Sunday, 8 July 2012

New Toy

You may or may not have noticed from some of the shots apppearing on this blog recently that I have been tempted by the fruit of another... phone!  Yes, that's right, I have taken a bite out of the apple and have become the proud owner of an iPhone.

I resisted for so long, I really did.  I thought the world of Apple was a snooty, exclusive home for gadget-geeks and spoiled school kids, but I was eventually enticed by, among other things, the promise of so many quick and 'arty' photo apps.

Such as Instagram, oh yes!

and various other photo apps that are probably aimed at 13 year old girls!

I can now just snap away this week's charity shop finds with my phone
Clay coasters
Pastel tea set
Orphan saucers
Pan stand

And I can download apps full of Hello Kitty pics and waste my time oohing and ah-ing at them

Psychadelic Kitty

Candy Kitty

Pastel Kitty

...little ball of fur!

Great huh?

Well, that's my dirty little secret well and truly out!  It's all downhill from here... ;@)

Lucy x


  1. Lol, at least you are having fun with it. I can't change my phone until April, and I'm torn between weather I'll go for the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy note... I guess I have plenty of time to decide though. x

  2. I swore i wouldn't get a smart phone but i gave in, there's no going back but the battery is shocking, mine dies ALL the time!I LOVE your display of dishes on the new pan stand! Your kitchen looks like it might be a vintge treasure trove xx

  3. You are so cute....have fun with your new phone.....and I loved your new tea cups and saucers!!

  4. I don't think you'd be the only one buying an iphone for the apps Lucy! I'm glad to see you're embracing it! I personally don't think I'm up for the responsibility, I just know I'd never be off it and it's annoy my friends/family plus I always break phones so having a cheap one suits me at the moment! I look forward to seeing more of your instagram snaps!

    Emma x

  5. Welcome to the dark side ;) I'm an apple girl so I've had an iphone for years, enjoy!

    I also have serious kitchen envy right now, I love the pan stand and all of the dishes on it x

  6. You are too cute my lovely!!! I have an old crappy phone and am well behind in all things technology. Your pans are lush and I am loving your photos.bhope the weekend has been great. X x x

  7. *Hehehe* WOWZA we have more in common than I even previously thought before.
    I also was "Anti Apple" And just recently got a Iphone after years of the Mr. telling me to do so. (And me with replying NO "I DON'T WANNA BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE") *HEEH*

  8. Whoa! You're one of them now! Can we still be friends now you've joined the cult! ;-)

  9. I found you via Curtise!
    Loving your blog and style
    What is your name on instagram?
    I am ari or stylesudest, can't remember
    I am a new follower

    Ariane x

  10. Errgh... My stupid android phone still has 12 months left on the contract - I will NEVER go with android again!

    LOOOVE the pan stand full of gorgeous colourful pyrex!

    Sarah xxx

  11. Oh yay they are so fabulous!!!
    Love the pastel tea set, so pretty.
    Love v

  12. Bless you enjoy your new phone. Love all your vintage kitchen goodies, dee x

  13. I absolutely and desperately need an I-phone now!! So many lovely apps and Hello kitty pictures that I can't wait to use it (my man have one, I think I'm going to steal it!)..I love all the photos you made, you look stunning as ever and I simply adore your new finds, especially the pastel tea set and the coasters!
    Hugs and kisses!

  14. It certainly puts my old brick to shame, I don't even have a camera on mine!! All those pretty effect look amazing! Love your chazza buys, they look gorgeous in your pretty kitchen. x

  15. Wow, that's your kitchen? It's amazing!!! The Phoenix got my iPhone working after it languished in it's box for nearly two years! Now I can't live without it either:) x

  16. Hello Kitty!! Your nails are so cute too, love the glittery green ones and the pastel nails!

  17. ok I'm going to see if I can get any kawaii apps on my android! you have to get "little photo" you can do more than instagram!

  18. I love your hair! =)

  19. Gaaah, I'm so jealous of that amazing pan stand! So good for a Pyrex collection. The coasters are gorgeous too, great finds! XO.

  20. Lovely kitchen pics and of course NAILS! I would quite like an iphone but they are too stoopidly expensive so I am getting an HTC apparently (husband has done all the research, I wouldn't know where to start). It will be my first smartphone anyway which is quite exciting. Enjoy your apps (I can't judge - I can think of many things I like which are aimed at teenagers!)


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