Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Take me for a walk

Hello there, it's been a busy few weeks, we've done a bit of travelling around the country, visiting family etc and now the Nations are back and life goes on.  It's Miss 5's first day back at school today and she's actually quite looking forward to it.  I on the other hand have had butterflies in my stomach for about a week.  What is with that?  Do any other mother's out there get inexplicably nervous at this time of year no matter how hard you try not to and no matter how right as rain your kids are?!  Trick is not to transfer the crazy to the offspring.  Phew, breathe, smile, have another glass!

 A couple of weekends ago, what seems like an age ago now, we went to stay in my sister's for a few days.  Where she lives is surrounded by quiet unspoiled countryside with winding country roads and overgrown public footpaths.  Mr N and I decided to make the most of the fading evening light and go for a walk


 This church was at a remote part of the roadside.  We spent ages just walking around, reading the gravestones and generally exploring...

...and taking many many pictures

I can't resist a gothic old church.  I swanned around pretending I was in an Edgar Allan Poe poem

I couldn't resist posing by the lilacs (buddleia if you will - thanks Curtise!)

The dress is vintage Eastex (British frumpy old lady brand).  I got it on Ebay for a song

Well, it's good to be back.  Oh normality - how is it I hate you and grudgingly respect you at the same time?!

So, how are we all?

I'll be round to catch up in short order

Lucy x


  1. Graveyard pictures are great!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Your dress is fab. I love old churches and graveyards. They're so much fun to explore. I hope Miss 5's first day back at school went well.

  3. I love your dress and it's lovely to see near where I live again!

  4. Gorgeous frock - and I LOOOVE these fab pics! How I would love to romp in a beautiful old falling down graveyard. Sarah xxx

  5. So glad that you are back!!These photos are amazing, and so all the places!I like graveyards and old curches, but the lavender bush is the perfect set for a fairy!
    You are son beautiful in that dress and your hairstyle is lovely!
    I feel quite nervous too in this period,but maybe because we had a long holyday and it's very hard to start again for me and the misses!

  6. It's lovely to have you back my dear, I can't quite believe that summer is over already! x

  7. i love looking around churchs and graveyards! so much history, i like reading about the people in the grave on the stones x

  8. Ooh, that dress looks great on you, not at all old lady!

  9. Can't beat a good churchyard, Lucy! Beautiful photos, especially the ones in front of the buddleia. You look gorgeous, the dress is anything but Old Lady chic with your hot bod in it!
    I must say I don't get anxious about the kids returning to school, I'm quite happy for them to go!
    Happy to have you back blogging, I missed you! xxx

  10. Aw I hope little Miss's first day went well. And that you didn't worry too much in the end!

  11. Glad your back I was surely missing your posts!
    The dress goes so well with your hair color.
    The graveyard is a little eerie. Slanted crumbling tombstones scare me a little. Not in the day time but... you wouldn't catch me going through there when it was dark. *EEEEP*

  12. How jolly bloody fabulous you looked traipsing around the gothic church being all Egar Allenish! I too love a good graveyard, but ours are no where near as awesome as your English ones!
    I do hope the first day went splendidly;I'm sure it did!

  13. Beautiful pictures of the graveyard Lucy, are some of them with Hipstamatic, they look very atmospheric. I know what you mean about that nervy feeling when the kids go back to school. I like the idea of time to myself again but getting back into the routine is hard and I always feel a bit sad that's another year passed and they're getting so much bigger. Love the dress with your hair and the green beads. xx

  14. I love an old graveyard and shall be dragging Krista through ours on the way to the pub this weekend!
    That dress is beautiful on you, nothing like the normal elasticated slacks and pleated skirts I tend to associate with Eastex!
    Good to have you and your gorgeous colourful dress sense back with us, I've missed you! xxx

  15. ahh i loved your photo's that graveyard looked like a very restful place ( get it sorry couldn't help that little pun there ;-)) Nothing beats finding a little wooden door either i love seeing see them in the old brick walls. Good to see you back and yes i think every mother feels like you do it what makes us good parents ;-)) dee xx

  16. Your sister lives in a beautiful area. Today was my first day back at school and I know I was nervous to go, so it's good your daughter wasn't worried. (:

  17. love a bit of Eastex! Lovely to see you too! I didn't get that magazine in the end, I completely forgot! You're just like me picking the weirdest ice cream possible, must've been annoying children "ask them what flavours they've got!!" no boring old vanilla for us! I love the colour of that dress! Yes it's a buddliea, great for butterflies! I love the tower on the church, really interesting!


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