Thursday, 1 March 2012

Dance This Mess Around

Today started out rather emotionally fraught.  I overslept, one thing you should know about me is that I adore my bed and need to have it forcibly removed from my back some days.  The inevitable rush ensued when I realised I had 50 minutes to get myself dressed and Little Miss 4 breakfasted and ready to leave the house!  One of those days where I would have killed to stay in bed, eat chocolate and watch my Sherlock Holmes box set all day with the curtains drawn!

Oh Jeremy... you've restored my equilibrium on so many occasions!

But for some reason the weather, in a rare display of perfect timing, remembered it was the 1st March and produced some glorious sunshine.  It seemed churlish, after returning from the school run looking like a greasy haired bag lady, not to make an effort and try and bring my mood (and my appearance) in line with the weather.  

So I did my roots and freshened up my colour

Then I put on a dress and some lipstick

And posed for outfit shots in my postage stamp sized back yard which is next on the list for beautification, probably in the summer 

I put my Ipod on shuffle, turned the volume right up and tidied the livin daylights out of my house

Then I went out charity shopping and bought these 

and these

Weird crochet dress thing - £4
Blouse £4
Vintage Pyrex tea set £1.99
Scarf £1
Vintage children's books 50p each

I wore:-

Vintage dress - Ebay
Cardi - Sainsburys sale
Vintage cameo - Ebay
Belt - Primark via Ebay
I would love the weather to be like this all the time but then I would yearn for mist and fog and dense snow covered landscapes.

Sigh... I am so many contradictions!

I hope the sun was shining where you were today.

Lucy x


  1. Oh I love your pretty floral dress and cardie. Too hot for cardies here yet, can't wait to break one out of the wardrobe when the weather finally cools down.
    Those cups and saucers are very sweet too btw.
    Must rush, off to work, running late!

  2. Adore your sweet outfit - can we have a smily pic please??? - and the rosy pyrex set is GORGEOUS! We are having ridiculous biblical weather here - 75% of my state is flooded!

    Sarah xxx

    1. So scary - I can just about stand in front of a camera. I'm not a miserable cow honestly!!:) Ha ha x

  3. It's been fabulous here, too. Doesn't it make a huge difference?
    Your outfit is so pretty and I love that crochet thing. x

  4. Love the cups and saucers and the books - good bargains! Have a lovely weekend.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. You look lovely! I can't wait to wear cardies with frocks again. Your hair looks great I love the colour. xx

  6. Thankyou so much for following, anf the lovely comment. Yes it's Ashes to Ashes related- I adored that show. Your blog is so cute. xxx

  7. Great finds!!You look so lovely in your outfit and your cherry bomb hair color is perfect!!

  8. I adore Jeremy as Sherlock! Great finds and I love your dress and hair colour. Many of my clothes come from the Sainsbury's sale!

  9. Aw sounds like a lovely day!
    I reeeeally like your hair and your cardi/belt combo! =)

  10. Awe, your blog and so cute, and vintage. Love it. I am new to blogger myself, and I just followed you. Hoping you'll follow back!
    Thanks in advance!

  11. That tea set is fabulous. Also: I love your hair.


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