Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Murder Ballad

Here are some pictures of me from last week

Being all moody and evasive

And pretending to be Nick Cave's muse

Maybe I could end up dead in one of his songs

Oozing life onto the sticky floor of a saloon bar somewhere in the deep south 

At best :)

After all I am a buxom wench with fake red hair


Actually, nah.  Too much else to do!

But it's good to let your mind wander sometimes

Dress & necklace - charity shop
Cardi & brooch - high street
Boots - Ebay

Anyway, here are some of my favourite images found recently around the web


Do we see a theme emerging here? ;)

Hope you're all enjoying your week



  1. A murder ballad? I find this idea and post brilliant!
    You are a muse for sure, but too beautiful to end on a sticky floor of a saloon bar, that's where usually husbands end!You'll probabily get an invitation to see where his wild roses grow, but trust me don't follow him, it's even worse than a collection of butterflies (here is an excuse to show...something else, I don't know if it's the same in the U.K.)..
    Well Lucy 'the astonishing' I love your dress and the boots are amazing!Beautiful pictures as always!
    Lots of love xxxxxxxx

  2. Please don't end up dead just yet, I'd miss you far too much!
    Love the moody and evasive photos, that dress is a beauty and Miss V's going to go wild over that squirrel brooch.
    The images are fabulously dark and gloomy, I need to go and watch a creepy film now. xxxx

  3. Such delightfully Gothy imagery!
    I reckon Nick would like you alive, kicking and somewhat NAKED! Woof!
    Those boots are divoon, and I love the frockage.....and yes, Miss V will adore that sweet brooch!
    I haven't listened to Nick recently, I think I must rectify that situation! X

  4. wow, what an amazing purposes!
    simply loving them. i hope youll like my blog as i love your ones!

    definitely keep like this, and i hope we could follow each other to stay in touch!
    wish you the best!!

  5. Ooh, I like it when you come over all moody and evasive and melancholy and melodramatic, Lucy!
    But no, don't come to a sticky end in any crime passionel please, let's just pretend!
    Gorgeous frock and those boots always make me a wee bit envious...
    Love the skeleton dance pic. xxxxxx

  6. Nick Cave, I first heard of him from the lead singer in My Dying Bride, as a huge influence on his writing. I bought one album I forget which one and just couldn't get into it. maybe I will try again. I love those boots of yours and anything with skeletons in it. Spring is coming Lucy I promise!

  7. Looking great all sad and glum.
    Nice dress & I love that last photo. I would love to wander around there and take some pictures.

  8. are we feeling deliciously gloomy by any chance? I love these beautifully decrepit images. So fragile and rotten, all musty but serenely beautiful, I'm always trying to capture this kind of mood and it does turn up in Nick Caves songs. You could be the murderess rather than the murdered, with your wild red hair. You look gorgeous, I love the lost girl flowery frock with the sexy red boots. And that brooch too. xxxxx

  9. You look gorgeous even with the glum expression ;-) dee xx

  10. Your lovely red hair with those GORGEOUS boots is such a perfect combination. Great selection of photos, I really love that last one.

  11. How nice your dress is! And another brilliant brooch (you and Salazar of 14 shades of grey have totally made me reevaluate my opinion of me wearing brooches- I quite like them now!)x

  12. HI Lucy, that was a great post, all moody a delicious. T x

  13. Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know and we can totally get to it :D

  14. Super cool boots, super cool blog! ^^

  15. Super cute, love the hair.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  16. Love your outfit & that brooch is so cute x

  17. You look fabulous. I have a love for skeleton images and the ones you have shared are awesome. Scarlett x

  18. Oh oh the squirrel brooch!!!!!!!!!! It's fabulous!!!!
    You look so lovely in your layers of floral dress and Cardy, and the boots are divine.
    I quite like a wash of melancholy to see beauty in the grey mood of life.
    Love V

  19. New follower xx

    ide love it if you checked out my mac lipstick giveaway :)

  20. I sat next to Nick in a bar once, a million years ago, and he smoked menthol cigarettes.

    And I love you being all moody and evasive - you're a poem in a laneway.

    Sarah xxx

  21. Those boots!! I just died.
    Love the image of the girl with roses growing from her mouth SO much I just sent it to my goth sister haha xx

  22. Love the dress! and all of the pics are so pretty :)

  23. Holy wow I just fell in love with your boots, amazeballz. And then your dress - so lovely!



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