Sunday, 26 February 2012

There's No Place Like Home

I've been thinking recently of how easy it is to take one's own surroundings for granted.  Everyday life can become so mundane and repetitive that you tend only to see the same places day in day out, mostly the inside of your own home.  Now I'm nothing if not a homebird, but it's easy to forget what treasures are out there barely a stonesthrow from your own doorstep.

In view of this, on Saturday I talked the mister into an afternoon of lunch and a walkabout of our maligned but architecturally magnificent city

We had tapas, mmm!

We took a stroll up Bold Street, towards the famous 'bombed-out church' but not before stopping here.

Oh my!

They even sold these:-

The most apologetic of the boxed candie

Then we ambled around the Georgian quarter, admiring the architecture and the choice of photo ops.  So many fabulous doorways!

Saw this in the window of a trade union building, made me chuckle

Careful now!

All in all quite a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.  Was novel to see so many of the places that are often more recongnisible as filming locations.

What I wore:-

Peacoat: Next
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt: C&A via Ebay
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Ebay
Tote: Etsy
Necklace: Charity shop

There's no place like home 

Lucy x


  1. Lucy so nice for you to share such special buildings.
    Coming from Christchurch where so many of the places we loved are destroyed it is lovely to see someone take the time to appreciate the architecture and the history.
    Thank you love v

    1. Hi V, this is such a good point. We so easily take the everday things for granted. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose everything overnight. It just shows how transient material things are I suppose. It's great to see you show so much positivity and resiliance in your situation xx

  2. Love the father ted sign! Don't really fancy the milky duds

    1. It was a reference to the Big Bang Theory. Don't know if you watch it. I'm a recent convert!

    2. I don't, do you mean the sign? As it was originally in Father Ted... if you mean the milky duds, then that show is ruder than I'd thought!
      Also.. tagged you in a Q&A session, feel free to say no!

  3. I've never been to Liverpool, I must do something about that, whenever I see it on the TV (or a blog) I'm wowed by the architecture.
    I love your hair but not keen on whatever Milk Duds are, they sound wrong. x

  4. did you go to tapas tapas for tapas? I've never been there yet but want to try it! I adore the georgian quarter too.

    1. Not been to Tapas Tapas yet either. Went to La Tasca. Was nice but they keep changing the menu and I'm not impressed!

  5. Your hair is fabulous and hoorah for ruby slippers :o) Scarlett x

  6. I went into my city for the first time in years I'd forgotten how pretty it is. Milk Duds I'm jealous I should of stocked up on more while I was in the US.

  7. I love this outfit - especially those shoes!
    I've been to La Tasca over here a bunch of times with my sister. They sometimes do a Tapas for Two deal for about £10, which is amazing! But agree they keep changing the bloody menu =/
    This day sounds fab. I don't know why everyone is offended by milk duds, have I missed something? xx

  8. that sweet shop is my idea of heaven!! I dream of owning a shop like would be inside my tea room obv x

  9. jippie i´ve found my redhead twin with you;) well actually not, but i really want the same haircolour as you have that looks so fabulous, and hot and i even could resist all candy in the world when i could have this colour too;) your blog is really cool girl! it is a pleasure to follow you!
    love and kiss,mary

    1. Hi hun, thanks so much for following. It's funny but I was looking at your hair and thinking how much I liked the slightly darker shade. I think that's the way I'll go eventually:) x

  10. Sorry for commenting all over the place Lucy but was reading random old blogs and I don't think I'd realised you're from good old Liverpool! I live in Scotland these days but I'm from New Brighton so I'm a woollyback. Love it when I see things about Merseyside, I miss it so much and want to get back there if I can ever get the rest of the family on board. xx


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