Sunday, 13 May 2012

Nice Day To Start Again

On Saturday I went to a friends wedding.   It's so strange when you start going to weddings where the bride and groom are significantly younger than you are.  OK, it just makes me feel old!

Anyway, you may remember from this post that I was quite excited about choosing a vintage dress for said occasion.  In the end, I resisted the lure of vintage lace and opted for this rather splendid vintage 50's house dress instead...

All the way from the lovely Two Squirrels Vintage.  I just fell in love with the pattern.  Also, I noticed it was among Helga's Etsy faves so I knew I was in good company!  Despite my worries that it may not arrive on time, it got from New Zealand to me in just 4 days courtesy of the lovely Vanessa.

Sans cardi

Ew, please excuse my strange pig face in this pic, don't know what happened there!

Isn't this brooch cute?   It came all beautifully packaged with the dress.

These photos aren't the best quality.  They were taken in a bit of a rush during a quick trip home to pick up calpol for Little Miss 5 as well as a sandwich cos we weren't eating til 4 o'clock and we were absolutely starving!  

Despite it bucketing down with rain for the entire week prior, the weather on Saturday was absolutely glorious.  The sun shined, champagne was sipped, along with lots of Glenfiddich, and a great time was had by all.

Dress & brooch: Two Squirrels Vintage 
Tights: New Look
Shoes: Next
Cardi: Tesco
Belt: Primark
Bag: Vintage, gift

I'll leave you with some pics of today's outfit.  We went to my sister's house which is part of a gorgeous old detached mock tudor, so I thought I would take advantage of the scenic background

I got 2 days out of my hair and cardi at least!  Also, I finally got to wear my turquoise suede shoes again after weeks of rain

Hope a lovely weekend was had by all.  

Ciao for now

Lucy x


  1. Oh how lovely! You chose a brilliant dress and how well it goes with the pale blue tights! I've not bought anything on Etsy, a bit scared! But looked lots!
    The second dress is lovely too. What is the pattern?

    I'm so happy YOU scored that frock!!!
    I noticed it had sold-when I was finally able to get onto Etsy;I was having trouble loading it for a week or so!-and wondered who the lucky minx was!!
    You look DIVINE! I love the frock,and I LOVE how you are wearing it!!!
    Those shoes make me frisky!
    And then we get another frock!HURRAH! I do love a 2 frock post!And it's just as gorgeous,and you are wearing it just as fabulously!I love your style,baby!

  3. Wow I LOVE it!!! You look amazing what a great dress!!!the brooch is fantastic too - you put outfits together so well, i just adore your style!! I really like today's outfit too! xxx

  4. What a beautiful dress, the pattern and colours are lovely. The tights and shoes really do looks great with it too. I am sure you will wear it loads.

    Hope the weather remains bright and cherry with no more rain. Its getting really cold here, so its nice to see a bit of colour. Enjoy your week, Tam

    p.s.Thanks for the lovely comment on my necklaces :)

  5. Lucy I love the dress you wore to the wedding! And how the brooch matches the blue/green colour in the dress! You look so beautiful!

    Emma x

  6. I adore both outfits...and yes its hard to hear younger people consider you middle aged at 40.....your so young still....

  7. Love the frocks. The one from Two Squirrels is divine. I love it with the brooch, shoes & tights. And you look so cute in the second frock. Those shoes make me smile. Xx

  8. Oh oh what excitement!!!! You may be able to hear my squeals of delight.
    You look so so beautiful in the dress!!!!!!!!! It looks like it was made for you, oh I was so happy you liked the wee brooch too!!!!
    Thank you so very much for finding a frock for such a special event from us, the squirrel are thrilled.
    Sending a very big squirrel hug and love v

  9. What a lovely frock! And how great to be able to buy from a trusted seller like the divine Miss Vanessa! She has such great stock.
    Your wedding outfit is beautiful, love the colour of your tights with the mustard shoes.
    And purple tights/turquoise shoes! You have some wonderful colour combinations going on, I am inspired to experiment... xxxx

  10. I'm coming up to Liverpool to steal your minty green shoes!!! I love both those dresses! Hurrah, Vanessa is such a darling to send you everything so quickly. I love your colour combos!

  11. Ahh lucy you look gorgeous in both outfits i love your colour combinations with the dresses and the shoes. Love your blue shoes there lush ;-)) dee x

  12. I love both dresses, you look gorgeous in both of them. Knee length suits you beautifully and shows off your glorious show collection to perfection. I bet you stole the show at the wedding. x

  13. I love the first outfit so much! The print of your dress is seriously gorgeous, & the amazing t-bars and bag are just the perfect accessories! XO.

  14. I love both your outfits but the 'two sqirrels' dress is fantastic! I would love to own one of Vanessa's dresses-it looks so 'you' with the tights and shoes-your 'signature' look!! xx

  15. Your clothes look great but I like your hair even better. Such a cool colour.

    I see you are also a wearer of purple tights. I too wear this colour, but mainly as I get mine and my daughter's mixed up now she is 18; so find it easier to stick to the one colour. We are not the same size and it is not fun wearing tights which start to wriggle down after an hour or so.

  16. Your hair is so fantastic! =)

  17. I love it, you look amazing! I love love love your wee bag! Adorable! :) x

  18. Lucy, I love your hair! If I were only a few years (well, okay MANY years) younger I'd be a copy cat and do my own that lovely color. AND I love that dress. I suspect you have a lot of fun dressing up. :)

    I am so bored with my own wardrobe - maybe it's time to add a couple of vintage pieces.

  19. I love your outfit, the first dress is lovely.Todays outfit is lovely too.You have a great style xx

  20. What a fun dress--well, both are good, actually. Now I'm going to have to go on Etsy and check out vintage! I haven't been on there for a while, so clearly I'm missing out!


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