Sunday, 20 May 2012

Kitty, Pink & 80's Love

I hated yesterday's post.  Please pretend it never happened.  Woe is me, yadda yadda yadda.  Blah blah, yuck!  Let's talk about today, the sun was out, yay!  And I finally put this up in my bathroom

I love Hello Kitty, always will.  I loved it long before the 5 year olds of today and will probably love it long after they've moved on.  It was an Ebay purchase.  All the way from Hong Kong as bafflingly, nowhere in Britain does there exist an outlet that sells Hello Kitty shower curtains.  What's up with that?!

It put me in a pink mood

Went all English rose with No 17 pink glitter eyeshadow, Benefit Benetint stain and Vaseline Rosy Lips.

Pink tights and pink beads on my pink bathroom rug

Too much pink?

Don't forget pink flamingos.

I actually felt a bit eightiestastic in this get up.  I think it was the sheer number of colours I mixed together.  And with the addition of this bag to pop out to shops with...

... it kind of sealed the deal.  I don't mind though.  I'm an 80's kid through and through!

Skirt, top, beads & bag - Charity Shop
Cardi - Dotty P's
Bird brooches - Acorn & Will & Primark
Belt & bracelets - Primark
Tights - Next
Purple t-bars - Ebay

Last time I did an outfit post in my bathroom, a few of you lovely readers were very complimentary about it and expressed an interest in seeing more, so I thought I'd spoil you...

Towel and toy storage

Retro bathing beauties pic and pink frame from Ikea

You can never have too many rolls

More Hello Kitty, just because.

Hope you enjoyed a teeny peek inside my home. 

Why not enjoy one of the best 'eighties' songs ever before you go

Lucy x


  1. LOL! You don't like the '80s much, do you? :)

  2. Yesterday's post was fine, you're allowed to say if you feel a bit shit.
    Love your look, you have a wonderful collection of coloured tights and shoes which you put together with great style. And I think I may have a case of (birdy) brooch envy...
    What a pretty, colourful bathroom - perfect for a photo shoot! xxxx

  3. Your bathroom has loads of personality! Loving your idea for towel storage.Rx

  4. awesome post... all those colours make me happy. ;)

  5. Eightiestastic indeed, and sod off dictionary with your red underline for not recognising 'eightiestastic' as a word.

    Please, please, please will you come and give my hideous bathroom a makeover so it looks like yours?

    I cannot resist an eighties charity shop purchase, even though most things end up languishing in m wardrobe.I'm determined to slim down so I can fir into one outfit I have in mind for summer though. Some eighties curs are so unforgiving on the belly and hips, aren't they?

    Love the bag and pinkness - yay.

  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAah Lucy you look sooo brilliant! You are the queen of accessories! Cute brooches (by the way you inspired me today and yesterday to wear brooches on my cardie! I wore an Alice one yesterday and today, a sparkly bird!) and such brilliant colours! Your house is amazing by the way!

  7. O,I had missed your last post darl.Ugh,sometimes it all just gets too much!
    A holiday is JUST the ticket! And some shopping!!! Your outfit was heavenly,and just the right colours for a pick me up!
    Now,I am drooling over your wonderfully bright and colourful bathroom!!
    And an outfit post in the bathroom?? BRILLANT! Nope,never too much pink! I reckon the colour balance is about perfect!The 80's tastic handbag is fab!!! I don't know why,but I am actually,finally liking the 80's lately!!!

  8. Glad you feel better. You know what would make you even happier?


    1. Ahh, perfect! Happiness is indeed Hello Kitty toilet roll :) xx

  9. That's a link, btw, not a random space and then a word!

  10. What a lovely bathroom you have! Those birdy brooches look so great with that outfit. And those white shelves look super cute.

  11. Oh I love that you get up in the morning to say "Hello Kitty" and jump in the shower!!!! Perfect way to start the day.
    Lucy you look so very pretty to day, I just love the pink tights and purple shoes.
    Oh oh the "pink flamingo" brooch is to cute.
    Love v

  12. is it you who's the batman fan? I was just reminded with The Killing Joke - oh wait I think this band are from Wycombe and I met one of them... will have to google that! I see you also have love for Rik, I have such a crush on him.

    Back to you - I love your bathroom and all those gorgeous colours you wear, the pinky make up is very pretty!

  13. ahhh I have bathroom envy <<< something I don't say too often! Awesome new shower curtain. How does hubby like all the pink?? ;) That flamingo brooch is the sweetest thing. xx

  14. I love your cheery bathroom , how did I know your decorating would be as cheery as your outfits.....I loved your space!

  15. Your bathroom is a joy to behold, so vibrant and gorgeous! I've read that successful home decor should reflect our wardrobes and you've definitely achieved that! x

  16. Your bathroom is sooooo gorgeous!! I saw a Hello Kitty bathmat recently but I just can't recall where I saw it.I adore Hello Kitty and even have a decal on my car. I love your outfit and I too have 'bird brooch envy'..... xx

  17. OMG there is so much going on here that I LOOOOOVE!

    Too much pink? NEVAAAHHHH! I love all of your fab colours together. The brooches fill me with JOY! Your bathroom is divine - I love the crocheted makeup bag (I'm gonna make one!) and all of the fab coordinated towels on display. Everything is fabulous! Sarah xxx

  18. Your bathroom is practically perfect in every way! :D


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