Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cheese, Wine & Existentialists

Check me out I've got an iPhone and I'm not afraid to use it!

Me covering my face because I had no make up on and looked knackered

I love this frame, courtesy of 'Monki Mi'.  It reminds me of the 1961 comedy classic The Rebel

Found here

The best 'art' film ever made

I could be an Anthony Hancock original!


Closest I've come to an outfit post in the last week due to combination of being knackered and a general feeling of 'meh' courtesy of cruddy weather

On Saturday we had some friends over for an evening of cheese, wine and rockin' choons!

I had spent the previous 2 days in a tidying frenzy as the prospect of actual proper visitors is the only thing that prompts me to do any actual grown up housework, and all those non essential jobs that are neglected the rest of the time because I'm too knackered or can't be bothered actually get done (with the help of Mr N and my mum)

Like, we finally got aroud to putting all my thrifted pics up
 Ready to go


 Ambiance darling

Best cheese ever!

Polished off this beauty

 Mid clearing up

 Am I the only person who goes around taking pictures of my house when it's tidy? With me, the sheer novelty of it makes it a compulsion!

In other news, I was delighted to win a copy of Frankie magazine courtesy of Miss Tallulah Porkchop's giveaway

Check out this amazing apartment in my spiritual home, Berlin. Sigh...

This should keep me  quiet for a while

Aint blogging grand?

Back soon

Lucy x


  1. Looks like you had a fab evening! Wine,food,music and friends what could be better!

    Sometimes I think you have a real good clear up there is a real calming atmosphere to your home, not so sure you would notice it so much if it was pristine all the time. That is my excuse anyway.;0)

    P x

  2. Gah! I would have given my left arm to come to your wine and cheese night, it all looks amazing!
    Your house is so fab, love the fireplace =)

  3. I'm with you all the way on tidying up and cleaning only when you've got visitors. I've got that sheet which you're using as a rather brilliant table cloth! xx

  4. That wine is older than my boyfriend - teehee! I need to see that Tony H film ASAP! I see you're loving all the super kawaii apps. I found one called decopic that's pretty cutesy - I love it. I don't have an iphone but just ordered a kawaii cat phone cover - squee! You've got a great house xxxx

  5. I've never seen that film but that lady does look like you! I only ever tidy when I've got people coming round, too. Can't see the point otherwise!
    Your house is gorgeous, I love looking at your retro stuff and seeing what we've both got in common, thank goodness we don't live closer, we'd be having punch-up's over the vintage party ware!

    1. I'd just come round to your house and pinch it all!! That lady is actually Nanette Newman, she of the Fairy Liquid adverts! :) xx

    2. Wow! She's Emma Forbes' mum, isn't she? I had no idea she was such a fox as a youngster! x

  6. I'd love to see The Rebel, it seems great and you must try that amazing make up because it's true that girl looks like you!
    All your finds and photos are beautiful and your house is lovely, it really could be in Frankie's glossy pages!

    1. Thanks Edie, I'd love to see your house! xx

  7. I think none of us would ever clean unless we had guests coming over. I am loving all these pictures, wine looks yummy and I'd say you have some delicious stock :) Your house is cool, I love getting a peep round! I have never heard of that flick but you have me curious.

  8. I am the same - I only ever clean if people are visiting! God knows how untidy the house would be if no-one ever visited, it's a bloody good job they do. Your house is so adorable, I love the little open fireplace.

  9. Love seeing photos of your home, we have a lot of the same stuff!

  10. Yes, I have photographs of the only time in 2 years my spare bedroom has not been towering over head-height with a mountain of clothes! My boyfriend couldn't believe it when he saw the room, he was amazed!!!!
    Wow, your 'do' sounded great!

  11. You have a lovely house - and I approve of your supplies! Sore head in the morning?
    The only time I take photos of my houses is when we're about to put it on the market (and then I wonder why the hell we're moving!)

  12. Lucy your house looks fabulous! I love looking at all your things, your gorgeous tableware and lovely sideboard! I love taking photos of my house when its tidy-it's as if I have to have something to look at when it all goes pear shaped to have proof it does sometimes look good! :-) Hope you had a fab time. xx

  13. What a swanky post start to finnish it was like a classic 1960's film....with you as the lead bombshell.....super fun!

  14. I love Frankie magazine! As usual your posts are lovely and homely!


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