Monday, 13 August 2012

On a plain

Happy Monday everyone!

Here are some recent work outfits, this is from last week


I bought this dress in the sales thinking it would be ideal for work but when I looked back at these photos, I just wasn't sure.  The shape of it just seems designed to draw attention to my ample chest from every angle.  While wearing it I felt like I'd inserted a pair of  comedy breasts inside my dress... Blackadder style 

Found here

Dress - Next sale
Leggings - goodness knows
Beads - charity shop
Bag - Primark (with charity shopped scarf)
Shoes - Ebay

I think it's possibly cut in too narrowly on the shoulders and buttoned up too high but it made me realise one thing...  I am definitely ready for colder weather!  Do I talk about the weather too much on this blog?  I suspect I do.  I posted here about the dread I feel every year when the spectre of 'summer' is on the horizon.   I've realised that it's not that I don't like sun and brightness, I just don't like humid and humid, unfortunately, is a word that sums up British 'summertime'.  That and the fact that I just want to wear cardigans again!

Here's what I wore today

Yes the opaques and brogues are out already

Nothing exciting.  You've seen the dress before, a few posts ago.  I just feel so much more comfortable in this outfit.  I can't wait to be able to layer it up with cardigans and scarves and brooches galore!

Dress - charity shop
Tights - don't know
Brogues - Next, years ago

In other news, I was recently tagged by fellow tree dweller Gem and our own pink haired artist extraordinaire Clare with the following awards


You probably already follow them but if you don't, what are you waiting for?  Be off and follow them at once!

Here are my 7 random facts:-

1.  I hate diet coke.

2.  I love cherry coke

3.  My natural hair colour is mousey blonde.  I've been dying it since I was 12

4.  I hate moths - they're evil

5.  Among many others, I currently love the words - nonsensical, disquietude, avuncular, spry and  plinth.

6.  I have just read George Orwell's Nineteen-Eighty-Four for the first time (I know, I know, I've been in a coma all my life) and it BLEW MY MIND.  I am poised to devour Orwell's entire literary back catalogue and I have added the 1984 film adaptation starring John Hurt to my rental queue

7.  Despite my initial indifference, I have really enjoyed the London 2012 Olympic Games and I think they've been great for the country

I'll leave you with a quote from Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian which I think sums it up:-

A glorious celebration of a forward-looking, outward-looking attitude, a multi-ethnic identity, confidence and self-belief. Irony and cynicism have been suspended for a fortnight, and it's remarkable how we easily learned to live without them.

Couldn't have put it better myself.

Have a great week
Lucy x


  1. I think that dress looks cute actually. Bosoms and all.
    And I LOVE your kitchen shelves laden with glorious things... So cheerful and colourful! Bit like you! x

  2. I LOVE that second dress in every way.
    And you get 20 cool points for the Blackadder reference =)

  3. It's a gorgeous dress on you, but I'm mostly jealous at just how bloomin' amazing your kitchen looks! XO.

  4. Ah,a moth phobic! Not unusual! Spiders are my insect phobia,ugh.I'm sure they're more evil than moths!
    Now,I adore that first frock,(and adore you're kitchen too!)but I know what you mean about feeling like you have comedy booboids stuffed in there.I feel like that most days.The way I deal with a higher neck is to use a scarf,tied in front.I feel like it distracts form the booboids...I could be wrong,but I feel better about it anyways!The second frock is a sweetie!
    O,don't worry about being a late 1984 reader.I didn't see The Rocky Horror Picture Show until I was in my 30's.......that makes me a loser!!!

  5. I love the pretty dresses. I also adore your open shelves with all the sweet little items on them. What a lovely kitchen. I don't like the heat either, but I much prefer it to the loooonnng winter around here. :)

  6. Au contraire! You look gorgeous in both dresses. I do know what you mean though, if you feel all busty and booby in something, it doesn't feel comfortable. I don't tend to feel that high necklines flatter me much, but perhaps Helga's scarf trick will help. The lace dress is too cute to give up on!
    The second frock clearly makes you feel good, and you certainly look delicious in it!
    What a gorgeous kitchen too.
    I am a bit sad the Olympics has finished, I loved it. xxxxx

  7. I love you in both of these dresses Lucy! I've already gotten my tights out too! I am impatiently awaiting autumn! I'm sick of the humidity, but I know once the freezing cold weather and snow come around I'll be kicking myself for not appreciating the warmth!

    I also think moths are evil! And I've just started reading 1984, I'm loving it already!

    Emma x

  8. I love both frocks, but I am really drawn to the broderie anglaise & the gorgeous colour. And your kitchen display is so delightful. I love 1984....both the book & the movie. Unfortunately the channel hosting the Olympics here in Aus were shocking. People have switched off in droves, & it's the first time I've barely seen any events. Such a pity that a TV channel can have such a negative impact on a fabulous event. xx

  9. Hi, I've just started reading your blogs and I'm enjoying them very much. Love your style in both outfits, I'd love to have more of a chest to show off so I wouldn't worry about looking too busty, I wish I did! I'm scared of most insects really, only butterflies and ladybirds are alright, and bees. xx

  10. I think the pink dress is fabulous, but then I am partial to shirt dresses and broderie anglaise. I love the cane bag. Moths are pretty gross. I hate the way they flutter into the windows.

  11. I did notice how fabulously boobalicious you looked in the first frock before I read your text but it looks gorgeous on you and as a woman as busty as a pre-pubescent I do feel a tad envious! Both outfits are deliciously bright, you must make every you work with's day when you clock in!
    It's a constant source of wonder to me how some writers' work remains so current over half a century later, John Wyndham & Grahame Greene's books are as fresh now as they must have been back then. xxx

  12. I love your kictchen and that dress too, it's very pretty.

  13. I always love a peek into your lovely bright, sunshiny kitchen. You look lovely in both frocks - and I would gladly swap seasons with you! Sarah xxx

  14. Oh sweet I love the colour of both your dresses!!!!! I have a dress that I feel the same about in the bust area too. I wore a wee shirt under it and made it more like a pinafore. It seemed to help. I love your wee brown shoes, I wish I could find a pair.
    Yip moths at night with one light source and you are near it. Eeeekkkkkk!!!!!
    Love v

  15. Your kitchen is amazing, I'm so so jealous. Lovely dresses too, both look fab :) xx

  16. Your kitchen is SO nice! So pretty! I should get one of those pot-holders!
    The dresses look lovely on you! Don't worry, you look beautiful whatever you wear! I always think that!
    (I like all those words but I don't like plinth!)

  17. I didn't know Lord Melchett and that picture is hilarious, but you are so beautiful in that red lace dress that you don't deserve such a comparison (anyway it makes me laugh a lot!).
    Your working girl outfits are lovely and at the same time confortable and beautiful!
    I love moths, but I have lot of friends that hate them, so I understand your phobia, I'm an insect lover, maybe I was a beetle in my past life!
    I never read Orwell's 1984, but it's in my bookshelf from ages, I must try to read it soon, I know that is a masterpiece and if you liked it I'm sure that I'll like it too!
    Lots of love!

  18. I love both dresses on you! You can't help it if you were blessed in the chest. ;) *hheeh*
    You are the second person to mention moths in my bloggie post reading today.
    If only those poor moths new how much they are hated.

  19. Your kitchen is absolutely amazing!!! I'm so jealous! I'm so ready for cooler weather too. I want to wear boots and cardigans!

  20. I wish people at my work would dress like you, you look lovely in both outfits! Hehe, I love that episode of Blackadder, never get tired of it! :D

  21. Great quote! I did love the games so much, despite not being very sporty- I now totally blame my education for only letting me do fun stuff like track and field or vollyball for one week a year and the rest of the time playing rounders or netball - puke. I love that bit of Blackadder - cue Fry with "au contraire Blackadder" and revealing the huge gold knockers. Which you do not look like, though remember Vix's rule of getting rid of everything that you don't feel fab in. Once again, all your poses are adorable and I also LOVE cherry coke!

  22. I love seeing pictures of your kitchen and your displays of china! You look lovely in both outfits.

    1984 blew my mind as well when I read it a few years ago, not long after reading it I was at work when the fire alarm went off and we were told repeatedly by tannoy to "stay at your work stations" and then as I went to get up to make tea, "you are reminded to stay seated". I felt like I was in the book! haha

  23. my niece has the 'ample chest' problem, cant think where she gets it from as my sister and our mum and me are all flat chested lol. I have a dress simular to the second one, i love it too, so comfy!


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