and give you some much-needed time off. You poor dear, I do feel for you my lovely. I'm glad to hear that you're getting some rest and you're starting to feel better. Nearly fell off my chair laughing at the Michael Jackson interview - I miss Fry and Laurie!!! xoxoxo


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