Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My So Called Holiday Outfit

So, holiday day 4, a thrifting trip to Berwick on Tweed.

I dragged Mr N down this leafy little lane just off the main high street that seemed to lead to nowhere.  Despite the fact it was pouring with rain, we managed an impromptu photo shoot.

Unfortunately the weather and poor light meant that most of these shots are pretty blurry

Hmm, who do I remind myself of?

It'll come to me

Later in the day I was looking pretty pleased with myself clutching my bag of thrifty finds.  Berwick was very nice and had some great chazzas.  One thing I love about Scotland and the bordering locations is its complete lack of pretentiousness.  All the beauty of the English countryside, vestiges of history everwhere, yet not a trace of grandness or snobbery.


Back at the cottage having removed my rain soaked shoes and tights,  I was feeling distinctly grungey in my floral skirt and crochet jumper combo.

Vegetable rights and peace!

It was then that it struck me who I'd been reminding myself of all day 


Rayanne Graff.  The wildcard best friend from the wrong side of the tracks.  Seriously, I have to do a proper post about My So Called Life.  My very existence revolved around this show when I was 14.

Gonna party like it's 1994

With the earlier addition of the blazer (the only remotely sensible jacket I had taken with me) there was a bit of Alex Drake in there too.

A cross between Rayanne Graff and Alex Drake.

Yuppy grunge anyone?  Remember where you heard of it first!

We rounded off the day by taking in the rain-refreshed evening air.

This outfit made me happy.

Skirt, beads & belt: charity shop
Jumper: New Look sale
Blazer: Primark

Don't you just love it when you throw something together which unexpectedly takes you to a happy place?

Gonna post my thrifted finds soon.  Stay tuned.

Lucy x


  1. oh you have one of the gorgoust smiles ever darling! and i love your pink tights with the blue skirt. my alltime favourite colour combo;)
    and i will get the hairproblem solved by a professional..

  2. Hee hee, I love these cheeky shots! Brilliant Lucy! I've not visited Berwick but I'd like to- the nearest I got was Alnwick! I love the gurnge outfit!!!

  3. I love this photos!!!
    The outfit is awesome, I'm still really into grunge!I think that the style of that period sets us free from any rules and makes us feel more comfortable and happy to wear whatever we love! I love the necklaces and the skirt so much, you are gorgeous!!!

  4. I can't wait to see your thrifted finds. I love the jumper, Berwick sounds lovely.

  5. NO WAY! I cant believe you just posted about My So Called Life< i just recently got the box set and am about to watch it!! i LOVED that programme and have been in love with Clare Danes ever since!

  6. Ah My so called Life - forgot about that until I started watching Homeland recently. Great outfit x

  7. Lovely outfit!! I really enjoyed this post, and very much looking forward to seeing your thrifted finds! Thank you for your lovely comment on my last post; i've found there are pros and cons to the 7 and a half year age gap between Mia and Ethan. On the plus side Mia absolutely adores him, and will do ANYTHING for him - she is therefore such a great help to me - it was lovely when I was on maternity leave to look at the clock and see that it was almost time for her Nan to bring her home from school, it was such a relief sometimes. I've also found it so much easier in the early months in that she is at the age where she can get herself up and ready in the morning and can do so many things for herself now, which has been great especially when i've been breastfeeding Ethan - in the beginning he fed constantly, so it would have been extremely hard I think if Mia were a lot younger. I think really the only downsides are that I sometimes feel sad that Mia won't get to "play" with Ethan as he grows up, by the time he is old enough to do many of the things she is looking forward to, I sadly think that she will be a little too old by then, almost a teenager and won't find the presence of a very little brother so appealing..perhaps i'm wrong..time will tell. That's when I wish they were closer in age. The only other hard thing for me with the age gap is that i've found it hard to get used to having a little baby again, it's hard to explain, I hope i'm not sounding bad, I guess it was just a shock to the system, the sleepless nights again, but then maybe that is just becuase i'm older now! Mia has a different dad, and my husband & I wanted to get married first before having baby which is why there is such a gap, in a perfect world I guess I would still have liked them to be closer in age (and both my husband's) but hey that's just the way it turned out. I'm happy, and they are happy, that's the most important thing. I hope that helps a little xx

  8. I love your style & your hair!
    Looking forward to seeing your finds.

  9. dude I totally love your hair!
    and Rayanne Graff's style is like the best thing ever. I'm always putting braids and clips in my hair to emulate her :)


  10. I love the last photo... and your hair color is fantastic!!!

  11. Love this outfit, and love how happy you look in the photos! =D
    I love Berwick, we used to holiday up in that area as children

  12. You look glorious, I love your belted jumper, beads and colourful layers and the tights make me very happy! The cottage and the setting are so pretty.
    I've never heard of My So Called Life. I think must have spent most of the Nineties clubbing! x

  13. Ahh you look super cute and happy. Love the outfit combo. And that picket fence and those cottage look beautiful. Look forward to seeing your finds, dee x

  14. OMG I absolutely LOVED My So Called Life!! In fact a couple of weeks ago I watched every single episode on Youtube over the space of a week. It was better watching it like that because I could fast forward through the bits with the parents snogging-I always hated that-lol. Love your outfit. xx

  15. I'm so glad Vix confessed she hadn't heard of My So Called Life, cos I haven't either! But I can at least appreciate your great style, love the skirt and jumper and the pink tights are a delight. Looking forweard to seeing what you found. xxxx

  16. Ahh I love it all the layering the tights!!! I love my so called life. I only discovered it a few years ago because I was pretty much a toddler when it was on but I'm so bummed it only went for one season. It gets a high rotation in my dvd player. xxx

  17. Hi Lucy! Thank you so much for your comment, it makes me very happy and I felt less lonely..I would be honoured if you could answer my questions, you are one of the three names I was thinking to tag, but I didn't know if you were busy!
    I'm glad to oficially tag you now!!
    kisses xxx

  18. I'm completely up for yuppie grunge. Let's do more posts about it! I was addicted to My So Called Life, I don't remember any of it now and I think I watched a repeat and it annoyed the hell out of me. Fickle. I love your outfit, the jumper is darling! xx

  19. OMG I'M A BIG FAN OF MY SO CALLED LIFE TOO!! When I was a teen it was one of my favourite shows, and I really need to see it again 'cause it was really gorgeous. Grunge style and 1994 forever <3 Keep doing outfits that makes you smile :D!
    And thanks for your lovely comment!

  20. I love your red hair!
    would you mind to follow each other? :)



  21. I love the turquoise and red necklaces together! turquoise and red is one of my favourite combos.

  22. I love love love the last pic so much - so beautiful and green and whimsical. Sarah xxx


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