Sunday, 29 July 2012

I See You Standing In a Weird Red Light

Here are some more pics from last weekend's trip to Ludlow.

They don't call Shropshire the garden of England for nowt.

Nothing like a spot of gambolling about in the castle ruins.  Please excuse my hair in these pics.  My attempt at a messy french knot didn't quite work out and it sort of ended up resembling a depressed pony tail.

I wore:-

Dress and beads - charity shop
Sandals - Dotty P's
Tote - Gift from Edie

The church was quite something

I couldn't resist tinkering with these pics to embellish how awesome the light looked blazing through the stained glass

Tomb of Henry VIII's older brother

I found the charity shops for the most part were ridiculously overpriced, so I didn't buy an awful lot.

Except this vanity case £4.99 Oxfam

Already seen and commented on (thank you ladies) in my last post

I thought this was going to be my only thrifted find until I turned a corner and found the Cat Protection League.  Run by a  group of eccentric cat loving ladies, it had some fabulously priced treasures

Alfred Meakin tureen £3

A big table full of fabric remnants all 50p each

These vintage 50's and 60's edition children's books were between 20p and 50p each.  As opposed to round the corner in one of the hospice shops where very similar books were in the "collectables" section priced at £8 apiece.  Yeh right!

I know charity shops exist to make money and it's all for a good cause but when you can buy new items for the same price or less than goods that, often do not warrant the tag 'vintage', it doesn't inspire you to spend more money than you feel you need to.

I take my hat off to the women of the Cat Protection League!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody

Lucy x


  1. Your dress is lovely! Am I the only person not to be visiting beautiful historic sites this weekend? It sure feels like it anyway.

    I love *all* of your hall - especially the tureen and the fabric. I need the outfit Alice is wearing on that book cover. I've got tons of that St Michaels bed linen too (and curtains and throws). I get the sneaking suspicion that our houses/collections would look quite similar :)

    Nikki x

  2. exactly - if things were cheaper we'd buy more, greedy charity shop hunters that we are. Isn't it Kent that's the garden of England - and Essex is the patio. Anyway Ludlow is really lovely, like the reclining Elizabethan lady - "yes, I'm dead but I couldn't care less".

    I love those old Enid Blyton books, I had the Mr Pink-whistle ones. Mike bought this one.... very odd cover

    1. I have that book! I've had it since I was a kid. I'm not sure I see anyhting dodgy about it though. Don't point it out cos it'll leave a permanant emotional scar!! You're probably right about Kent. It would have to be somewhere down sarf wouldn't it!!;)

  3. wowser to all those books you found - and hoorah for the sensible-priced-cat-protection-league shop! when I was a kid my best friend's family had the same meakin dinner set - I lurve that pattern; and a tureen in the pattern too - gorgeous! love the new blog-header too xx

  4. I loved your visit and dress...super cute and i'm in love with your new treasures that case is amazing!

  5. What gorgeous pictures, the light is just fabulous, I can almost feel the warmth of the sun! Great scores, the vanity case is lovely and the fabric remnants are just up my street! Ludlow always packed with those Michelin-star chomping posh folk from dahn sarf so I suppose the crazy chazza shop prices reflect that, which is very irritating. xxx

  6. Lol I love your depressed pony tail line!

    What lovely pictures just loving the church, there is definately something about them for sure.

    Love the white case really pretty and the tureen was a great find too!

    P x

  7. Cats protection league is my favourite too- it's nice to read a post about somewhere so close! <3

  8. I use to love jumping and climbing around old castles - something which America really lacks!

  9. Lovely photos, Lucy - I am a sucker for an old church too! Sunlight through stained glass is just such a beautiful sight.
    I'm glad you discovered the sensible prices of the Cats Protection League ladies, and you bought some great stuff - lovely Meakin tureen, the vanity case is a beauty, and you can't go wrong with fabric remnants at 50p a go!
    You look gorgeous in red! xxx

  10. Love these pix!!! Like a heavenly,Summery haze,I can hear the cicadas hum......o,dod you get cicadas in the UK?!Hmmmmm.
    The Cats Protection League here unfortuately has lost it's sparkel,but I still pop in occasionally.The ladies are decidely not eccentric in an enchanting way,dammit!

  11. greeat landscape and look honey, i love this post!


  12. lovely photos you have here! and i love your sweet red dress too. and messy hair, oh shut up, it's gorgeous! but the greatest star of this post is that awesome white purse/case (well, i would wear it like a purse), i adore it!

  13. The cover one Anytime Tales is too cute for words.

  14. Oh sweet you look so gorgeous in that cute wee red dress, so summery!!!!
    The vanity case is a great find, the red lining is stunning.
    Happiness is fun op-shop finds that are a good price.
    Oh oh I live the fabric too!!! It would make a pretty dress????
    Love v

  15. Love the pics Lucy!
    The books made me smile - my Dad used to read me Mr Pinkwhistle and Mr Twiddle.
    Happy memories ^_^

  16. i find a lot of charity shops are doing that now, having a Vintage Section and over pricing things

  17. Oh do you know, you are my wardrobe hero! That outfit is lovely.
    I think you are very much right about vintage in charity shops, but that vanity case is gorgeous AND a bargain!

  18. I love that vanity case. I'm glad I'm not the only one who buys old children's books. I know what you mean about saying things are vintage and jacking up the price. The op shops do that here all the time.

  19. It looks like a dreamy place. And you got some great thrifty finds too? Bonus!

  20. You look so pretty in that dress!
    I love the vanity case, tureen and fabric. (Great finds)

  21. I love your color of hair! What a great place to shoot! =)

  22. I loved all your photos! That dress looked divine on you :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  23. I have some of those books!!!
    so sweet.

  24. Those books look heavenly!

  25. Wow, these are such stunning photos. Your dress look lovely, especially love the photos with the way the light shines through. Have a great weekend. -xx

  26. Salut Lucy, this post is so great. Lovely pics, love the case from Oxfam (!!!) and those books are so sweet. Shropshire is beautiful and I've been to Ludlow once (so far) and loved it. One thing? Kent is 'The Garden of England' - sorry Shropshire ;-)

    Thanks so much for your great comment on my "bitchy" post. It seems to really have hit a nerve with a few other bloggers and I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling that way... Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Have a great evening, bisous xo


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