Friday, 7 September 2012

Back to School Blues and Shiny New Shoes

So here is what I wore today.

Dress from the charity shop and opaque tights.

A touch of the 90's non?

Do you ever get weeks where you just feel completely 'meh'?  A bit like you're fading into blandness.  I'm definitely having one of those weeks.  Even my freshly dyed hair just didn't do the trick today.  My hair is rapidly developing a two-tone look thanks to my ever growing roots and the frizziness of the bottom half.  Not tousled or sexy messy just frizzy.



Maybe it's the first week settling back into routine.  I am the type of person who takes forever to adjust to new situations and becomes rather fretful in the process

Anyhoo, I sucked it up, put a whole face of make up one and just knuckled down.  One thing that certainly helped me cheer me up are my new shoes.  Do you like them?  I found them here

 They were kindly sent to me by the good folk at French Connection a brand, I must admit, that I have not traditionally bought but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by their Autumn/Winter collection.  They have some great knitwear.  I especially love the 'Atticus' jumper. 

I opted for the shoes as I wasn't entirely convinced that the jumper or any of the pretty dresses would accommodate my curves!  However, I don't have curvy feet, more like Sideshow Bob feet, but these shoes accommodate them perfectly and should give me many hours of wearing pleasure! 

Yup, I'm pretty pleased with them.  They're sturdy, they're comfy.  In fact, I'd so  far as to say I fcuking love them! (you saw that coming right?)

I'm got such a thing for school style shoes lately.  One of the reasons I was drawn to these is that they remind me of the first pair of shoes my mum bought me for secondary school.  My 11 year old self desperately wanted a pair of sturdy air cushioned soled boots more than anything in the world but my my mum was dead set against buying me them.  No matter how much I tried to persuade her that they were good value for money and would last me ages and I would wear them to death and love her forever, her response was always along the lines of (imagine faux posh scouse accent):-

"You're not 'avin those big 'orrible bovver boots".  

However she did compromise by buying me a pair of sturdy looking lace up shoes from the Army & Navy Stores (remember them?) which bear more than a passing resemblance to my new beauties.  I got a few snide comments about them from girls at school but now I feel totally vindicated!  I'm actually in fashion, several years late but I'll take it.

I have absolutely no idea why these photos came out blue tinged, spooky eh.  But I realised that it actually fitted the whole 90's theme.  I seem to recall a lot of bands going for the moody violet tinged publicity shot.
So although uninspired and glum, my lovely new shoes and 90's nostalgia made my 'back to reality' blues that bit more bearable. 

Lucy x


  1. This is definitely a 90s look I can get on board with, not like the striped leggings, huge creepers and frayed vest tops I'm seeing most bloggers donning these days!

    The dress is gorgeous on you, I really love the print on it. The shoes are a great buy, too. XO

  2. Looking good Lucy!!! So are YOU literally going back to school? Everyone has those "I look gross" days. I get them far more than I should, I annoy myself!!!
    I LOVE that dress and how the fcuk did you get them to send you FREE shoes???
    I want that dress. I love dresses that cover arms. If you see any on your travels, let me know.
    Have a good weekend
    Gem x x

  3. Don't be gloomy Lucy, be happy! You look pretty!

  4. Oooh new shoes, I like!

    I have 'meh' days too, they suck. I hope you feel better soon x

  5. Yeah, I think everyone has those kind of days, but you've done the right thing to cure the back to school blues - don a cute frock and get new shoes! You look gorgeous in your 90s-inspired outfit, so please don't feel you are bland or fading or uninspired, you look as beautiful and vibrant as ever to me.
    Great shoes, I bet you will wear them loads. And they do look like new school shoes, don't they?
    The routine will soon become... Well, routine! Hope your daughter is settling back into school OK. xxxxx

  6. I'm in that period very often and I'm scared of the school beginning (we'll start next week) because I need more time for my projects, but I can't stand to wake up at dawn!Anyway I hope to not feeling blue as a 90's band photoshoot!!You are gorgeous in this outfit, I really love the floral skater dress, I hope to find a similar one!! The shoes are lovely too and they look great in this riot grrrl post!!
    Love ♥♥♥♥

  7. Love your dress and shoes Lucy!! wow! I know exactly what you mean - I have those kind of days A LOT, especially lately :(, I've really enjoyed reading your post with the 90's nostalgia - and I had a pair of boots which sound just like yours at that age too! I'd quite forgotten about them..sure they're prob still somewhere in my parents' attic somewhere! xx

  8. Comfy comfy. Reminds me of 'My So Called Life'.Rx

  9. Jee,whatever happened to Daisy Chainsaw?! That chicky was awesome!
    I had quite a crush on Micki( I think it was Micki?!)from Lush.Fab hair!
    Funny,I was just teasing G earlier that "the 90's are vintage,y'know", and ther eyou are in a classic grungey 90's frock,just the kind I love!ROCKIN'!
    The shoes are perfect!The only thing needed is a few rips in your tights, and doing that might just be cathartic of you're feeling a bit MEH.I loathe meh,it can be hard to get out of the'll pass, truly!

  10. Cragside! Isn't it just the prettiest place? The grounds are beautiful, they totally had the right idea with the downstairs sauna part and Steve is convinced the 'pump house' is my spiritual home (I blame my mainly vegetarian diet)!Rx

  11. Well I think you look fab and I hope your little one settles in nicely xxx

  12. I think your hair looks lovely. And those shoes!

  13. Love this whole post!
    hmmm...if freshly colored hair doesn't cheer you up it sure is a bad day....

  14. I love your new shoes. I definitely have weeks where I feel 'meh'. Usually I wear something I feel great in and that helps me feel better. I think your hair looks great. The colour is so awesome.

  15. Lush adn Daisy Chainsaw, god I'd forgotten about both of 'em!
    You are absolutely gorgeous, your 1990s-inspired style is lovely and the shoes are fab. Bet the quality is ace. Whenever I find FC in charity shops it's always in great condition, unlike most of the usual dross. xxx

  16. I was saying this to t'other Lucy too but we should do a CD swap!! I love this 90s look, it really suits you. Is that dark lipstick? I can totally see you in purple lippy. Possibly from the Spectacular range bought in Select! The shoes are pretty amazing and worth the price. The dress I sent you would look great with tights, cardi and your new shoes!
    send me your address again and I'll work on a CD! xxx

  17. You are lookin' good! Love the shoes. I have had quite a few "meh" weeks myself. Makes me appreciate the energetic weeks even more. :)

  18. I know that 'blaaah bland' feeling. You shouldn't though, you are the least bland person ever =D

  19. You might be feeling bland, but you look beautiful Lucy! Your new shoes are perfect for you, they are very unique and a nice take on flat lace ups but with a twist! I just read your post about the Hillsborough 96 above and it doesn't matter what anyone says, it's such a tragedy and should not have happened. It's so heartbreaking to read accounts of how it has affected the survivors and the family and friends of the victims. No one should have to go through that. Thanks for writing a post about it, it makes me so appreciative of the life I have.

    Emma x

    Emma x

  20. I love your frock - and your hair - and your new shoes - and your Mum's accent! Sarah xxx


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