Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Made Glorious Summer

Hello everybody.  How are we?

Anyone getting a bit tired of our lacklustre humid summer yet?  Starting to long just a little for Autumn, tights, woollies, boots?  Yeh me too.

Anyway, here's some stuff I've been buying lately

Just a few essentials I think you'll agree:  Beadsets from the pound shop, kawaii stationery and sparkly stickers.

Does anyone else still get as excited by stationery as me?

Speaking of beads, I've had such a thing for them lately.  Well, since I was about 14 actually, the tackier the better.  Anyway, I thought I'd take up jewellery making as a way of keeping Miss 5 entertained during the summer hols.  All of the above were purchased on ebay for buttons.  So far she's shown only a fleeting interest.  Even less interest in wearing the results of our creative endeavours.  Ah well.  It's entirely possible that she just has better taste than me

Whereas I just can't resist a bit of tack

What do you reckon, worthy of a ta-da?  No probably not, but I'm joining in anyway... a day late but whatevs!

I've been on a bit of a charity shop role lately when it comes to beads

Just a mish mash of colourful plastic tacky-as-you-like bead necklaces I've found in the last couple of months.  Each cost no more than 99p.  You may have seen them pop up in various outfit posts recently.  If they fall to pieces, I can just collect them up and re-thread them to make my own glorious colourful creation!

These scarves also found their way to me from the chazzas

This belt was 99p.  OK, it's a bit gaudy and obnoxious even for me but I just couldn't resist it's rainbow allure.  I suspect the strawberries would make good brooches if nothing else.

The comic book collage number is actually a toiletry bag.  Bit of a waste I thought.  I would totally use it as a clutch with the right outfit.

I would seriously urge anyone who is a little tentative about charity shopping to just give it a go.  I suspect I am preaching to the converted here, but if by any chance you've never tried it, I guarantee you that even if at first you don't find any clothes that float your boat, you will find no end of scarves, necklaces, bracelets, etc which will be unique to you and so much fun to accessorise with.

Let's see, what else?  Oh yes, I also bought more Barry M nail paints.  'Block Orange' and 'Jewel Britannia'

To add to my collection

Which I thought I would sort into colour sequence and photograph, cos I'm just a bit sad like that.

  Here are this week's nails

 Made up from entirely from my beloved Barry M collection

And here are some more snazzy snapshots of what I've been up to lately

1.  Blast from the past  2.  Cat shaped marshmallows  3.  Can't resist a Barry M concession  4.  Rainbow toes
1.  Ice Age 4 with Miss 5.  2.  Nail varnish removed.  3.  Hello Kitty keyring.  4.  Yay for Costco!

So how are you keeping yourselves/the kiddos entertained this summer?

Any ideas?

PS.  Sharing the Chemikal Underground nostalgia

Lucy x


  1. Rainbow nails. Me want. You so knows it.
    Loving that belt. Keep it as it is, it's cool!
    X x x

  2. such a happy and free post. i have to try those sodas..

  3. Frigging HELL!
    I'm well entertained by this bright, cheery, colourful post!
    Now,I suspect your taste IS better than your daughters at this stage,she just hasn't figured out yet that Mummy knows best!
    Second, gaudy and obnoxious totally ROCKS in my opinion!I would have pounced at that belt,and Krista would have been all over it like a rash!The "clutch"is divine!All the beads are divine!I'm giddy!
    I have a small Barry M collection,but I really only use nail varnish in Summer,as I only do my toes.I keep thinking I should get into nail fabulousness,but I am far too lazy!
    Your sandals remind me fondly of some I had at school,we called them JC's.I've been seeing them around a bit,and I wouldn't mind some,but I think they're too flat for me,dammit!
    I love scarves,especially touristy scarves.Must try wearing them a bit more!
    Ah,this really was a dazzling post!
    I'm sure your Summer will come again!

  4. I love the scarves you found and that strawberry belt Lucy (very Mork and Mindy)
    I'm afraid the jewells are not for me. But its got nothing to do with tack - I love a bit of tackiness - I just don't wear jewellley. Or nail polish for that matter, I have two bottles. I couldn't believe it when I saw how many you have!

    p.s. love the colour of your Saltwater's!

  5. Lucy I think that belt was cute....

  6. Lovely bright and cheery post. Love the nails, the belt I think is cute too, the pink scarf is very nice. Love the jewellery, its fun and colourful.

  7. SUGAR SUGAR CANDY POP! oh my god, do you remember in about 98 making and wearing necklaces out of multicoloured chunky plastic beads? Ok I cannot find jewel Britiania anywhere! please grab me some and I'll give you money! If you can put some kawaii treaures in there too I will be most grateful! Everything you bought is amazing, I love the belt and the comic clutch is too good not to be seen. I love tourist scarves with pictures of landmarks on. I just gained a gazillion crafty bead bits from a friend so you may get some you way! Ps: hopefully there's some post for you today!! xxxx

  8. How colourful! Superdrug were pushing some of the Barry M nail polishes today, they'd put them right on the counter by the till and I was very good, I managed to resist!

  9. What a fabulously colourful post!
    Beads and nails and scarves and sparkles, who could resist?
    I completely understand your obsession with stationery, I love it too, always did as a child as well.
    Tourist scarves are brilliant, I am drawn to them too.
    That belt is SO Krista, and SO you! xxxxx

  10. Ooh I LOOOVE all of the beads and the rainbow belt is FABULARSEHOLE - and thanks to darling Vix, I am also a total whore for Barry M! That glitter polish looks AMAZING! Sarah xxx

  11. Blimey, so much here. Love the beads and scarves. Your nails look fabulous. Re. keeping kids entertained. In London, we've been lucky as there are quite a few free Olympic related events going on in central London parks with bands and the like and Boris Johnson getting stuck on a zip wire. Marvellous! xx

  12. There are just so many things in this post that I want. No, actually, NEED!!
    Chiefly, that comic book clutch. Amazing.

  13. Did you change your header? I want to eat it and all this fabulously colorful arm candy! I love plastic beaded handmade bling. I love everything in this post! I did a really cool 3D puzzle with my newphews but they wouldn't let me paint their toes :) I love all your polish too!

  14. I LOVE how colourful this post is! You nail polish collection rivals mine!

    Emma x

  15. What a pretty post! I knew our Krista would go wild for those gorgeous beads!!
    That's a fine selection of nail polish and I always love admiring your rainbow manicures.
    You can almost guarantee you'll find a decent vintage scarf or pretty belt in a chazza no matter how dire the rest of their stock. Did you see that girl on last week's SuperScrimpers doing a tutorial on how to make a top from a couple of vintage scarves? Inspired! xxx

  16. Wow what a lovely colourful post after all this rain its made me feel warm ;-) What an amazing nail polish collection you have mine consists of about 4 i think brown, purple, clear and pink i think. Loving your bead making i bet your little girl loves making those and putting the colours all together. Great scarfs to loving the blue and red one. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

  17. Oh I love the toiletry bag, would also use it as a clutch, it's fab! And I love a bit of nail porn as you know. Have just come back from the Olympic park where my Team GB/Olympic rings manicure was admired by the girl sat next to me! *preens*

    You need boys for beading I find, my two like making bracelets for me (or surf style wrist ornaments for themselves)

  18. What a great post! I love everything you have brought, especially the belt its perfect! I have a few belts that style that i have picked up,i love kitsch bright stuff, with the strawberries on though its so cute! I love anything with strawberries on.I love the bracelets you have made there really cute.You nail varnishes are really nice.I hope when i have my children ill get to make cool bracelets etc too :) The scarves you got were lovely, i brought about 4 new vintage ones from the charity shop on tuesday that i really like, my scarf collection is getting to much now though.Love your blog :) Gem xx

  19. *Eaaapp* All your purchases are so cute. I love the stationary & the beads!

    (HOLY BEAD NECKLACES!!) *My Gosh* =P
    Your comic toiletry bag is totally cool. You also have a nice collection of nail polish. I wish we had Barry M here He has such great colors.

    Your Hello Kitty keyring is cute. I found a HK toothbrush at the dollar store. I was THRILLED!! *Saved me from ordering it from E-bay.* *haha*

  20. OK dear Rainbow Brite Sprite, bloggio awardio with your name on it over at mine. You need to copy the blog award image, post it on yours, say who awarded you it and then come up with seven facts about yourself.

  21. Hello Lucy I also am a fan of the whole kawaii trend I will have to upload some pictures of some fabulous pieces I have from back in my cabochon addiction days. I have lots of plastic sweets for decorating with its now fashionable to have them stuck to your bra with silicon. Thanks for following! Tracy x

  22. Oh Lucy, you simply have the prettiest and most colorful collections of accessories around! I'm not going to lie - I would so wear that strawberry rainbow belt...haha. I just couldn't help myself either. Your nail polish collection puts mine to shame. I have two colors to my name only - mint and lilac. Needless to say, my nails don't get painted very often as playing the piano makes them chip. I think that needs to change. I am smitten with all those gorgeous colors of yours:) Happy weekend! Marisa

  23. I too get very excited over stationery, when I was at school I used to love going to woolies at the end of the school holidays with my friend to get new stuff! Great post! x

  24. Lucy I ordered my Hello Kitty case off of E-bay. (Search Hello Kitty 3D Iphone 4 case) and you should see a bunch. She comes in all different colors of dresses. =D
    Best of all the case is made of really thick silicone... I don't think there is a chance of your phone breaking if it falls. In fact it may just BOUNCE!!! *Don't test out my theory though* ;)

  25. hi darling. looks like you have been making some lovely purchases lately. so many remind me of things i bought as a kid, especially all those fantastic beads! and damn girl you have A LOT of nailpolishes!

    xx rae
    500+ reader giveaway

  26. She will love plastic beads SHE WILL. I have the same Poundland sets haha <3

  27. I love this kawaii post!!When I try to entertain my little misses with beads it always ends up with me making jewels for my own and they doing something else...
    the best bracelts I made are the ones with bad words on them, I write them in english so they don't understand and yesterday I saw my 4 years old girl's puppy with a 'bit**' necklace on!I've just come back from the holydays and there was easier to not get bored, but today we played my mom's old Beatles vinyl records and they really enjoy them!
    Lots of love

  28. love those beads, and think they are great. Always have bead envy when my daughter is playing but she won't let me near (she seems to think I'll take over and want to make my own and then wear them and keep them ? Can't think where she gets these fanciful ideas from...!!)

    And yes, I was a stationary tart too - loved that start of the new school year thing when you could go out and buy a whole new set. Do you remember the stickers you used to be able to get too - especially the scratch and sniff ones - please tell me you do, or I'll sound like a total nutter!!

    PS Am in awe of your nail varnish collection...<3

  29. Oh my, this looks and sounds like so much fun! I remember house of crafty contentment making funky jewellry with those things!

    And I definitely agree, I couldn't wait til september came and my mum took me to bulk up on stationary I'd loose within a week of school. God, good times!

  30. Wow! Look at all those colours. Love it - now I need sweeties xxx

  31. Your suggestions are always inspiring.

    1. wow that nailpolish collection is really really quite impressive, and i want a handmade fabulousness for my hand like the bracelets you have here!
      big kiss,mary

  32. Your suggestions are always inspiring.

  33. I love all the fun colors! =)

  34. Bloomin heck that's a lot of beads, wow! LOVE that rainbow belt. Gaudy? How can you say such a thing? It is quite perfect! The clutch is perfect! I have an R2D2 bag that should be a purse that I use as a bag! Hope you are well!x

  35. Such great things. I love the bead set. Memories!!!

    Newest GFC follower from Wonderful Wednesday. Love for you to stop by and return the follow. I am hosting Like Me On Facebook now. Love for you to link up your twitter and facebook page if you'd like.

  36. I found your blog over at the hop at Everyday is a holiday!! Love your blog sooo colorful.. You have a new bloglovin follower so ill be watching !!

  37. Such lovely goodies, my fav has to be the clutch, I shall be keeping my eye out for one now, it is very cool. x


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