Sunday, 1 July 2012

Holiday Thrifting

First of all, let me say a big thank you for all those lovely comments on my last post.  Felt a bit weird sharing some of those things but my reservations were abated by your thoughtful comments.  You're truly a fab bunch!

On to business.

This is a picture of me posing next to a naked fireman.

OK it was a mannequin sporting a yellow hat  and huge brass plate but it was novel enough for me to want to capture for posterity!  

Protecting the identity of my babies!

This was the entrance to a little pop up stall on the main high street in Jedburgh that sold loads of vintage and retro furniture, books and bric a brac at really reasonable prices.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the inside, bad blogger, but I did make a purchase or two.  In fact, the reason I am looking so maniacally  happy in these photos is because I had one of my favourite holiday purchases tucked under my arm.

This little beauty

Isn't it gorgeous?  I fell in love with it straight away and just had to have it

I also bought this cute little sugar bowl and jug from the same seller who reduced the price for me just cos he was a nice guy.

This was just the cherry on the top of one long fabulous, fruitful thrifty cake!
 I found so many bargains on this holiday.  In my experience, Scottish charity shops are gifts that kept on giving.  Here are some of my treasures:-

Orphan plates 

Snowflake pyrex 

More pyrex

Yet more pyrex

Yet another pyrex gravy boat.  Yes I have a problem.

Gorgeous 1950's (I think) glasses £1.75 for the set 

Set of 6 vintage chintzy plates

Fabulous framed embroidery

Vintage floral polyester doily type things.  I'm trying to think of a way to adapt this into a Peter Pan collar

Complete 1972 edition of Cluedo

Crochet throw

The most exciting stash of vintage bedding and fabric I ever did find 

This little lot has certainly satiated my thrifting appetite for a while.  Not sure how long it will last though.

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What treasures have you found lately?

Lucy x


  1. Loving the snowflake pyrex and the little set of glasses, the pattern reminds me of little sailing boats.Rx

  2. I love the vintage sheets, i find it really hard to find vintage sheets in the uk.

  3. What beautiful finds.. the typewriter took my eye....I have one almost identical..
    Mardi x

  4. crikey, did you have a wheelbarrow handy?!! i would have been hard pressed to leave any of that behind though i would have put it all back for the framed embroidery, it's absolutely beautiful! have to go see what you last post was about now, nosey me x

  5. You are so so amazing. I want to just be you please!!

  6. So many lovely things to admire, I don't know where to start!
    Love the typewriter, isn't it all the cuter for being baby blue?
    Great Pyrex dishes, vintage glasses ALWAYS make me happy (they look like little sailing boats on them, tho they probably aren't meant to be!) and your stash of fabric/linens is just amazing, so many pretty prints.
    Oh and forgot to mention the embroidery, how great is that? And an original Cluedo too - we bought one recently for the kids and I hate how the board and illustrations have been updated, give me the old style any day. xxxx

  7. What scores! Love the colour of the typewriter and lusting after all that bedding, just imagine all the hot pants, mini dresses and maxi skirts I could make with that little haul!
    You look so cute sheltering under your massive brolly with your little 'un, she's just as colourful as you are! x

  8. Oh my, you found some amazing things! I'm especially jealous of the typewriter, all the fabric and the amazing glasses! Plus you can never have too much pyrex! XO.

  9. Goodness me! You found a real collection of beauties!

  10. Wow you have found some amazing things! Aren't holiday purchases the best! I do love finding a good op shop whilst away on holidays. That typewriter is divine. The blue is just so pretty. I love the sugar & milk jug....such a cute design. And I adore the vintage glasses. The embroidery picture is gorgeous, & I'm drooling over all that linen. Xx

  11. I love the fabrics, the colors are wonderful!

  12. Wow, that is an impressive haul. That typewriter is fantastic, it reminds me of the one that was at home when I was a child, my mum taught people to touch type and computers hadn't come in then. I used to love playing on it. Looks like a really need a trip to some Scottish charity shops. x

  13. I can't believe it. We have the exact embroidery piece hanging in my daughter's room. It must have been a kit! This is the first time I've read your blog, but I'm guessing you live in Australia or the UK based on the "posting box" in your first photo. ;-) We are in Fort Worth, Texas! Crazy.

  14. I love looking at what other treasures people find and I am rarely jealous, but your post changed that for me! Oh my goodness I was getting more and more jealous as I scrolled down the page. Your finds all said my name. I am so happy for you though! Enjoy all of them and set them up in a lovely spot in your home.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  15. I have a typewriter that looks very similar to the one you bought, in fact it might even be the same! I just love all of your finds, especially all of the pyrex and china! Think I need to head to Scotland on a charity shopping holiday xx

  16. someone has a pyrex problem! The snowflake dish is just the best. You found some great stuff, you've got a great eye for prints and colours xxx

  17. Ooh, lovely finds! I am in love with the afghan throw, the chintzy plates and that fabulous tree embroidery!

  18. Cor blimey luv, that is one hell of a thrifty haul! Am so jealous you wouldn't believe it. X x x

  19. That typewriter is amazing - and that is a whole lot of pyrex indeed, so pretty though! x

  20. What an awesome collection of gorgeous things you found! I love them, especially the sweet boats on the glasses. Cute!

  21. Wow ~ excellent finds. The colour of the typewriter is awesome! Lucky you!

  22. Oh the typewriter is a gem!!!! yay to the market for all your fabulous finds.
    I just love the picture of the tree, just gorgeous.
    Sweet I am so happy you are wearing the little knit flower brooch again. Happiness!!!!
    Love v

  23. OK there is a whole lot of yum in this post! I want all of the pyrex and your sheets...lovely patterns and colors! You really scored Lucy!!!

  24. I love all your finds and the typing machine is wonderful!!!
    The fabrics,the chintzy plates set,the pyrex are fabulous too, what a lucky day!
    The idea of making a peter pan collar out of those doily type is great!

  25. What lovely finds :) i love things like this myself, i am moving in with my boyfriend when our place is ready and i keep buying vintage teapots, plates, glasses etc I had a dinnerware set the same has the one in your post, the white pirex one with red rose print, it was a big set with big plates, side plates, gravy boat, milk jug and more all for £5 from my local charity shop i feel in love with it, i think we have similiar taste :-) I love the vintage boat glasses they are dreamy :) I also like the pirex dish with the flower print. I get a lot of bargains like this from my local Car boot, i got some things yesterday including a vintage necklace for £1.I see so much vintage stuff at the boot sale and charity shop i want buy everything but i can't fit it all in my house. Gem xx

  26. Hi darling, you're the winner of Frankie magazine. Send me your postal address and I'll pop in the mail this week.


  27. Gorgeous purchases! The typewriter is especially gorgeous.
    I didn't know where you had been away - I love Berwick and Bamburgh, we always holidayed there when I was a kid!

  28. Oh wow!! What amazing finds!! Love everything! Lucky you :) Lil

  29. Hi! I like your blog! may be let's follow each other? if u want) I'll be very happy!)

  30. Oh. My. Gosh. So much to see! What luck! That typewriter is just gorgeous! And I'm in love with all that Pyrex, especially because I haven't come across those patterns (except for the snowflake) here in the U.S.

  31. Wow! All I can say is a big fat YUM x

  32. Love the framed embroiderey and the gravy boat:D

    Also the first two pictures of you look so bright and enchanting!

    Shubhi's Revels!

  33. ooh the holiday thrifting fairies were smiling on you! Gorgeous colour on the typewriter and how come I never find pyrex? I particularly want some with snowflakes! My favourite thing is the glasses with the yachts on though - lovely.


  34. I love the old smith coronas! They hold up so well! Your hair is exactly the color I was trying to get when I last dyed my hair... I ended up with bright pink. lss I love your hair! and your blog is super cute too!


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