Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ice Cream & Owls

Channelling Alice in Wonderland.  Looking at imaginary tiny packs of cards around my feet.

Pink floral owl!


Blouse & Shoes - Dotty P's via Ebay
Cardigan - M&S Outlet
Skirt - Primark
Baby blue tights - New Look
Boat necklace & Owl brooch - Primark
Typewriter tote - Mystic Moose on Etsy

Been thinking about

Newly purchased pretty things...

Fox's Party Rings...

And mouthwatering flavours all in a row

Despite everything I said in this post I have been really enjoying our Spring so far.  I am fully embracing the ice cream shades inspired by some newly discovered bloggers and all little pretties I've found in the shops.  I got the above haul of pretty things from Primark yesterday when I was looking for pastel coloured tights.  I was just about to walk out without buying anything when I caught site of the cute little pink owl.  Of course you can't just buy one little thing so I picked up the two necklaces.  Then whilst queueing, I spotted the Angelica range of nail varnishes and couldn't resist picking up the 2 gorgeous glitter colours.  

Lucy x


  1. Great outfit and I LOVE your blog! Now following you xx

  2. I love everything about this ensemble. That shirt is fantastic, and that brooch makes my heart flutter. :) You're just lovely.

  3. Ice cream & Owls...oh yes please! This outfit is perfect from head to toes and most definitely right up my alley! I love the candy color shades and that little brooch is the cutest thing:)

  4. why did you do that?! I'm in a buying mood so will head to new look right now! Your outfit is really lovely. Those ice creams look amazing and I can no longer buy fox's party rings as I eat a whole packet in one go.

  5. Ooh the owl brooch is GORGEOUS and I love the baby blue tights with the t-bars. I am OBSESSED with gelati at the moment... pistachio. Mmmm.

    Sarah xxx

  6. Oh I love the tights and the owl and the nail varnish. Lovely lovely lovely. xx

  7. Argh, I love the tights! It's funny, I have hardly any blue clothes but really love the colour on other people.

  8. So pretty! That owl is gorgeous and the pastel tights are perfect with the T-Bars and your lovely blouse. x

  9. Oh what a darling outfit! You look lovely and I love the Alice poses!!!

    I popped over from Vix's blog after I saw your blog title, I knew it would be wonderful! Anyone who channels Enid Blyton must surely be my kind of person!!!! I always wonder what it is about blogs that I keep going back to, but I'm sure this will be one of them!!! I shall follow anon!!!
    Nice to 'meet' you!!!

    1. the colourcombo is just brilliant darling! like i said blue and red is always fabulous;) love your tights and shoes and what a superdupercute brooch!
      have a great weekend!

  10. lovely post and love the glitter!! Hun awesome blog!! Come by and let's follow each other :D


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