Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Love Bunches & 7 More Things

These photos were taken a few weeks back in Berwick on Tweed.  We had gone to Bamburgh, a little coastal town with a big castle, earlier in the day.  The sun had done its regular trick of shining in the morning and duping me into wearing something completely inappropriate for the cooling temperatures and torrential downpours that inevitably came later in the afternoon.  These photos were taken just as the first drops were starting to fall.  That morning, I had quite by chance picked up Miss 5's flower bobbles and decided to put my hair in bunches.  Mainly just to disguise the fact that it needed a wash.  I hadn't worn my hair like this for ages but found that I really quite liked it. 

Top & beads - Charity shop
Cardi - New Look
Jeans - Supermarket
Sandals - Schuh
Wonky owl brooch - Primark

Not sure how age appropriate these are, but quite honestly, I couldn't care less.  I can easily still see myself wearing them when I'm 50.

In other news, I have been nominated by Wendy from The Butterfly Balcony, Melanie Follybird and Kezzie AG  for the following blog awards 

Thank you so much ladies for thinking of me.  If you haven't already, please do visit their respective blogs as I am positive you will enjoy them as much as I do.

The rules are very similar - share 7 things about yourself - so I will combine them in this post.

OK...  scratches head... admittedly this took a fair while.  I'm sure if I was to sit in a bar on a one to one with any one of my talented and erudite readers... not just any bar mind you, it would have to serve cheap whisky shots and have a spectacularly good jukebox... anyway, If I was to do that, one might, by the end of the night, think me quite interesting!  I tend to come into my own with a bottle of Jack and the right ambience.  However, in the cold light of day, trying to think of 7 random, blogworthy and appropriate things to share becomes more of a challenge.  Here goes...

#1.  I don't do Social Networking.  I don't have a Facebook or Twitter account. (as a result I can't get on Pinterest, boo!)  I generally think putting yourself, your friends and family out there for the consumption of all and sundry, aside from being a terrifying prospect, is potentially very dangerous.  I have heard so many social networking horror stories.  I have nothing against people who use Facebook and Twitter and I can see the benefits of it, particularly if used to promote a business etc, it's just not for me. 

#2.  I prefer anonymity.  Those of you who've been with me from the start of my blogging adventure may remember the days when I used to hide behind the 'curtain' of my hair in all outfit shots or try and obscure my face with some kind of Picnik trickery.  (see also #1)  I realised pretty swiftly that this wasn't going down too well with my readers and wasn't sustainable if I wanted to take my blog in the direction I wished.  I have never been a person who's comfortable in front of a camera or comfortable being the centre of attention.  This has obviously been a struggle over the years due to the way I've dressed and worn my hair etc.  These days, I'm barefaced enough not to care.  Also, I've found that regular blogging has increased my confidence in front of the camera and made me feel a lot more at ease with my appearance.  A big upside.

#3.  I first became interested in blogs after I'd had my daughter 5 years ago.  To cut a depressing story short, I went through a horrendous time as a new mum which included the mother of all identity crises.  I didn't feel, look, or behave like any other mothers I knew so I slowly began to seek inspiration in the form of Flickr groups like Wardrobe Remix and blogs like 'Diary of a Vintage Girl' and 'Liebe Marlene'.  Women similar in age to me who seemed to have their style sussed and their lives down to a tee. I slowly started to stalk more bloggers discover more and more blogs and eventually worked up the courage to join GFC so I could be a commenter.  It took a further 2 years or so for me to take the plunge into the blogging world myself.  Hey, good things take time!

#4  When I was a teenager my favourite writer was Oscar Wilde (I was very much influenced by Morrissey).  I read everything I could get by him and had a giant poster of him on my bedroom wall with the famous quote "

"We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars"

He was one in a long line of deceased writers and fictional characters that I had huge crushes on.

#5   I once came away from an All About Eve concert with a blow up sheep given to me by the guitarist.  Not exactly sure why.  I soon abandoned it when it started to attract a lot of unsavoury attention from the waifs and strays of the London Underground.  I was very naive in those days.

#6   The first film me and Mr N went to see together was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  I still watch it sometimes, mainly for Clementine's hair and clothes.

#7  I was once tested for Aspergers syndrome.  I met 3 out of 5 of the specific criteria and was found to be at the high functioning end of the autism spectrum.  I cried my eyes out when I read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.  Apparently we all have a bit of it in us

The rules say I have to tag more blogs but I'm going to pass on this bit.  A lot of my fave blogs have either already already been tagged by me or other bloggers recently or have just tagged me!

If you made it to the end of all that, thanks for sticking with me!

I'm off to watch David Bowie & The Story of Ziggy Stardust on BBC catch up

Have a good night

Lucy x


  1. It's lovely to get to know you a bit better Lucy, I love Eternal Sunshine I haven't watched it in ages, must watch it soon!

    i can totally see where you're coming from about anonymity, I still don't tell people about my blog and get freaked out when someone I know inadvertently find out about it! Having said that, it's done wonders for my confidence, even just putting myself out there to such a small number of people!

    Emma x

    1. Me neither! I'm so glad it isn't just me who feels like that. I haven't even told my mum or my sister or anyone I work with.

  2. Oh lord, you do far better than me - I hate cameras and appearing on my blog, I used to chop my head off entirely and have still only appeared about 3 times (once when drunk). I totally rock bunches though (and am 35. I typed 25 and had to delete it. Freudian)

    I have been blogging almost a year and a half and only about 5 'real life' people know about it, I like it better that way though. Congrats on your awards, people who drink JD are always worth knowing ;-)

    1. This is so reassuring. I thought it was just me who kept my blog a secret!

  3. How cute are you in your bunches and cropped jeans? Gorgeous. Just goes to prove that jeans are cool and interesting providing the wearer's got heaps of style.
    Loved your facts, I'm so glad we finally got to put a face to the great comments you always left on our blogs.
    I keep meaning to rewatch Eternal Sunshine, Sarah Misfit had it on last time we Skyped. x

  4. Ok, so I have lots of things to say! a) aaaaaaaaaaaah, you look so cute! b) cute strawberry top! c) You are the queen of brooches! d) I love wearing my hair in bunches! I always do it when I go on a planned hike! e) Mmmm,want those hairbands! f) I love Bamburgh! The beaches are vast! Though I had sand in my underwear for about 3 days after going there! (TMI?) g) Yay, another non-facebooker! h) ooooh your facts are so interesting! h) I have an inflatable T-rex- he's very fierce but that makes him cute! i) Autistic spectrum one is very interesting! I know lots of friends/artistes who I am pretty sure are on the spectrum I guess that's why it's a spectrum- it's a range so everyone is on there somewhere! j) I need to shut up now! Goodnight!x

  5. I love Clementine <3 and all her hair colors!!! That's a great first movie to watch

  6. One of my fav films of all time! We passed through Berwick last year and stayed there for a few hours, some of the houses around the city wall are beautiful and just crying out for some TLC.Rx

  7. I love your yellow cardigan and your hair looks great in bunches. I don't have facebook or twitter either (for the same reasons as you) and I was so mad when I tried to join pinterest and I couldn't.

  8. I love bunches too, but being a natural curly top, I rarely carry it off well, it always works when my hair is wet but then it dries and looks odd! And I love your hair like that, phooey to anyone who says bunches are inappropriate after a certain age, if it looks good then it looks good I say. I love those 1970's style plastic hair bobbles and have oodles.

  9. Of course you can wear your hair in bunches if you want to! You look great! Vert cute vest and cardi, I love yellow and pink together.
    Well done for getting 7 really interesting facts together about yourself. Melanie tagged me and I'm stumped!
    I don't do Facebook or Twitter either, I already spend way too much time online as it is... I think part of the joy of blogging is making friends and connections, and that's harder to achieve without some level of self-disclosure, whether through photos or just talking about your life. It can obviously remain on a superficial level, and you control what you tell/show (or don't), but I reckon most of us respond to getting to know a real person, rather than just a set of pretty pictures. You've got that balance just fine! xxxx

  10. I LOVE Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless mind. One of the very few films that manage a clever and thoughtful storyline with great outfits and hair colour! Clemmentine I salute you!

    I love you hair in bunches and I think we should give age the heave ho! I actually love your hair colour too.

    I do have an FB account but only because of Pinterest which I dont really go on that often. It ok to have a catch up with my closest family members but i am really reluctant to be on it on use to be honest. And twitter just leaves me cold. I think I have appeared about twice on my blog I picniced the second one and the first was a photo taken just after I had my eldest. Glamourous it wasn't!

    P x

  11. Love your hair in those bunches! I haven't told anyone about my blog either and I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

  12. I loved that movie too.....I loved your outfit and getting to know you a little bit better!

  13. I am older than you and I do bunches a lot! I used to worry about stuff like that and would people think I look daft but I just think if you have the confidence to carry off a look then age doesn't come into it! I too love Clementine-I have that film on Sky+ and the first time I watched it, as soon as it finished I watched it all the way through again! Also loved 'The Curious Incident...' I read it a few years ago when someone at work lent it me. It does make you realise how none of us are really 'normal' and thank goodness for that I say. Love your post. xx

  14. How funny I always say I'm never to old for pink or pigtails just mosh pits. You are looking so sweet in pink and yellow and I do love your hair in tails :) I also liked learning a bit more about you. You are pretty interesting. I love Clementine and any other gal in general with hair a fire!

  15. You're never too old for pigtails.... ok maybe on an old lady who isn't a native American it could be a bit weird. I love what you wear, it's fine that you don't want to be on facebook, though I would like to chat to you more. Sometimes I wonder who's watching, although I like attention. Blogging really improves confidence, it's fantastic, everyone is so supportive! I was wondering about ASD and ADHD as an answer to my obsessiveness, lack of concentration and anti socialness, but it just turns out I'm a weirdo!
    I love your sandals, you always mix colours really well! xxx

  16. I love this outfit very much, the makeup is lovely and you look amazing with the pigtails!! I really enjoy to read your answers, we have a similar personal story,
    I was looking for people who shared my same interests and as a mother is difficult to find the right friendships. I love Clementine style too and it's nice that I've watched that movie with my man when I was pregnant with my first daughter, so I have very good memories of it too..
    Lots of kisses xxxxxxxxxxx

  17. i love your outfit and hair! very colourful and awesome. and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is one of my all time favourites. it was something i watched as a kid a lot and it brings back so much nostalgia for me. lovely post:)

    Check me out!

  18. cute and simple outfit! love!

  19. You look like cotton candy with your pink and yellow combo! I to prefer private on the internet I don't have facebook or twitter either. I tried the hiding my face with sunnies the first few times I blogged but I wanted to connect more with the wonderful bloggers I was chatting with. I must see this movie!! xx

  20. Loving those pink beads--and I'm a sucker for anything owl-related. Great accessories.

  21. secret bloggers of the world unite! i like having my little blog secret since i have so few other secrets and i already feel self-conscious enough without everyone i know watching and commenting x

  22. You certainly are rocking thoes bunches! Great facts! Oh Sunshine of a Spotless mind must watch that agin soon, love it!
    I still haven't told anyone (except my Mum and she is compter phobic so will never read it) about my blog, I feel embarresed about telling friends so havent. It just seems easier to be honest and open to people I've never met than those who've know me for ages who might see it as something silly and big headed, not realising just how much blogging has helped me to be a happier and more confident person.
    Oh and I have a pinterst account and no facebook, it can be done, though I can't remember excactly how :) xx

  23. I really enjoyed reading these Lucy and am very much so the same way with things as you are. #3 - I got into blogging when I was 4 months pregnant with my son and was having similar feelings. I can say that blogging has been such a positive and creative outlet for me and has also helped with confidence despite my way more shapely body - which I was super self-conscious about for a very long time. As for social networking - I'm not a big fan either. I only keep FB to share photos with my family and keep it completely private. I'm not even sure why I have a Twitter...ha! I'm pretty pathetic at using it, but I really don't mind as I've already dealt with some creepers out there. #4 - Yes, yes, yes!

    You look as sweet as always Lucy! I'm always loving all your playful outfits and the ways you experiment with colors and textures. Never short of inspiration - that's for certain! Your thrift finds above are perfection. I wish I could find bedding that beautiful!

    xx Marisa


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