Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Words are just dust in deserts of sound

Hello campers

The Nation clan have just returned from a little jaunt up to Northumberland, one of our favourite little getaways. 

These were taken on the first night after a long drive and a couple of glasses of wine

Top & blazer - Primark
Skirt & necklace - charity shop
Brooch - Two Squirrels Vintage

Due to it being forecast to be one of the hottest weekends of the year so far, I thought I'd travel light and only pack a minimum of clothing.  It meant I ended up wearing the same things over and over but hey, less washing.  One of the tops I packed was this one I'm sporting...

...which used to look like this

A bogstandard men's t shirt from the charity shop.  I was drawn to the 'Refreshers' logo, ya know with my fondness for sweeties and all, but I tend not to wear t-shirts.  Answer?  Get scissor happy.

Admittedly I got a bit too scissor happy and ended up having to wear a vest underneath to preserve my modesty!  Still, I'll get much more wear out of this version, so jobsagoodun.

Do you recognise the necklace?  Yup, it's the one Vix sent me.  Isn't it fab.  I think it has a touch of the Ziggy Stardust about it which made wearing it even more fun

Top & skirt - charity shop
Leggings - can't remember
Necklace - Vix
Sandals - Dotty P's

On the way there we stopped at the services and I was beside myself with excitement to find this in the newsagents

A special edition of Metal Hammer magazine dedicated to "The Cure & The Story of the Alternative 80's" 

This took care of my reading material for the weekend!!

Special nod to Helga!

We visited all our favourite places and I took lots of photos, trying to get to grips with the 'Hipstamatic' camera app

We visited my one of my favourite ever bookshops, Barter Books, in Alnwick

A converted Victorian railway station piled high with all the books you could ever wish for. 

As far as the eye can see

   I could have spent all day in here, and that's just in the vintage children's annual section!

It has such a laid back and pleasant atmosphere with benches, tables and chairs dotted about for anyone to sit and read for as long as they wish.  Miss 5 spent was delighted to spend her time in the children's section which was full of little ride on toys and children lounging on beanbags reading or being read to by their parents.  Great stuff.

Incidentally, it is from this particular bookshop that the now ubiquitous 'Keep Calm & Carry On' phenomenon had it's modern day beginnings.  

This smoothie bar and cafe was a real find.  I'd definintely go back there.  They had the most yummy smoothies and a mouth watering collection of freshly made bakes, cakes and pastries.  I want to open my own place like this!

So all in all a gorgeous weekend.  Yes there was the odd torrential downpour and I was grateful I'd thrown the wellies in at the last minute, but most of the time the sun was cracking the flags.  

And that's about it from our little weekend, save to show you my nails, which I was very proud of

I knew I wanted to paint them black with some pink and blue accents but I wasn't sure where I was going with it, so I just 'freestyled' and hoped for the best.   When I'd finished, I realised my nails reminded me of liquorice allsorts!  Yay, sweeties!

I'll be taking a wee bloggy break for the rest of the school holidays to enjoy some family time and get myself organised!  So, enjoy the rest of August and I'll see you in September

Lucy xxx


  1. Heehee, you look as though the wall was propping you up after your couple of glasses, Lucy! I've said it before but it bears repeating - I cannot believe you didn't want to post pictures of your beautiful face at first, you are SO pretty!
    Love the refreshers t-shirt revamp. Wouldn't that be a fab slogan to wear if you were a breast feeding mum?! Helga's G might agree that the "happy place" of her gorgeous bosom is indeed refreshing too!
    Have visited Alnwick many moons ago, but would like a return trip, that book shop looks fabulous. And the cafe, yum!
    Bertie Bassett nails? And jelly bean bracelets? Refreshers? It's all about the sweeties today! xxxxx

  2. Oh nooo!I can't live without your colourful posts!!!This one was particulary entertaining, from outfit joy to beautiful places through goth history!
    I really love even more the stars necklace that the astonishing Vix sent to you and all the colours in your photos make me think of Ziggy Stardust!Great blue and red matches!The DIY t-shirt is great too and there is nothing better than revitalize something that usually we wouldn't wear and turn it in something new!
    Lots of love and enjoy your Holydays!

  3. ahh what a bright post looks like you had an amazing time love the photo's. That book shop looked wonderful i think i would have spent hours in there just reading the childrens vintage books ;-)) Loving your blue and black spot nail ;-)) Enjoy your family time. dee x

  4. I love your style Lucy,how you mix things up in such a good way, never thought of doing that with a man's t-shirt and it's such a good idea.
    Your Hipstamatic photos are great, the one of the old church or cathedral is my favourite. It is tricky to get the hang of isn't it, but quite addictive too. I think I prefer adding filters etc. after I've taken the photo, otherwise I end up missing what I wanted to photograph in the first place while I'm working it all out.
    Love the cake shop and all the old annuals, even when I was little I loved vintage annuals. I've never been to Alnwick but you've made it a place I'd like to see now, it looks brilliant. xx

  5. Dear Northumberland, please send it my love! I adore Barterbooks- it's such a cool place! In fact, I did a blog post about it, last year I think, August, also citing the Keep Calm and Carry on thing too- it's so wonderful isn't it! I liked the cafe in all the different waiting rooms! Such a brilliant place!

  6. I can totally see the glasses of wine "talking in the 3rd photo" *lol*
    I love re-vamping t'shirts into tank tops, I was just wearing one yesterday. =D
    Yours is very cute though, it's a great color.
    The book store looks wonderous! And Strawberry lounge so SWEET!

  7. licorice allsorts meets the fresh prince! Love it! I need to visit Northumberland - my paternal grandmother was from Blyth which I think is super scummy compared to Alnwick - that bookshop is amazing. You look so adorable - think I might buy that mag for my holiday too. I love ehat you've done to your t-shirt - mmm we have a mutal love of sweeties

  8. Oooh, annuals! I have oodles of Dandy and Beano annuals and am kicking myself for offloading lots of eighties girls annuals to a charity shop due to lack of space, years ago.

  9. I've never been that far North, I'm a disgrace, I know India better than the UK!
    Love your drunken cute pictures and both your outfits. The Refreshers revamp is brilliant, I always get a bit carried away with cutting up tee shirts and they are indecent by the time I've finished. Your nails are a work of art!
    I loved The Cure. My Boys Don't Cry poster's probably still in a shed somewhere, although Robert Smith's not as hot as he used to be.
    Have a fab break, we'll all miss you! xxx

  10. Love how the top turned out!
    xo sandra

  11. How funny, I was in Barter Books today! It's absolute heaven, isn't it?~

    Glad you had a nice holiday. :o)

  12. Oh man alive, that bookshop looks like HEAVEN! Love your tshirt remodel, your nails are killer and now I want a smoothie. MMMmmm. Hope you are having a lovely break! Sarah xxx

  13. I like what you did with the t-shirt. And the nails are great! Looks like a fun trip. Always nice to hit a special bookstore. That magazine looks like a cool trip down memory lane. Enjoy your break. :)

  14. Seems like a nice little getaway! (I sure could use one right about now!)
    I don't know how you have patience to do your nails, I always tend to do mine late at night for the next day, end up falling asleep and ruining them but just leave it to peel for the rest of the week until I attempt it again (with no luck) :/

  15. OMG OMG OMG!!!
    How the fark did i miss this post?!?!
    First,that magazineeeeee!!!!
    AND I adore the T transformation!!! The ONLY way to wear a T is with those magnificent booboids practically popping out!!!
    Julianne!!! She's SO awessme!! Everytime I listen to AAE or even think of them I think of you.....o,and I was watching the Hole "Malibu" video earler, and THAT made me think about you!!! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! Ha no go on, stay they,it's so nice that you're out there with the same music tastes!!!
    YAY for pormting me to find this post!!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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