Tuesday, 7 August 2012

As Anthony said to Cleopatra as he opened a crate of ale... oh I say!

Hello lovely people.

How were your respective weekends?

Mine consisted of a lot of family time!  To cut a long story short, my mum, whom I was expecting to arrive on Friday afternoon to watch Miss 5 for a couple of hours, turned up at 2.30, along with my brother, my sister and brother in law.  My dad turned up later as per his instructions!  As did my niece and her new boyfriend.  They didn't leave until 9.30!  Not before deliberating on whether or not to go out for a meal or not.  Following the decision that we were all too tired to go out, we sent out for Chinese instead.  Yay, my whole family with the same day off in my house at once!

Actually, it turned out to be rather pleasant.  Just very tiring on a day that I was already feeling a bit emotionally fraught and wishing I was invisible.  If any of my family are reading this, you-know-me-love-you-all-long-time xxxx

Still, popping out to pick up everyone's takeaway orders gave me the chance to stop off and get these pictures of me in my inaugural wearing of this dress I won in Clare's giveaway.

Isn't it pretty

She also sent me this fab floral headband which of course was perfect to dress up and frolic in

Spreading my wings, about to take off

The floral winsomeness of my new acquisitions made me come over all pink and girly so my eyelids, lips and nails were all duly painted in shades thereof with a bit of glitter for good measure

I wore:-

Dress & headband - Clare
Leggings, goodness knows
Beads- charity shop
Sandals - Dotty P's

Also, my sister did bring me this fab print that she'd found at a charity shop and thought I might like

Hell yeah!

I wasted no time in nagging asking Mr N politely to put it up

Saturday was a bit of a recovery day so I spent a lot of time lazing about watching Black Books.

Bernard Black is my hero

I also received another really exciting package in the post

Only a parcel of joy from our own festival frolicking Vix - and much joy indeed it did bring!

Featuring a fab purplicious (word) and orange 60's dress which will without doubt be getting it's own post at some point

 A gorgeous kitschy tourist apron

Vintage hand towel - currently in situ in my bathroom

Little cocktail forks - I had been wanting some of these for ages!

Fab starry necklace and sunglasses brooch - I already have the dress in mind that I'm going to wear these with

Vintage 'Sally' Annual to add to my collection of vintage annuals & kid's books

Gorgeous tapestry purse

Thank you Vix I love every single thing and it made my day!

Sunday night was spent in the company of family again.  This time including in-laws.  It was rather nice.  Mine and Mr N's families all get on sickeningly well with one another :)

Linking up with Lakota as I think there are quite a few ta-da's in here

See you soon

Lucy x


  1. Hey hey! Yes loads of ta-dahs, gorgeous dress from Clare and amazing parcel from Vix. I keep thinking how nice it would be to go shopping with my blog friends but wouldn't we all end up fighting over the same things?!

    You look beautiful in the dress and headband, I wish I could wear those but sadly they do not work on me at all. I also have a dress from Clare but you know me and cameras - also it's black so not very easy to photograph. I will try though.

    The linky is up now x

  2. That frock looks so pretty on you....it obviously went to the right person! And lucky you getting a package from Vix....I'm dying to see the frocks first outing!

  3. The print on that dress is so pretty. I love that star necklace Vix sent you. Your nails look fab with all the different shades of pink.

  4. Oh that little dress is super cute on you!!!!! You look so very pretty. The pink floral headband is gorgeous and perfect with the dress.
    EEEkkkkkk the Vix parcel of vintage love is amazing. So looking forward to seeing the new dress..... Yay!!!!
    Love v

  5. Firstly, love The Smiths intro and your beautiful new painting (which is right up my alley) and your pretty frock and headband, and your awesome parcel from Vix.
    You are spot on Lucy, too many ta-daahs to count! Lovely.

  6. You are so gorgeous with that floral number!
    So lucky to win it!The picture with the headband detail is my favorite, I love the pink roses, they are perfect with your amazing red hair!!!
    I'm so excited about the beautiful Vix's presents, can't wait to see you wearing that red stars necklaces and the dresses!
    Lots of love!

  7. Wow, that dress and headband looks so so so preeeeetty on you! Love the Vix items too! Lucky you, she chose wonderful Lucy-style items!x

  8. Beautiful (you and the dress) x

  9. Aw, impromptu family get-togethers are the best! Sounds like a delightful evening with your fam:) What a pretty win for a dress and that headband is beyond adorable. My favorite has to be the pink eyeshadow though! Have a good week love! xo Marisa

  10. Ahh what a lovely lovely parcel that purple dress looks gorgeous and so does that tapestry purse i have one that i in green and blue i use it every day. Those books look like a lovely cozy read to. Your far to beautiful to want to be invisable hope your better now. Take care lovely, dee xx

  11. How gorgeous do you look in your new floral frock from Clare? Bloody gorgeous, I reckon! That last close-up shot of you is beautiful, I can't believe you used to hide your face in photos for your blog, you crazy chick!
    How great to have a load of family around -if you like them and they all get on, that is!
    Vix's care packages are legendary! She finds such cool stuff and is so generous. Can't wait to see you in the frock! xxxxxx

  12. Wow, congrats on winning the dress, it's perfect for you, I love the addition of the pink nails and the floral headband! Sounds like you had a fun family filled weekend! I did too, but not with my family, with my boyfriend's. But I did get to play with their cute puppy!

    Emma x

  13. I agree with everyone else, you are absolutely beautiful. I just want to grab you by the hand and go frolicking with you. Clare did you proud, that dress is a joy and so's the headband. Loving your pretty eye shadow and nails today, too (and your post title makes me very happy). xxx

  14. You look so lovely in that dress and headband! and what a great parcel from Vix, you lucky thing! x

  15. SOME GIRL'S MOTHERS ARE BIGGER THAN OTHER GIRL'S MOTHERS. God I love The Smiths! I thought that dress would look great on you, I'm so glad you like it! You're just too adorable. Families are exhausting aren't they? Vix sent you some wondeful things - I love the little forks!
    ps: Bernard Black and Rick from The Young Ones - we have so much in common

  16. You look SOOOO PRETTY in that dress & I adore your headband.
    OOoOhh what fabulous gifts from Vix. I had the exact little sunglasses pin I got the pin when I was 8 or 9. I ALWAYS wore it on my denim jacket. *hehehe* I still have it somewhere I see it every now and again from time to time.
    Mine is blue!
    The dress looks very cute and VINTAGE towels make me smile.
    The tapestry purse is rather lovely.

    MmMmM I want Chinese food... =O

    p.s. The picture from your Sister is AWESOME!

  17. Your dress is gorgeous! I absolutely love this print!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  18. Now,tjat's 2 frocks you've pipped me to the post on!!! ACK!
    You look gorgeous in both,so I guess you're forgiven!

    Funnily enough,I am wearing a frock from Vix today....must try and get pix after work...

    I must say I get very tired from family visits,G's family that is.....!!!

    Bernard Black!He is soooo heavenly! I love him!!! I love Black Books,I need to watch more of it.......XXXXXXXXXX

  19. I must say I really love your headband, flowers always are the best choice for the hair!!
    I guess yes, we're on the same age; actually I've got 30 years old, ugh! Sometimes I feel really old, haha!



  20. I LOVE the gorgeous floral frock and floral headband - and the pink eyeshadow and multi pink nail polish (why have I never thought to do that!???) The parcel of delights from Vix is fab - I especially love the high class forks - and can't wait to se you in the fab frock! Sarah xxx

  21. Lucy rocking the frock! Love the leggings and sandals combo a lot.
    Great Vix parcel... looking forward to seeing you in the purple..

  22. I have to admit that I have just found your blog through Ta Dah Tuesday! but I have to say that the dress is fabulous, it is a must for all seasons (the best dresses are). I am glad to see someone in pink eyeshadow, as it is the one colour that I keep looking at and wondering if it would look ridiculous, but it looks amazing..so thankyou xx

  23. Hi! I just found your great blog through the wednesday link up party.
    Am your new follower, hope you will follow back :)

    xx Susie

  24. You look lovely and summery and I appreciate the Smiths title <3

  25. Oooh I love everything in this post - including Black Books and the Smiths. You look fab - love the dress and all your er... pink bits.

    At the moment I'm seeing a lot of Bernard Black and Portugal souvenirs.

    I keep meaning to ask whereabouts you're from too.

    Nikki x

  26. Dearie,
    You are too too cute. I am so happy I ran into you and your lovely blog.
    Here's to a magical weekend.
    Fritzi Marie
    p.s. Make a Wish!

  27. Hi Lucy!
    I came here via the "Wonderful Wednesday Link Up" Glad to have found you, Love the blog and considering I love everything in your top banner I'm guessing I'm in the right place :)


  28. Following you from the link party. Come & visit soon. :)
    xo Sandra

  29. Hi! I saw you on the link up! Great blog!

    Hope you had a good day! Stop by grapefruitprincess.blogspot.com and say hi :)

  30. lovely dress and love all the pink glitter and sparkles too - fantastic

  31. The starry necklace is so cute! Also love it when you do your nails in lots of different shades.

  32. Love your dress.and hair.

    wanna follow each other?uuum?yes no?
    yours truly, L


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