Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I Like Your Style #2

Hello there blogland, how are you?

I thought I would actually follow up on my idea to do a series of blog posts about some of the lovely bloggers whose fabulous wardrobes and styles I am currently coverting.  Welcome to 'I Like Your Style' Part 2!  Check me out!

Today I'm going to feature the absolutely gorgeous Marissa Noelle from Shades of Monet 

As regular readers will know I am going through something of a colour obsession at the moment and Marissa's style is soooo right up my street.

That skirt, those shoes....swoon!

I love the way she doesn't stick to one certain style or favourtite colour.  Those patterns and colours are all mixed in right there and accessorised beautifully with the her enviable collection of hats and headscarves.

 I love this dress

Not only is Marissa absolutely beautiful, she is a lovely lovely person and was the first ever follower of this little blog!

Her family are just so adorable I can't stand it!

If you haven't already, do go over and check out her blog for yourself.  Swoon over more of her beautiful outfits, exquisitely scenic location, and check out her cake baking and musical skills, not to mention her rainbow collection of tights!

Thank you Marissa for being such a sunshiney lady and damn fine inspiration.

Lucy x


  1. Love it Lucy! Marissa's style is just so fun! I love it when you can really tell someone's personality from what they chose to wear! This is what dressing is about, just having fun and being yourself! Love this series of posts so far, can't wait to read more!

    Emma x

  2. Aw Lucy, I'm completely blushing right now. You are so very sweet ... the truth is, I take a ton of inspiration for you as well. You are purely the queen of the prettiest color palettes I've seen around. I am really looking forward to posting that outfit I told you about that was inspired by one of your posts:) xx Marisa

    1. I'm so flattered. I can't wait to see your candy outfit!! xx

  3. I didn't know Marissa's blog but I like her style so much!! She's amazing!I love every outfit in this post,the use of bright colored stockings and hats or headpieces is so versatile and lovely!I'm going to follow her now, you make me so curious to read more about her marvellous tastes!

  4. cute isn't she? I love so many of her dresses! thought I'd take up your advice and follow her

  5. I haven't come across her before but I can see why you love her, her love of colour and cute clothes are fabulous. x

  6. I love Marissa! You therefore have amazing taste in ladies! ;) Zoë x

  7. More rainbow tights! I'm going to have to follow this blog too!

  8. I like too! She sounds great!

  9. I agree she does have great style just like you...I love all the COLOR!!!

  10. I enjoyed looking at this post. Amazing use of colour. Sweet outfits!


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