Sunday, 6 May 2012


I'm starting to get used to PicMonkey now.  It has the same laid back, user friendly vibe that Picnik had before evil giant Google came and gobbled it up.  It has most of the same effects that Picnik had too but they are just named slightly differently.

One difference I've noticed is that the '60's' effect in Picnik is now called 'yestercolour' in PicMonkey.   '60's was my effect of choice, but I don't know about you but 'yestercolour' is not doing anything for me at all.  Instead of a warm, age worn glow it just makes everything look dark and rusty. 

I therefore present my new favoured effect, Urbane.  I think I have an affinity with it because, ya know, it sums up my personality and how people view me socially!

I love the way it illuminates the central focus of the snap and makes it hyper colourful but with a vintage edge.

Just curl your corners and you're good to go!

This is what I wore today.  It's a happy coincidence that it totally matches my background.


Dress: Vintage, Ebay
Shoes: Schuh via Ebay
Tights: New Look
Belt:  Charity Shop
Brooch: Acorn & Will
Bag: Vintage, gift from my sis
Necklace & Bangles: Mostly Primark

Thank you PicMonkey for making my pictures look so pretty and colourful.

Happy Bank Holiday

Lucy x

PS.  As you can probably tell I've been tinkering with the ol' blog layout.  Just a few wee changes, including the header.  Whaddya think?  Likey?  No likey?


  1. I love the photos, don't think I've tried Urbane yet but I will now! I wish Picmonkey would get on with offering collages, I miss that bit of Picnik, but otherwise it's pretty similar, I reckon.
    Great frock, love that shade of tights, and I have some bag envy going on...
    You look as though you're feeling better, that's good!
    Love Curtise x
    PS. Blog layout looks good to me.

    1. I know, I miss the collages too. Have you tried x

  2. I love this dress and the birdie brooch is adorable...add this to my wish list and the vintage bag is too die for!!
    your new header looks great!

  3. I haven't used picmonkey or pitnick! Should I? Nice to see your face... want that the words of my favourite Mexican blogger "I fight you for it"

    1. You'll probably get addicted to it once you try. It has some great effects and airbrushing type stuff. I tend not to bother with that though I just like prettifying my pics x

  4. Is that taken in your own kitchen? I love the blue units.Rx

  5. I love the new header,and isn't it fun to tinker?! I sometimes just play around for the hell of it,but rarely keep the changes!
    Now,whatever the effect your using doesn't matter,you're just so hot and funky!Love the gratutious boob shot,that's right up mine and Curtise's alley!Perverts,that's us!
    Picasa updated recently,with a massive range of new effects,and it's bloody brillant!I've tried most of them,and yep,have sorted my faves!They have a 60's effect,and I reckon it's perfect.The vignette is really good too.

    1. Ha ha, yeh there are a lot of those, all taken by my husband. Funny that!:) x

  6. Oh what a super cute outfit!!!! Just love the Mary Jane shoes and the little birdie brooch. Simply looking so very pretty.
    The new header has a lovely windy whimscal feel.
    Happiness to you sweet!!! Love V

  7. I love the new header but it is hard to read the name and that's important. I love your pretty pretty outfit - the bird brooch is DELIGHTFUL and your smile is BEAUTIFUL! Sarah xxx

  8. The photos are amazing!!Your kitchen is perfect for any fashion photoshoot, I adore it!!
    You are making me love the red and mint combination, the optical print goes perfectly with it and so does your beautiful smile!

    Love the new header is soooo cute!!

  9. I'm too lazy to use photo editing ha ha! Yours look amazing. I always love your use of colour in your outfits. xx

  10. What a darling look Lucy!!! So pretty! You combine colours in such a lovely way!!! Also loving the birdie brooch lots!!! Preeeeeeeeetttty!!!
    I don't use photo editting, not sure how to (nor have the time!) but luckily my brilliant camera has a mode called 'Toy camera' that does that how vintage dark-edged thing itself!!! It also does super-vivid and others like colour contrast so it's doing the editing for me!!

  11. oh, this bag is a dream! i'm a maniac for straw bags... yours is just perfect!

  12. I love that last picture of you, it's gorgeous! I've been playing with Picmonkey, too. I'll have to try Urbane, I love how vibrant your picture look. x

  13. Hi Lucy!!
    Thank you for your comment!
    Even here the weather is awful, that's why I'm starting to dream about summer and I hope it'll soon arrive in both our Countries!
    If you want to try to make some collage while it rains, I'm using Photoshop, it's quite easy, you just have to start and practice, I've started only few months ago, as you can see from my older posts, and you can clearly see the difference, I hope to improve more!

  14. Hey you're doing very greaaaaaaaaat :D
    adorable outfit !!
    love it love it <3

    xoxo from indonesia , Anda E ;D

  15. Love the outfit! Thanks for the heads up on PicMonkey, I will have to try it! =)
    Really like the new header, very pretty! Well done!

  16. Love your outft and choice of colours. I only have a normal digital camera without a tripod so struggle to do outfit posts.
    P.S Love the crockery on the shelf in the background. xx

  17. Can I just say first of all, you kitchen is AMAZING! Love how your tights match the cupboards! Glad to see you seem to be feeling better!

    Emma x

  18. Ooh I love all the tinkering around you did on your space.

    Red, mint, and blue are one of my favorite combos. This outfit is really just perfect in my book:) xx

  19. Oh I love this outfit! I love the colours, and your kitchen! yum! :) x

  20. The combination of your mint tights and the red shoes... oh my, it's lovely! I am craving mint tights now (I already have the red shoes) :D !


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