Saturday, 3 March 2012

My Weekend So Far

Last night we went out for a big family meal to celebrate my fantabulous mum and dad's anniversary. Happy anniversary mum and dad - you rock! My weird dress crochet thingy from my last charity shopping adventure was debuted.  Turns out it actually fits like a dress even though its massive and has a large gaping neckline that had to be pinned to avoid over exposure!

These were taken when we got back hence the straggly hair and smudged eye make up.  But look, I'm smiling, especially for Sarah! :)

Crochet dress - charity shop
Leggings - probably New Look
Vintage style cameo necklace - Topshop
Ballet flats - Ebay

Going to see the Artist later.  Managed to take these earlier while the sun was high in the sky


Skirt - Ebay
Top - Mango via charity shop
Blazer - Ebay
Retro lamp brooch - Miss Selfridge
Bangles - charity shops and Primark
Necklace - charity shop
Tights - New Look
Boots - Tesco

Hope you're enjoying your weekend so far.

Lucy x


  1. all lovely! enjoy the film, it's fantastic x

  2. Thank you Lovely - but we still can't see your face! Are you in the witness protection program? Come on - get your hair out of your face so we can all tell you how beautiful you are! And that crochet dress is LOVELY - and Happy Anniversary to your lovely Mum and Dad. And I've said it before but I'll say it again - your kitchen looks FABULOUS!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Your kitchen is A-MA-ZING! I'm off to see The Artist tonight too - I think I must be the only person on the planet who hasn't yet seen it!

    Cat xxx

  4. I knew that crochet thing would look fabulous, I love it on you! How lovely to see your face, too. I knew you'd be gorgeous, no need to be bashful, you're among friends!
    Happy Anniversary to your Mum and Dad. Love that velvet blazer and that groovy lamp brooch! x

  5. cute outfits!

    ...just found your blog and i really like what i see. follow as fast as i type.

  6. love the crochet top! happy anniversary to your parents, it was my mums bday yesterday and you just made me remember i was going to blog happy birthday to her and completely forgot! ooooops!!


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