Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Pop Art Parcel of Joy

Look what I received in the post the other day?

It's only a riot girl themed bundle of loveliness from my fellow desperate housewife, blogger and weirdo the immensely talented and beautiful Edie Pop!

Look it's me!!

Isn't this tote amazing?  As well as this fabulous personalised 'Lucy' bag, she sent me some beautiful earrings and the cutest little postcard of her own illustration all wrapped up in ribbons and bows

It was just the pick me up I needed after 2 weeks of not being able to wear any makeup and avoiding going out cos of a horrid yukky skin outbreak.

It inspired me to dye my hair

Paint my nails in primary colours

Apply at least 2 weeks worth of make up, including haphazardly affixed fake eyelashes

And clown around taking overexposed photographs!

Skirt and beads - Charity shop
Blouse - Supermarket
Cardi - M&S Outlet
Brooch - Primark
Tights - New Look
Shoes Office via Ebay

Oh, and did I mention she also sent me this fabulous Courtney-esque babydoll nightie....

...which was begging to be put on and photographed at the earliest opportunity! 


Check me out with my Edie Pop original

How well she's got me sussed with this number.  Remind you of anyone?

But with blonde hair and smaller booboids:(

And of course I needed some vintage Hole at full volume!

Edie, I can't thank you enough for thinking of me and putting so much thought and effort into these lovely gifts which had  me jumping up and down and squeeing like a school girl

'Violet' is just for you

Have a great week everybody

Lucy x

UPDATE : Linking up with Lakota as I think this is definitely worthy of a Ta-da!


  1. How fabulous, that tote bag is such a fantastic homage to your good looks and you look absolutely beautiful in your riot girl nightie! Love the false lashes on you (mine are usually wonky, too!) xxx

  2. Wow !!! I love this post thank you so much!I'm so honoured that you liked my bag!!
    And I just adore Violet and your Courtney inspiration is brilliant!!I'm so glad that you look amazing in that nightie, it totally rocks on you!!
    Lots of love and kisses!!!

  3. I loved Nirvana....You just brought back so many memories...they were amazing in concert!
    Poor Courtney....Love your style Momma head to toe and congrats on such a great gift!

  4. Squeal!!! The shoes!!! You look so pretty too! You're a proper rrrrriot grrrrll now! Hope you hideous outbreak is all better too. I wanna come round and play Courtney makeovers with you. Edie has really spoilt you and you deserve it, the bag really is you!

  5. That bag is amazing!! Edie is very talented!

  6. Hi :) ,you look gorgous in both Outfits! Love the light blue Dress :)
    i´m a new Follower

    Lovely Greetings from Austria ♡

  7. These bags are so amazingly cool, Edie is a genius. Yours is perfect, what a great parcel to get. And I like nothing better than listening to Hole at mega decibels! Have a great week xx

  8. You are so funny!!!! What a lovely parcel and that nightie (clearly needs to be worn as a dress!) is gorgeous!!!

  9. Edie makes such fabulous art, to have an original Edie Pop tote is a real honour.
    You look amazing! I love the make up and false eyelashes, you are so pretty that no break out is going to spoil your gorgeousness.
    The first outfit is lovely, but you are really rocking that baby blue Courtney-esque nightie, especially with your newly vibrant red hair. You are a Rock Star as well as a Riot Grrrl! xxxx

  10. That dress is gorgeous! You look so good in all those photos, & aren't you lucky getting such a nice package! XO.

  11. Your nails are so cute! I love all of the different colors.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. You gorgeous creature! No wonder Edie felt compelled to create you in divine art!!! Jaysus that woman is amazing! The nightie is too die for,and yes,SO Courtney! The prefect pick me up parcel if ever there was one!

  13. Your hair looks fabulous. The tote Edie made you is so cute. I love your rainbow nails and Courtney Love-esque nightie.

  14. Wow!! It's you! On a bag!
    I love this parcel of joy. AND I love your photos - your hair is beautiful!
    Absolutely have to dye mine tonight now. Hair envy.

  15. aahhh you so deserve all those lovely goodies, so sorry you haven't been feeling good. That bag and nightdress are gorgeous and so do you look in it. I have to say i love your little 50's triangle table and your vintage clock i just about see on your wall you have a gorgeous home, dee xx

  16. What a lovely parcel! you look great in that dress, it really suits you.

  17. Oh my goodness - I will shamelessly admit that I want everything here Lucy! Your turquoise shoes are making my heart skip a beat and dare I mention that "Courtney" nightie - holy swoon!! You look as gorgeous as ever - love the hair and who could forget that tote? It's utterly adorable! xx Marisa

  18. That tote is totally cute!!
    And I love the blue nightie it looks fabulous on you!

  19. What a parcel of extreme joy! You look marvelous!

  20. I want your lovely shoes! In every colour of the rainbow! xx

  21. amazing pics!! i love your hair!! =O so pretty!!
    great purse!! =))

  22. Perfection! Edie is spreading the love, one tote at a time! You are exquisite in the nightie - and I love the nail polish. I would totally love to play dress ups and dance around the living room with you!

    And I'm off to buy myself a new bra - AWKWARD!!!

    Sarah xxx

  23. Wow, the bag is amazing, how cool. Always love the hair. Tx

    p.s.I like the new blog header, just noticed it has changed.

  24. I see here a lot of expression and character, I like!

  25. Hello! Great blog! The last post is very interesting and beautiful! Let's follow each other, if you agree, then let me know!)))

  26. amazing gifts! and lovely photos and outfit xxx

  27. Your blog is soooo good! I love the primary coloured nails, these are my very fave colours too, and the Courtney Love look is very cool. Thank you so much for following my blog too. Jo x


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