Sunday, 17 June 2012

Cherry Picked

You know when you have a piece of clothing in your wardrobe that just isn't earning its place?  This cardi was one such item.   Plain black v neck cardigan, functional enough, just a bit boring.

Sew on some cherry patches that you've had lying around in your craft box for ages, swap the plain black buttons for some red fakelite heart shaped ones and voila...

... a slightly more interesting version of an otherwise quite dull item of clothing.

These photos were taken just outside the beautiful Jedburgh Abbey of which I took many many photos.   I think it deserves its own future post.

I wore:-
Cardi - Matalan, customised by me
Skirt & shoes - Ebay
Top & beads, Charity shop
Bag - Etsy

Earlier that day I had been to my first ever car boot sale.  Quite by chance we followed the signs for 'Kelso Sunday Market' and realised when we got there that it was in fact a car boot sale!  Imagine my joy! Of course had I known this I'd have been ready and out of the door much earlier (well, maybe around 10.00ish) But when we arrived at about 12.30, there were still some stalls trading and I managed to 'cherry pick' some treasures despite the relatively late hour.

Oh SEAMLESS segue!  See what I did there? Clever Lucy!

Vintage Parisian Scene Picture £1.50

Vintage tin £1

Various book all 50p or thereabouts

I was particularly delighted with these 1960's ladybird lovelies.  The other ladybird books I had owned as a child so I was delighted to find them in fabulous condition

Vintage GSW tin.  Not sure what type of tin this is or how old it is.

1947?  I'm thinking maybe it's for storing bread.

I know I probably could have got this stuff a lot cheaper, a'la Vix's normal prices, but I was just too scared to haggle!  Maybe I'll get the hang of it with time.  I was that kid at school who was too scared to put her hand up even when she knew the right answer.

There were some amazing Charity Shops near where I was staying and I bought so much stuff that I was practically travelling home with boxes on my knees.  It was worth it!  I'll try and post more of what I bought soon.

Linking up with Her Library Adventures and Lakota to check out everybody else's finds.

Bye for now

Lucy x


  1. What fantastic finds for your first ever boot! I predict a summer of marvellous bargains. That bread bin is a beauty!!! Learning to haggle takes time and nerves of steel, flash them your pretty smile and you'll be guaranteed success.
    Love your customised cardi and your cute smile in the top picture. x

  2. Hurrah, I can't believe how much we see of you now, you were only bits and bobs and flashes of hair to start with. I love the tin, not sure of it's purpose but it's great nonetheless. Ooh and I love those Peter and Jane ladybird books too, I've been after them. I learnt to read with them xxx

    1. Thank you! I don't think remaining anonymous was a viable long term option for someone who wanted to post outfits!! :) x

  3. Like what you did with the cardy - much more interesting! Love those tins.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. I love the little cherry patches! Your bag is gorgeous too, & some great finds! XO.

  5. Fantastic upgrade on the cardigan! It turned out really nicely,with a cool vintage vibe.


  6. I love your treasures.....but your cherry outfit is tops!!!

  7. Good job with the cardie! I'd do the patch thing too (I have some) but I can never position them right! Your trip sounds fab!!!! Well done on the vintage finds!

    1. oh i love how you pimped your cardi that cherries look adorable on it and i love fancy buttons, that was really a great idea!!!!
      love and kiss,mary

  8. Oh my gaaaaad, where does one start. I LOVE that old bread bin, isn't it the sweetest thing? I bought that Beauty and the Beast book recently too. I love it I am collecting all Ladybird books from my youth. Started four years ago from scratch and now own 120 of them, all from charity shops (or cherry tree shops as I call them).
    Cherries....bringing me onto your cardie. Well flipping done. I LOVES it, so I do. Oooooh. Love it. That much.
    PS was nosing at your lush kitchen t'other day. Did you paint those kitchen units? How and what with? Am a novice to it all.
    x x x x

    1. Aw, thank you. The kitchen units were a horrid shade of beech to start with but we washed them down with sugar scrub wipes and painted them with Ronseal Melamine and MDF paint. I was really daunted to start with but it was actually really easy xx

  9. I was that girl at school too! I was always being told to 'speak up more in class'. What great finds for your first bootsale, I should really make more of an effort and try to go to some this year.

  10. I really love what you did with that sweater. I usually wear boring black, but I could see myself doing that. Lovely.

    I was that same kid in school, and I can't haggle either. Once, at the thrift store, I mumbled that the price seemed high and the kind woman put it in the register as a lower price. That was about the best I can do.

    Great finds. Love the tin.

  11. Oh your Cardy is so pretty, I love what you have done with it. Yip things that do not play well with ours need to be transformed.
    The bread bin is so sweet. Lovely finds.
    Love v

  12. The color of your shoes is gorgeous! They are super fun.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. I can't believe that was your first car boot! Haha! Loving the typewrite tote bag.

  14. I adore your outfit!
    And love your sale finds. Especially the Parisian Scene & the tins.
    I used to be too shy to haggle too.
    No worries you will get the hang of it the more sales you go to.
    Sometimes I do haggle but other times if I think the item is priced good already I just pay what they want.

  15. Yay the cardigan is gorgeous (and your hair colour rocks my world!!!). That beautiful building is marvellous - please show us more. I love the tin so much - what will you keep in it? Sarah xxx

  16. Love what you have done with the cardi, it's so much more you now!


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