Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dessert Nails

Another quick nail post featuring: Barry M: 'Lemon Ice Cream', 'Strawberry Ice Cream', 'Blueberry Ice Cream', 'Lemon Ice Cream' and 'Peach Melba'.  Finished off with a flourish of Technic 'Carnival' rainbow glitter! Mmmm!

My go to nail of the moment

Back soon

Lucy x


  1. It's like an ice cream parlour! Love it =)

  2. I love it and I'm using a similar nail style in these days,the super funny thing is that even if I wear total black people says: "what a rainbow!"..

  3. This is lovely, I've just bought the Technic glitter polish, it's so nice! I keep reaching to my pastel shades too even though it feels silly as the weather is so horrible! XO.

  4. Eee these are so so cute! And also, judging by the lovely ladies in the "COULD'VE FOOLED ME" section of your sidebar, you have excellent taste in music ^.~

  5. great blog :) I follow you:) Follow me if you like kisses Magda xx


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